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No one can answer Ling Mo Feng's question, because none of them are parties, so there is no solution to this question.

The old man just came up and asked Ling Mo Feng to call to ask his granddaughter about her current situation. That is to say, she is safe, and he will be back by plane tomorrow, so he is relieved.

Ling Mo Feng looks at the bedroom door with his eyes. Then he steps into the room with his long legs open.


LAN Yanxi, leaning back behind the door, was startled by his sudden appearance.

Ling Mo Feng stood in front of her and locked her empty little face: "Yan Xi, you already know?"

LAN Yanxi was questioned by him, and immediately smiled, "I didn't mean to hide it from you. It was warmth that let me not tell you first. You know I'm a very righteous person, so I agreed to her. Of course, I won't tell you without her consent."

The man suddenly stretched out his hands and trapped blue Yanxi in his arms. His thin lips were dangerously attached: "Yanxi, how many things do you have to hide from me?

Well? "

The ending of the last rise made LAN Yanxi shake his head and said: "no No, last time I accidentally turned over your call record while you were taking a bath, didn't it count? "

Ling Mo Feng: "..." LAN Yanxi, seeing his expression coagulate, immediately nervously explained: "I just want to see if you have any contact with Chen Fuyu. There is no other idea. Really, however, I see that there are some names represented by simple numbers on you. Ling mofeng, do you have any contact with her?"

Ling Mo Feng saw that the color of worry flashed across her eyes, and couldn't help sighing. She was so careful that he felt hurt.

His fingers fell gently on her cheek and touched her gently: "of course not. I will not contact her again. Don't you think about this again?"

Lanyanxi immediately jumped into his arms, closed his eyes tightly, and rubbed his face against his chest: "well, I believe you, I don't know why I became so sensitive when I was pregnant. I used to be different. I used to think that if you were a little bit indifferent to my feelings, I could turn around and leave easily, but now I find I can't do it. If you are a little bit indifferent to me If you ignore me, I will be very sad. I will try my best to arouse your concern. Have I changed? "

Ling Mo Feng listened to her broken words, and his mind was slightly shaken. He couldn't help but stretch out his hand to hold her tightly and comfort her in a low voice: "you are pregnant, and your mood will be even lower. It's normal. As long as you don't think about it any more, how can I not want you and the child?

This is what we asked together in front of the Buddha. It's so precious. I can't treasure it yet. "

LAN Yanxi couldn't help but chuckle. He thought that he took himself to pray for Buddha that noon. He was warm in heart. He really had a heart and was thinking about her all the time.

"Well, I don't want to think about it, but you won't object to the matter that warmth admires premier with you, will you?"

LAN Yanxi immediately raised his head from his arms, and looked at the man's slightly depressed expression in amazement.

Ling Mo Feng smiled angrily: "I'm angry because they are hiding from me. So are you. Why do you want to hide from me alone?

Am I so untrustworthy? "

"Don't ask me this question. You have to ask about warmth. She must be afraid that you will be angry without telling you."

Blue words Xili put aside this big pot, afraid to hit his head again.

"When she comes back this time, I'll make it clear that the girl's wings are so hard that she can hide such an important thing from me."

Ling Mo Feng thought of this headache sister, and laughed angrily. He wanted to come back to settle accounts with her.

LAN Yanxi can't help pinching a hot sweat for Ling wennuan. I hope she has a way to deal with it. Otherwise, if she gets a scolding, it's pitiful.

"Don't be angry. Warm is sure to wait until her relationship with Mu Weicheng is stable, and then tell you that as a brother, you should pay more attention to her emotional life. By the way, do you think Mu Weicheng is a man worth trusting for life?

Warm young age, a hot feeling, once fall in love is very easy to plunge in, Mu Weicheng older than her, feelings must be mature and rational, he must know what kind of woman he wants to marry, I'm afraid warm will not be rational enough. "

LAN Yanxi doesn't know much about Mu Weicheng. Besides, he is the nephew of the former president. With this relationship, LAN Yanxi is worried enough.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her eyes full of gentle smile, blue Yan Xi said a long run, but he didn't say a word, just looked at her smile.

Lanyanxi waited for his answer, but when she looked up, she only looked up at his smiling eyes. She was stunned and couldn't help but reach out and punch him in the chest: "why don't you talk?

I didn't see that I was speaking to you seriously. "

Ling Mo Feng replied with a low smile: "I didn't expect you to care so much about the warmth."

LAN Yanxi is stunned, and Mei Mou flashes past a touch of stagnation. Next second, she pushes him away: "I'm too lazy to talk to you."

Since I know that she cares, why doesn't he answer? There's no sincerity at all.

