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C1804 she has peach blossom

Nangong Yao hurried back home and saw Nangong Siqing sitting on her bed, bending her knees and burying her face in her palm, looking helpless.


Seeing nangongyao push the door in, she immediately raised her head and called out to him.

"Aunt Chen has told me about you. After reading so many years, you should understand that this is a normal thing."

Nangongyao stood at the door, not stepping in.

"I know. I'm just scared. I'll be fine if my uncle comes back. I'm fine. Let's have a rest earlier."

Nangong Siqing showed a smile, and then said thoughtfully.

"Well, ask Aunt Chen if you have any questions."

Nangong Yao didn't say much. He went back to the room.

He put his head up on the broad bed and stared at the crystal lamp inlaid on the ceiling. The flash of the lamp was like the blurred eyes of Muyun after he was drunk. It could not be more charming.

Nangong Yao is in a good mood. Tonight, he can have a good dream.

The next morning, as usual, Mu Yun drove to the school. As soon as she entered the office, she saw a box on the office with a hot breakfast inside. She couldn't help sighing when she saw the breakfast.

Although Moyun has the appellation of cold beauty in school, there are many men pursuing her. At present, two very active men are pursuing her. They care about her in the morning and in the evening. Moyun has rejected them for many times, but they seem to be competing. They don't pay attention to her at all and still treat her well according to their own requirements.

"Mr. mu, take this. This is the newly opened breakfast shop. His seafood porridge is excellent. You can make it up."

After Muyun sat down, another young man came over with his breakfast bag in his hand.

Mu Yun indifferently refused: "no need, I have breakfast, thank you for your kindness."

The two men look embarrassed, but Moyun says they don't want to eat, so they have to take it away, but in their heart, Moyun is really too high. Such a woman, I don't know what kind of man can climb her.

Mu Yun arranges today's textbooks, and hears a whisper from someone nearby.

"I've been running for three years, and I'm so picky. I'm afraid she won't get married."

"No, it's been several years since I came to school. I haven't seen any men in front of my eyes. It's not good for a woman to be too proud."

Muyun has long known that she is a proud peacock in their eyes, but she doesn't care. It's her own business to think about how to live. It has nothing to do with others.

At the end of the morning's class, Muyun plans to go to the canteen for lunch, but on the way, he is blocked by a man, which is the pursuit of fruitless distance.

When Muyun saw him, he didn't make a detour, just frowned and asked, "Cheng Yuan, what are you doing in my way?"

"Moyun, I have been confessing to you for half a year. Have you really not reflected at all?

Or do you like Li Tang at all? His uncle has real power and your elder brother is also a person in power. Are you a natural couple?

And my heart, in your eyes, is worthless. "

Cheng Yuan decides to tell her clearly. If he can give a reason for rejecting him, he may die.

Mu Yun's expression changed for a while, and he was angry: "in the past six months, I politely refused you many times, but you didn't listen to me. I see that I am teaching in the same school with us, and I don't want to embarrass you. I think you can stop it, but are you going to get worse now?"

"You just want to tell me that you like Li Tang, right?

Well, I've come to understand the reality. It's the door to door that matters most. What am I? "

Cheng Yuan immediately sneered at himself.

Before Muyun could speak, he saw a man running towards her in a rush. It was her other pursuer, Li Tang.

Both of them are young and vigorous. When they meet at this time, they are naturally very jealous.

Fortunately, this is the teacher's passage. No students come here, but Moyun still wants to leave.

"Cheng Yuan, what do you want to do?"

As soon as Li Tang rushed over, he immediately pointed at his face and shouted angrily.

"I just want Moyun to give me an answer. It's none of your business."

Cheng Yuan is also very angry.

Mu Yun stands in the middle of them, feeling very ashamed. There are so many rumors about her in school. She really doesn't want to fill in another one. The woman in the third year is not in love or married. Who's in the way?

Why does everyone want to find a sense of being in her?

"Stop arguing, you two. I have a boyfriend."

Mu Yun knows that today is to tear her face and make it clear. She doesn't want to offend anyone, but she understands that emotional matters can't be dragged. She didn't refuse coldly until now. She just wanted to fight for her colleagues. She can't care about her face.


The two men really didn't have the heart to quarrel with each other. They looked at her incredibly: "murun, you won't cheat us again. Your reason is not new."

"That's right. Last time you said you had a boyfriend, but your boyfriend didn't show his face for half a year. If you don't like us, it's no fun to lie to us."

Mu Yun's face was cold. He sneered, "do you think my mate can only be chosen between you two?"

The faces of the two men turned red.

"We all like you."

Their reasons are also very good.

"Don't I have any pursuers but you?

In the past six months, as you all know, my reputation has been almost ruined by you. I haven't investigated this matter. What else do you want to do?

I'm a woman, but I'm not easy to bully. You didn't give up pursuing me, just because you two want to fight for supremacy. You want to fight for your face, not me. "

Mu Yun exposed their thoughts directly, and their faces became more ugly.

"You can fight today, but don't take me as a starting point. You can't show me your sincerity any more. You like me, but I don't like you, either."

Mu Yun really offended two male colleagues this time. After that, she turned around and left.

But at this time, she saw Nangong Yao standing not far away.

When did he come?

Mu Yun is like a child who has made a mistake and wants to escape.

Nangong Yao walked towards her. Just now she had her back to Nangong Yao, so she didn't find him, but he stood not far away and listened to her words clearly.