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Warm embrace, intimate words, lanyanxi can not escape in any case, her tight body slowly relax, finally, soft close to his chest, light trembling nodded, um out. She has always been eager to find a man who can be like a father and a brother. This may be because she lacks this caring feeling when she was a child. She used to pursue her man, who was young and willful, and she was infatuated with her feelings, but she could not move her heart. It turned out that what she wanted was always simple and pure care, rather than that kind of vigorous and drunk at the beginning Life, dream and death.

The man's arms have a dry smell of rosin. It smells good. LAN Yanxi wants to wear his robe because it also has this smell on it. Unconsciously, everything about this man has penetrated into the details of her life. "

OK, you have to go!" The man doesn't say to let go, and lanyanxi wants to go to sleep in his arms like this. But in a relationship, there must be one who is the first to wake up and take the reality into consideration rationally. Since Ling Mo Feng is holding her hand and doesn't let go, she can only put it forward.

Lingmo Feng really doesn't want to release her. Her delicate body is fragrant, sweet, soft and comfortable. She feels very good holding.

LAN Yanxi gently broke away. The man released his hand at the right time. The breath of the two people was a little disordered. For a while, the atmosphere in the study was silent. But the outbreak after the silence was even more suffocating. Just two seconds after a man's hand was lowered, he pulled her over again, rubbing her cheek with the palm, attaching his thin lips, releasing everything he wanted. Blue

Yan Xi seems to be looking forward to this moment. Just now, neither of them dare to go on. Isn't it because of her thin skin that he likes to forbear?

It takes only one person to break his own firmness, so that the fire will burn to the dark.

Kiss, keep warming up. When a phone rings, interrupt. Ling

Mo Feng's thin lips gently left her lips, but she didn't want to go further. She whispered: "I'll go first!" "

MM!" LAN Yanxi's face is hot and his head is bowed down. He doesn't dare to see his eyes obsessed with selflessness.

The man took what he wanted. This time, he really turned around and left, but before he left, his fingers greedily touched her long hair, like comforting a pet kitten left at home by the owner.

LAN Yanxi was very embarrassed. She found that she had really become a fluffy kitten for this man. Besides, she felt sad and sad for him. Listen to

the sound of men's footsteps disappear from the stairs. Lanyanxi can't care about anything embarrassing any more. He pours down beside the curtain, pushes the window open, and lets the cold wind blow. He looks down at the men's black cars and disappears on the broad road.

Until the car disappeared, LAN Yanxi found that his face was frozen.

She quickly closed the window, but there was a happy smile on her frozen face. She could feel Ling Mo Feng's fanatical feelings for herself, which was not pretended, but sincerely revealed.

I don't know if I look like this in the eyes of men?

In a twinkling of an eye, two days later, Ji Xiaohan sat in the office, calmly staring at the trend of the nearby stocks. Beside him, Lu Qing and the executives of several major companies were also watching the big screens. Lu

Qing raised his wrist to look at the time, and suddenly thought of an important thing, so he gently reminded Ji Xiaohan: "young master, there is an interview at 10:30, do you want to see it in person?"

"Well, go!" Ji Xiaohan thought for two seconds and nodded. Xiao Han and Lu Qing walked out of the office and took the elevator to the personnel department. In the office of the personnel department, which occupies the whole two floors, the person in charge quickly reported: "President Ji, there are more than one hundred interviewees. After layer by layer selection, we have left 20 people. Do you have anything else to explain?" "

show me their resume!" Season owl cold reaches over.

The person in charge of personnel quickly submitted it. Ji Xiaohan opened the first page. He was a very handsome young man. He took a quick look at the content of his resume and directly tore down the page: "take this out!" Person

the director of affairs rushed to the past page and asked in some surprise: "President Ji, we all agree that he is rich in appearance and experience. Why not consider admission?" "

look at the companies he has worked in. Some of them are going bankrupt. If he has the ability, he should not choose these companies to work. What we need is to improve the efficiency of the company." The person in charge of the affairs department looked a little surprised, but Lu Qing said with a light smile: "Ji always has his own selection procedure."

When Ji Xiaohan opened the second page, he saw that she was an extremely beautiful looking woman, 26 years old, with an amazing education background. She had been put in the second place by the personnel department, which showed that she was a very dissatisfied candidate.

Season owl cold but still tear that page open: "this woman does not want."

The head of the personnel department looks like a fan. He is more and more confused about the boss's taste. Lu

qingqingchui said: "our company is not a training institution. What we want is people who can do things in a down-to-earth way. This woman is inexperienced. We can see that she wants to find a company to practice. When she thinks she has the ability to jump elsewhere, she can jump faster than anyone else." "

so it is!" The head of the personnel department suddenly appeared, but how could this be considered in the general quarter?

"It's secondary. I just don't like women who are too beautiful to enter the company. Maybe she's good at ability, but it's certainly good to confuse the enthusiasm of male employees in the company." Ji Xiaohan said indifferently, and handed Lu Qing several resume forms he picked out: "pick out the right candidates from the five."

Lu Qing reached for it and whispered, "OK, I'll pick it up again. I'll ask you to decide the final interview result."

"Well, before four o'clock in the afternoon, bring someone to see me!" After Ji Xiaohan finished, he got up and went out. Just at this time, Gao Yue came out of the meeting room to go to the bathroom. From afar, she saw a beautiful and outstanding figure, tall and tall, and awe inspiring. Even if she only looked at it from afar, she also had a fascinating charm. "

it's season owl cold!" Gao Yue saw his identity at a glance, and she couldn't help but chuckle. It's a good chance to meet him in the hallway when he comes for an interview. Isn't it hard for ordinary staff to see him? It's my luck. I just came here for an interview and met it.

Therefore, Gao Yue believes that she and Ji Xiaohan are still destined for each other. Moreover, she also looks forward to the next scene when she works with him in the company. Adult men and women can make subtle firelight in one eye. Moreover, Gao Yue thinks that her eyes are charming enough to attract men.

Ji Xiaohan is going in another direction, so although Gao Yue wants to see him more, he doesn't have the chance. Lu

Qing stayed to continue interviewing these people. The head of the personnel department couldn't help but ask him for advice: "assistant Lu, why doesn't president Ji hire this woman? I've seen her live. She looks more beautiful than this picture. " "

you really don't know? President Ji now has a little grandma. Then recruit such a beautiful woman into the company. What if little grandma is jealous? You are still a married man in vain. I, a single youth, know to avoid it! " Lu Qing had to explain it to him carefully to save him from confusion. "

is that the reason? Mr. Ji needs to take into account the feelings of Ms. Ji in the company's recruitment right now? My God, Mr. Ji is really spoiling his wife. My little grandma is so lucky! " The head of the personnel department looked surprised.

"The young master just doesn't like troubles. It's women's troubles. The young grandma is not a lamp that she doesn't have. If she misunderstands and gets angry, the young master is in a bad mood, and we as subordinates don't want to be better. Therefore, we still hope that the young master and the young grandma are in harmony and love as before, and we can eat sweet fruits with each other!" Lu Qing is more and more aware of current affairs.