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Ji yunning spent more than a week in foreign countries, even across the country, she also spent alone in foreign countries, the fireworks in the distance exploded a piece of fireworks, but could not burn her heart gradually cold. Season

yunning felt very tired when he was young, because he could not live because of love, because he was too greedy, or he was not good enough from the beginning. One day, Ji yunning received a call from Ji Lin.

Ji Lin's voice on the phone is a bit of command.

"Yunning, I've introduced a boyfriend to you. I'll meet him tonight."

Ji yunning's whole body is stiff, and her voice is tense, which is hard to control: "Daddy, why did you introduce my boyfriend to me suddenly? You know, I'm not in the mood now..."

"Yunning, you know our current situation. I'm more relieved to have a man covering you!" Ji Lin interrupts, as if unhappy with her refusal.

Ji yunning was shaking again. She felt that Ji Lin was serious this time.

"Daddy, who is the other side? It won't be the son of another family! " Ji yunning tried to make her tone easier.

"You will know when you go to see him. Remember, keep your temper down and don't make him angry!" After Ji Lin finished, he hung up. Ji

yunning suddenly shivers. She feels that Ji Lin may have given up her.

How could this happen?

She used to be so looking forward to Ji Lin coming out of the prison. She could have a dependence.

But now, when he came out, he did a great thing, which almost brought her into the abyss.

Ji yunning is very afraid. She doesn't want to lose her life and freedom when she is young. But

she has a murder on her body, and she has been waiting for the retribution of cause and effect.

However, the retribution has not come yet. Ji yunning even has a little hope. He feels that Ji Xiaohan will read the past friendship and let her go. Late

is coming. Ji yunning dressed up casually and went to the restaurant that Ji Lin asked her to go.

That restaurant is a self operated restaurant downstairs of a seven-star hotel. When hearing the word "Hotel", Ji yunning rejected it. But she could not disobey her father's wishes. She came.

On the way here, she made several assumptions. Maybe her father introduced her to some cynical childe. She accompanied her to have a meal and drink a few glasses of wine, but it was OK. Only

Yes, she really hates that kind of men who only spend money and only spend money. No matter how young and handsome they are, in her eyes, they are not as good as a pile of mud beside the cold feet of the season owl, which is just disgusting.

When she pushed the door open, all of Ji yunning's ideas collapsed. Only

see a slightly fat, even balding middle-aged man sitting inside. That man even has a pair of big plate teeth. Because he smokes too much all the year round, his teeth are all smoked yellow, even black. Season

yunning's whole body is frozen in place, unbelievable. What's Lin doing? Ming

knew that she had to run to see such a disgusting fat pig, except for the one she didn't see.

"Oh, Miss Ji, it's much better than the picture!" The man laughed and showed his big yellow teeth. Ji yunning was going to faint. "

you are president Han!" Before Ji yunning came here, he had a general understanding of him. His family was originally a politician. Later, he went to the sea to do business. Business has been going on for many years. Now it has a good momentum of development. He is a successful businessman. However, his family relationship is complex and has been criticized by the outside world. Qiaotian shrugged his shoulders: "yes, I am. Come and sit!" Although the appearance of a man is not good, he has a kind of arrogance of wealth and power.

Even in the face of such a sweet and beautiful girl as Ji yunning, he doesn't have much gentlemanly bearing.

Ji yunning really wanted to turn around and leave. However, thinking of Ji Lin's special advice, she had to bear it, chose a chair to sit down, and said with a smile, "I've heard a lot about President Han. It's a great honor to meet you today!" "

yes? I'm also very happy to see Miss Ji! " Han qiaotian's eyes swept Ji yunning's body, and he smiled with satisfaction.

Ji yunning is so nauseous. This man is not going to make her idea, is he?

If he dared to do something about himself, she would not give him face and leave directly. Yunning is also a grumpy person. He doesn't like what he doesn't like.

"Come on, have a drink!" Han qiaotian suddenly handed over the sprinklers: "celebrate our happy meeting!"

Ji yunning turned his stomach in the bottom of his heart. Is this a pleasant meeting? No,

Yes, she still has a big smile on her face. She took the glass, touched the other party and drank it on her head. Yunning is drinking wine. In a few minutes, she feels her eyes are a little flowery and her head is a little faint. This feeling makes her stiff. Has she been drugged?

"You..." Ji yunning looks at Han qiaotian angrily at the moment.

Han qiaotian smiled proudly: "as expected, Ji Lin knows you. Miss Ji, did your father tell you that you belong to me tonight?"

"What?" Ji yunning's whole life is gone. She has no idea that she has been sold by Ji Lin. Han

qiaotian has come over. With what he said, the smell of the old cigarette gun is coming out of his mouth, which will make Ji yunning faint.

"Miss Ji, with me, your good life will be long. I just divorced my ex-wife. I will treat you well!"

"The skin is so white and tender. It's really young!" "

I can't wait to see you, Miss Ji, honey, I like you!" Before losing consciousness, yunning heard these words and wished he could bump into the wall to make his death happier. Unfortunately, she can't even die at the moment. When she woke up in the hotel room, Ji yunning found that she was lying on the sofa in the living room, her mind was blank and her blood was coagulated for a long time. Her innocence is gone.

Her dress was scattered on the ground, and her mouth smelled of smoke.

She rushed into the bathroom at the first time, reached for her mouth and tried to spit it out.

I don't know how long she vomited. She felt that the whole stomach was empty, but the suffering she suffered was more painful.

Ji yunning is a strong girl. She attaches great importance to her innocence. She has always thought that her innocence is to be left to her favorite man. Therefore, in recent years, she is single and has never made any boyfriend. But at the moment, she is insensitive. She feels dirty and wants to jump from the upstairs and die.