When the man saw that she was going to leave, he stretched out his long arm and gently dragged her into his arms. This time, he was carrying her back and his head was on her shoulder. He said in a low judo way: "don't worry, you can't lose the warmth. Mu Weicheng was bullied by her since he was a child. I didn't see that they were in love before. I thought it was just a small fight. Now I understand them It may have been a long time ago. "


Is the Mu Wei Cheng a reliable man? "

LAN Yanxi asked again.

"Well, of course, he is reliable. Although his surname is Ling, he is absolutely different from his uncle. His uncle is an ambitious man. He is not. I believe that warm and warm will like him. He must have his personality charm. Warm and warm are not stupid, white and sweet. They only look at the appearance, not the interior."

LAN Yanxi heard him say three words of silly white sweet, and laughed directly: "well, since you say that, I'll be relieved, but do you think I'm silly white sweet?"

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips kissed in her ear: "silly is silly enough, sweet is also very sweet, as for whether it is an idiot, it remains to be tested."


Ling Mo Feng, say it again. "

LAN Yanxi is furious at once. It seems that she is not powerful. This man really treats her as a bully.

"I'm afraid you'll hit me."

Ling Mo Feng's provocation was fatal, but the speed of admitting the mistake was also covered. As soon as blue Yanxi's anger came out, he immediately kissed her gently on the lips, making her angry and unable to come out.

LAN Yanxi's brain was blank for a moment. She couldn't refuse the man's gentle kiss, which she had been looking forward to these days.

She leans down and leans against the man's arms. Ling Mo Feng is worried that she will fall down and hugs her tightly.

At the end of the kiss, both of them gasped for breath. Blue Yanxi blushed and dared not look into the man's eyes. Ling Mo Feng laughed: "well, let's keep it for the night. Let's go downstairs first. Otherwise, I'm afraid my parents will think what we are doing upstairs."

Not to mention that it's OK, LAN Yanxi's nerves trembled. She was most afraid of losing the correct image in front of her elders. She quickly pushed Ling Mo Feng away, turned around and walked out: "let's get down now."

"Wipe your saliva."

The man smiled behind her to remind her.

LAN Yanxi really put out his hand to wipe it, but she didn't wipe anything. Looking back, the man chuckled, and she found out that she had been fooled by him. She looked at him angrily, "dare to lie to me, and I'll settle accounts with you in the evening."

Someone's expression is sluggish. It's over. It's annoying her again.

But just now she went to wipe the corners of her mouth seriously. It was lovely. No matter how she calculated the accounts at night, he would accompany her to the end.

In the beautiful holiday lake area, the villa is full of lights. Ling warm took a bath and came out in pajamas.

As soon as she came out, she found that the atmosphere was not right. Mei Mou turned slightly and saw Mu Weicheng sitting on the sofa next to him with a mobile phone. She took a glass of water and went to him while drinking.

"What's the matter?

What's the stupor? "

Ling wennuan has never seen him like this. It seems that she is worried about something.

Mu Weicheng put his mobile phone beside her and held out his hand to her. Ling wennuan immediately walked to him and sat on his leg.

"Your brother called me just now."

Mu Wei Cheng relies on her shoulder, she has just bathed fragrance, very good smell, let his mood a little more stable.

"Did my brother say anything?"

Ling warms his nerves and holds the cup tightly.

"He just asked about you. I said you were with me. He didn't say anything, but I decided to tell him about our relationship when I sent you back tomorrow."

Mu Weicheng's voice sank for several times, and thin lips could not help but live in her arms and kissed: "let's not hide any more, I want to be with you openly and openly, warm, do you want to?"

"Of course, I thought before, but now I think more."

Ling warm involuntarily reached out to hug him, said smilingly.

"Maybe your brother has guessed it. I'm afraid he will call me and ask me. When I'm with you, my courage seems to be getting smaller."

Mu Weicheng looks at the mobile phone, but hugs her more tightly.


Ling wennuan immediately giggled, his beard dregs stabbed in her delicate arm, which made her itch, and she broke free.

The Mu Weicheng, who was controlling his feelings, saw her struggling fiercely, and the fire in his heart suddenly started. He didn't know where his courage came from. He suddenly hugged her horizontally and put her directly on the sofa. Ling wennuan was still smiling, but when the man pressed down, she didn't dare to laugh again. She had big shining eyes, which were shy and nervous , looking at him uneasily.

"Warm, sometimes I think, good things, why to wait all the time, why not take advantage of the present time just to do all the things, maybe, will not leave a legacy."

Mu Weicheng's voice became hoarse, and he had a lot of ideas.

"Well, I'm not afraid."

Ling warm very agree.

Mu Weicheng was full of excitement originally. When he saw her big clear eyes, he suddenly felt that his idea was too absurd. It was worth waiting for good things.