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When Ji Xiao Han rushed over, he saw two people sitting in front of a table with sad faces, as if they had suffered a great blow.

His good-looking brows slightly rose. "What's wrong with you guys? "Why haven't you ordered yet?"

Luo He Ning shrugged his shoulders. "I'm out of love."

"Don't mention the word 'retribution'. He will go crazy." Luo He Ning felt that such a cruel reality could not be explained by the word 'retribution'. It was a bolt out of the blue.

Ji Xiao Han sighed: "Mu Shi Ye normally looks carefree with a face full of naughtiness, I never thought that the person who he loves the most would be him."

Luo He Ning's expression became inexplicably sad. He lowered his head, drank a mouthful of wine and asked: "Xiao Han, do you know how much pain love can't have? In any case, I can understand how you feel all the time. "

"Love but not love?" The expression in Ji Xiao Han's eyes couldn't help but darken, as if he was talking about himself.

"Yeah, she clearly loves him, but due to many reasons, she can't say it out, she can't show it. She's just one person with a wishful thinking, pretending to be in a relationship, but she can only talk nonsense to the air." Luo He Ning felt an inexplicable sadness, every word was the conclusion of his experience, and every word was filled with blood and tears.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his good friend and also felt depressed.

After finishing his lunch, when Ji Xiao Han returned to the company, he saw a handsome figure sitting in his office.

"Big brother …" Ji Yue Ze was like a child who had done something wrong, he didn't dare meet his big brother's eyes.

Ever since the rumors were spread, Ji Xiao Han did not take the initiative to question his brother. At this moment, Ji Yue Ze appeared in his office, and he was not surprised at all.

"En!" Ji Xiao Han's face was as calm as ever.

"Did you see the scandal this morning?" Ji Yue Ze saw that his brother was so cold, and could not figure out what he was thinking at the moment.

Ji Xiao Han's eyes swept across his face: What did she look for you for?

Ji Yue Ze was startled, he already knew that Big Brother must have asked Tang You You a question.

"She asked me to look into something for her." Ji Yue Ze answered guiltily.

"Is it about her design of the stolen map?"

"Yes sir!"

Ji Yue Ze lifted his head and glanced at his big brother's expression.

"Big brother, I didn't think that I would cause such a scandal. Will you be angry at me?" Although Ji Yue Ze felt that he did not do anything wrong, but facing his big brother's deep expression, he still felt that he had done something wrong.

Ji Xiao Han shook his head: "I understand the cause of this matter, so of course I won't be angry at you. However, I hope for you to convene a press conference tomorrow to clarify this matter."

"Oh!" After Ji Yue Ze heard this, he hesitated for a moment but still nodded, "I will clarify. I believe that this rumor will affect Tang You You's work and it will not be good for her."

Ji Xiao Han's eyes narrowed slightly. "You seem to be really concerned about her."

Ji Yue Ze tensed up and immediately explained in an anxious voice: "No, she is my nephew's mother after all, and I am concerned about her as a relative."

"Do you think you can care about her in any other capacity?" Ji Xiao Han's pupils contracted slightly, and her tone became downcast, containing a hidden warning.

Ji Yue Ze's scalp was tingling. He was afraid of his big brother's expression the most, and felt that it was even scarier than that.

"Big brother, don't misunderstand me. I really don't have any other thoughts." Ji Yue Ze curled his lips with an innocent look.

Just as the two brothers were discussing this matter, Ji Xiao Han's phone rang.

He looked down and frowned. "It's Grandmother!"

Ji Yue Ze was also shocked: "No way, grandma also saw this rumor? Oh no, Grandmother will definitely think that Tang You You and I are dating. "

When he said the word "dating", he felt a cold light shooting towards him, scaring him.

Ji Xiao Han opened his phone leisurely and pressed Free.

He heard the old lady's incomparably happy voice on the other end of the phone, "Xiao Han, have you seen the news on the internet? "Your brother has a girlfriend."

When the Ji Family brothers heard their grandmother's words, their expressions froze.

"Grandma, he's right here. Let him tell you." Ji Xiao Han didn't want to explain anything.

Ji Yue Ze glared at his brother with slight resentment: "I'm even talking to Grandma in the cold war, I'm not talking to her right now."

Ji Xiao Han stared at him intently, but Ji Yue Ze immediately gave up. He walked to the side of the phone and said: "Grandmother, you're celebrating too early, that's not my girlfriend, but a friend."

"Speak human words!" Ji Xiao Han glared at him.

Ji Yue Ze did not understand what his brother meant by human words, and was immediately at a loss for words.

Ji Xiao Han had already answered the call, his voice low and gentle: "Grandma, that woman is not Yue Ze's girlfriend, she's mine!"

Ji Yue Ze and the old lady on the other side of the phone were all shocked.

"Big Brother, what did you just say?" Ji Yue Ze did not dare believe it.

Ji Xiao Han had already explained: "Grandma, yesterday, I only asked her to look for Little Brother to settle some matters, and accidentally got caught by a reporter, so I spread this news by mistake."

"Xiao Han, did grandma hear wrongly? Is she your girlfriend? "Which family is she from? She's not like those girls I recommended to you." The old lady was obviously shocked as well, and she began to question him.

"Grandmother, don't be anxious. I'm still courting her and she hasn't agreed to be my girlfriend. Once my relationship with her has stabilized, I'll bring her to meet all of you." Ji Xiao Han comforted his grandmother.

"No need, I'll fly over tomorrow …"

"Grandma, don't come here right now. I'm afraid you'll scare her away. Give me three months. After three months, you'll be able to wait for the good news, okay?" When Ji Xiao Han heard that his grandmother was about to fly over, his expression became anxious.