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Ji Shangqing holds the glass in his fingers and hears that the girl next to him snatches the opening: "Tang youyou is the daughter picked up by Tang family. She is not Tang family's own daughter, and she doesn't know where her parents are."

Just now, someone scolded Tang Youyou, and Ji Shangqing's cold and angry scolded her. So, although these girls want to use swearing to scold Tang Youyou, they are afraid that they will offend Ji Shangqing. Without reward, they are polite and polite. "Yes, she had an inexplicable relationship with Ji Xiaohan five years ago. However, she went abroad to study five years ago. When she came back five years later, she came back with two children. Those two children were made by him and Ji Xiaohan five years ago. By the way, I didn't say that. Tang Xuerou told us that. She also said that Tang youyou had intended to do it five years ago Hook up with Ji Xiaohan, this woman's character Still to be considered. " When the girl talked about Tang youyou's character, her voice was very low. She looked at Ji Shangqing and saw that he was not angry, so she continued to talk.

"She fell out with the Tang family later, so the Tang family won't drive her out, and won't let her enter the Tang family again!" When Ji Shangqing saw these girls talking nonsense, he couldn't hear anything useful. So he immediately raised his hand: "OK, don't say anything. Write the address of the Tang family to me, and the contact information of the Tang family, and get a reward of 10000 yuan each!" After Ji Shangqing finished, he said to a man next to him, "you give me this reward, and I will return to you!"

"Young master Ji, are you going now? Haven't you finished this wine yet? Besides, these beautiful little beauties... "

Ji Shangqing coldly pulled the corners of his mouth: "you keep it for your own use, I'm not interested."

Ji Shang cleaned his coat and walked to the door. He stopped suddenly and looked back at them: "I remember to call you whenever there is Tang youyou's news. Besides, if you dare to disclose what I said today, don't regret it."

Ji Shangqing is also the young master of Ji's family. What he said is still very important. He promised one by one that he would never say anything.

Ji Shangqing goes out of the bar. It's more than 3:00 p.m. now. The darkness inside is in sharp contrast to the sunshine outside the gate. Ji Shangqing takes a note with the phone number of Tang family and the contact information of Tang Youkang.

It's still early. Ji Shangqing decides to go to Tang Youkang first.

So, he directly unplugged the above contact number, and a haggard man's voice came: "Hello, whose is it?"

"Mr. Tang, I have a deal to do with you. I wonder if you are interested." Ji Shangqing said in a light tone.

"Who are you?" Tang Youkang asked immediately. "If you like, we can be friends. Well, I'll book a table for dinner. You come over for dinner. I'm sure you may need help now." Ji Shangqing finished, hung up the phone, then he found a friend to order a table of dinner, and then sent the address to Tang Youkang


Tang Youkang looks at the address that the other side sends, expression is very surprised. "Who is it?" Meng Xiujuan, his wife, came to him and asked him if the scenery was not there. She was rapidly aging. She had a sense of haggardness in her forties. Her face was waxy white, her eyes were deep, and she lost her beloved daughter. Recently, her mood was depressed. She had nightmares every night. She needed to take a lot of sleeping pills to fall asleep. She was under great pressure and was about to go to a mental hospital for treatment. Tang Youkang is no better than his wife. Once, he was a successful businessman. However, when his daughter's business was blocked and his company was not good enough, he went bankrupt completely. Now, he is unemployed at home. After clearing up all his debts, he doesn't have a decent job. He pays off most of his debts by mortgage. Now, he is two years old I can only say that I will not starve to death, but I want to show my wealth again, but it is impossible.

Not only that, they also have to pay a large amount of medical expenses. Although Tang Xuerou's treatment effect in the psychiatric hospital has not progressed at present, she is still confused. When she sees people, she pours on them and bites them. In the middle of the night, she will hold her trophy and guide herself there to act like she was when she received the prize. She will cry suddenly, murmur the name of Ji Xiaohan sadly, and say that she She also gave birth to a child named Ji Xiaohan. She needs to ask the doctor to help her find it. She needs to take her child to find Ji Xiaohan.

"There's a man who says he's going to make a deal with me!" Tang Youkang said to his wife with a dignified look.

"What's the deal with you? You're broke. What's the use value? " Since her daughter went mad, Tang Youkang's career has slipped to the bottom of the valley. Meng Lijuan began to sneer at him, despise him, and speak with stabs. Tang Youkang is fed up with it. However, he has no other way out now. Most of his finance is in Meng Lijuan's hands. Now they live on several sets of shops she bought secretly. Tang Youkang is angry and doesn't dare to lose his hair. In case of Meng Lijuan's anger, he wants to divorce

he will become a lonely old man. He doesn't want to let himself It becomes more miserable and helpless.

"Anyway, it's better to squat at home. I'll meet this man tonight to see if he has anything to cooperate with me." Tang Youkang still has a little hope. Although he is more afraid, he is afraid that this is a persecution of Ji Xiaohan. In fact, Ji Xiaohan didn't really persecute Tang Youkang's husband and wife. He only aimed at Tang Xuerou. However, in the eyes of Tang Youkang's husband and wife, even if Ji Xiaohan didn't do anything to them, Tang Youyou, a narrow-minded and vicious woman, would certainly not let them feel better.

"You have to be careful and smart. Don't be fooled." Meng Lijuan saw that it was possible for her to develop her career again, and her attitude towards him changed a little.

Tang Youkang immediately took care of his clothes, with an air of exaltation: "don't worry, I'm not as stupid as you think."

When it was dark, Tang Youkang took a taxi and went to the meeting place.

He dressed up neatly and took out all his clothes. He didn't want to be looked down upon.

Only, when he pushed open the door of the box, he saw only a young man, he couldn't help but be stunned.

"Who are you?" Tang Youkang asked immediately, frowning and alert.

Ji Shangqing stood up and said, "a person who can help you succeed in your career!" Tang Youkang laughed at himself: "this is the first time we met, sir. Why do you say that?"