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Liu Xi takes some effort to help Tang youyou out of the bar. She looks very pitiful with her hair covered. It's really heartbreaking to be hurt by love.

Tang youyou completely lost consciousness. She groaned a few times, and Liu Xi gently put her on the back seat, then tied her seat belt.

Liu Xi looks down at Tang Youyou, who is completely drunk and unconscious, and shakes his head with a sigh. I wish a man would come out to save Tang youyou and let her go out of the sea of pain and find warmth and love again.

Liu Xi takes Tang youyou back to his home and settles her in bed, leaving her to sleep in the dark. At the moment, the two kids are still in school. They have two lovely faces. They don't know the news that their parents have broken up at all. After class, they are sitting in a small chair in the garden. Tang xiaonai asks Tang Xiaorui smilingly, "brother, when you say Daddy and mummy are married, will it be very busy?"? I'm looking forward to it. I wish I woke up early tomorrow morning. They are going to get married. "

"What a fool. I've counted them. There are five days left..." Although Tang Xiaorui is scolding his sister, he also smiles like a flower, because he is also looking forward to it. He feels that he and his sister will soon become the happiest child.

Tang xiaonai shouted, "I've told you so many times. Don't call me stupid again. If I really become stupid, I'll blame you!"

"Blame me for that. You're stupid. You're born with a brain." After Tang Xiaorui finished speaking, he also touched Tang xiaonai's forehead with his hand.

Tang xiaonai immediately put his hands on his waist angrily and stared at his brother angrily: "don't point my head, I'll go back to tell mommy that you bully me, hum!"

As soon as Tang Xiaorui heard this, he immediately counseled and came to comfort his angry sister: "well, xiaonai, you are so mean. My brother is joking with you. You are not too stupid. There are many more stupid children in our class."

"Really?" Tang xiaonai was immediately coaxed to be happy, because, she is not the most stupid, there are people more stupid than her.

"Of course, it's true. You are my sister. If you are too stupid, I will feel embarrassed. So, you are not stupid!" Tang Xiaorui made use of his high IQ to comfort the dull Tang xiaonai easily.

Tang xiaonai immediately nodded happily: "of course, I'm not stupid. Daddy said I'm smart."

Tang Xiaorui left his mouth for a while and thought in his heart that he was disgusted. Apart from praising you, Daddy would not say anything else.

The two kids chatted happily in the school, but the atmosphere in Jijia's manor villa was extremely solemn.

The old man has already known the identity of Tang youyou from the old lady's mouth. His expression is startled and shocked. Soon, he also feels that his grandson can never marry Xia Weiwen's daughter, even if he has two children. This matter must be opposed to the end.

Because, this has already trampled on the bottom line of morality, let alone, Xia family is still the object of Ji family's hatred, Ji Xiaohan's mother, and Xia Weiwen's wife. This kind of relationship is too messy, and it's an inseparable knot.

"I didn't expect that things would turn out like this. I can't blame my ruthlessness. I can't blame the merciless nature and cruel fate. I can't pick out Tang youyou's bad girl. But she is Xia Weiwen's daughter, so I can't accept it." Said the old lady, mocking herself.

"I agree with you. As long as the people who have a relationship with Xia's family are not allowed to enter the gate of our season's family, they just pity our little grandchildren. They are still so small, so they have to bear such sadness. It's really heartbreaking." The old man is feeling bad for the children.

"What can I do? There is no way to do it. If it is anything else, I can read it for the sake of my two children and let her go. But it is this thing. I can't get through it. " The old lady also cried sadly.

Two old men, sitting in the living room, fell silent again.

"I think Xiao Han loves her very much. Are you sure he can let her go?" The old man asked suddenly. "If you can't let it go, you have to let it go. Xiaohan is an adult. He has to make a decision on some things. If you don't have love, you can still find another one. How many women want to marry him under the condition of our grandson? I'm not worried about him. I'm worried about Tang youyou. I'm afraid that she won't be willing to let go. I'll keep pestering her The old lady snorted suddenly.

"If that's the case, you need to find an opportunity to talk to Tang youyou some other day, so that she can stop pestering Xiao Han again. This matter must be completely settled." As soon as the old man thought that Tang youyou wanted to keep pestering him, he couldn't help being cruel.

The old lady nodded, "don't worry. I'm sure I'll talk to her about this. I'll talk to her about the custody of children."

"It's difficult to have a child. I don't know if Tang youyou will be willing to give it to us." The old man frowned.

The old lady is also very entangled in this matter. She is not an unruly person. She and Tang youyou spend time together, respect each other and respect each other. The days are also beautiful and beautiful, which suddenly become the opposite position. The old lady is really reluctant to face this kind of thing. "Let's talk to Tang youyou then. To be honest, as a mother, I also like her very much. She is really a qualified mother, who has educated her children very well. If for the sake of her children's future, I am sure she will make more favorable choices for her children." The old lady believes that don is not only a great mother, but also a smart woman. I believe that she will think about who the child is better than.

"If she can voluntarily give up fighting for children, it is the best, but in case..."

The old lady immediately sighed: "if I don't have to, I won't tear off my face and negotiate with her. After all, the children are grown up and sensible, and don't want to let them have psychological shadow."

"Well, be nice. Children are the most important thing." The old man agreed.

All of a sudden, it's over four o'clock in the afternoon!

Ji Xiaohan had no intention to work for a long time. He spent a long time in the company to sort out his emotions. However, he suddenly didn't want to go home. He didn't know how to face two lovely children, let alone grandparents.

So he called the second elder and explained the reason why he didn't go home. However, the old lady warned him severely: "Xiao Han, don't cheat grandma. You really live alone in the company tonight, rather than with Tang youyou."

Ji Xiaohan said weakly, "grandma, you don't trust me, do you? Well, you can send someone to watch me! " The old lady thought for a moment and sighed, "well, I know you've been hit a lot. Take your time, and I'll take care of the baby."