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C987 two sides

Ji Yueze's car is parked at the gate of Pei's villa. Pei Ying is sitting on his copilot, enjoying the last few seconds of comfort.

"Take a look for me. Is she in?" Ji Yueze didn't get out of the car, just spoke to Pei Ying indifferently.

Pei Ying immediately reluctantly woke up from her dream and smiled like a cute and sweet smile: "OK, you wait for me!"

After Pei Ying got off the car, she saw the surprised eyes from her neighbors. Pei Ying felt more satisfied. She swung her long hair and twisted her waist into the door. She knew that Bai Yiyan didn't come at all. But

in order to act, she had to go around the house and ask the servant. Then she came out and replied to Ji Yueze: "boss, I'm sorry, she seems No! " As soon as her

voice fell, Ji Yueze's sports car blew out like the wind, and Pei Ying stayed in place for a long time.

Ji Yueze was in a hurry just now, as if staying for another second was a waste of his precious time. Pei angrily stamped her feet. Bai Yiyan, who is a dead bitch, how is it? Ji Yueze even cares about her more and more. She is about to spit out blood. Season

Yueze is in a bit of a mess all of a sudden. She is not in the White House, so she should stay in the new house.

Ji Yueze feels that his behavior is funny. He hopes to send Pei Ying back. He thinks he can meet her. If he finds out, it's just his extravagant hope. I know the chance is not great, but I still want to try. Is he crazy?

When to do things without thinking is not like his own style.

He drove directly to jijiayuan villa. Bai

Yi Yan is not in that house, so it's not interesting for him to go back alone. So he decided to come to accompany his grandparents and his mother for several days. He knew that he was young and ignorant before, leaving too much blank. He wanted to take this opportunity to talk with his mother. Ji

Yueze steps into the living room. LAN Yue is surprised to see him and asks, "how are you coming? There's nothing wrong. We're going to have dinner, too! " Season

Yue Ze smiled at his mother and said, "I just got off work. I just came here to have a meal!" "Uncle, here you are!" Ji xiaonai holds a jelly and smiles to say hello.

Ji Yueze was in a good mood when he saw the white, soft and waxy little guy.

He squatted down, reached out and pinched her little pink face, then chuckled, "it's really a snack." Season

xiaonai blinked and some were not happy: "why do you all say that about me? I haven't eaten much!"

Ji Yueze looks at the little guy's white eyes turning towards him, and can't help laughing.

I didn't know that children were so funny and lovely before. Now I see my little nephew, who is like a villain, and suddenly I find that the world of children is full of childlike fun, and it will touch the softest place in people's heart.

If he has children, can he be as cute and fun as Xiaorui and xiaonai? Want to

to this, and inexplicably think of Bai Yiyan, mind blocked, faint pain. Don

help the old lady step by step to go downstairs, because knowing that Bai Zhen killed her eldest son, the old lady was sick in the last two days, and she was weak, and the whole person looked a lot older. See

when Ji Yueze arrived, the old lady gave a little humming. Ji Yueze was ashamed. She hurriedly walked over and held grandma's other arm.

"Sister in law, let me do it!" Ji Yueze looks at Tang youyou and his voice is low.

Tang youyou has to let go and let Ji Yueze help the old lady downstairs alone.

"You didn't contact her again." The old lady took the opportunity to ask him sternly.

"No!" Ji Yueze's firm answer.

"That's good. I don't want to let Grandma down. Grandma can't stand the toss. Fortunately, your grandpa doesn't know now, otherwise..." The old lady is afraid to go on. The old man is in a good condition now. If he gets any more stimulation, it will really become a shock to everyone. Season

more Ze heart beat a stagnation, handsome face also showed a piece of pale, he bit the lip piece, whispered: "grandma rest assured, I will not contact her, you and grandpa to take care of the body." "

OK, grandma knows that you are a good child. Although you made me worry when I was a child, now when I grow up and understand, I know that grandma is considerate!" Although the old lady was still angry, she was relieved by her deep love for her little grandson. "

What about big brother? Why haven't you come back? " Ji Yueze quickly shifted the topic. Don

leisurely replied: "he called me and said he couldn't come back for dinner. Let's eat first!" "

I'll go upstairs and ask Xiaorui to come down!" LAN Yue said, and quickly walked upstairs. Look at the old lady scolding Ji Yueze like this, LAN Yue is still very distressed, but she can't say anything, so she has to leave first to calm down. Don't look at the family in a good mood, and she sighs. Ji's family has had a lot of twists and turns recently. It seems that it can't be peaceful. It's really worrying. The only thing that makes people happy is that the family is more and more united, LAN Yue is back, Ji Yueze and the two old people are also untied, the children grow up day by day, although the external danger is still everywhere, but the family has become more and more like a family, and the warmth that the big family can feel is more and more. The other side of a bad

can be getting better and better. All things are two sides.

After supper, Ji Yueze went upstairs to talk to Grandpa.

The old man is still wearing glasses and reading a book.

Ji Yueze went in and saw that grandpa had been able to read in a wheelchair. He was in a relaxed mood.

"Ozawa, here you are!" Seeing the little grandson, the old man put the book down, took off his glasses and showed a happy smile. Ji went to Yueze, stooped to help him take the old flower glasses back into the box, and asked softly, "Grandpa, you are getting better and better recently."

"Yes, your elder brother has a good doctor. He has saved my old bone." The old man said with a smile.

"Big brother is very worried about Grandpa's illness. He looks for a better doctor everywhere, but I haven't done anything for you. I'm really ashamed!" Ji Yueze is sitting on the bed beside him. He feels extremely guilty. These regrets really remain in his heart forever.

"Silly child, my family, what do you say you do out of sight? Big brother has big brother's idea. You have yours!" The old man reached out and patted him on the shoulder: "when you become mature and strong, Grandpa will be happy."