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Ji Xiaohan looks slightly changed. Obviously, he doesn't want to tell his brother about it, but he can't hide it from him. After all, the two brothers should work together to pull out the murderer of that year. Naturally, they should tell each other all the news.

"It's about the cause of dad's death, a very important clue!" Said the season owl in a cold voice.

When Ji Yueze heard that it was about his father's death, his face suddenly became serious. He asked in a low voice, "what is the important clue? Since Grandpa knows, why didn't he help dad investigate?" "Because this clue seems to be important, in those days, it was a difficult thing to talk about. My grandfather also wanted to protect my father's reputation, and didn't want to lose Ji's face, so he kept it hidden all the time." Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to make Ji Yueze mistakenly think that the old man doesn't pay attention to this matter, explaining that


"Then I'm more curious? He's all gone out to find other women to fool around. There's something more shameful and more difficult to talk about than this! " Ji Yueze sneered.

Ji Xiaohan looks at his brother, sighs and whispers: "before dad died, he should have taken a kind of medicine, which is what men and women need!"

"Medicine C?" Ji Yueze said it directly. His handsome face was pale and bloodless at the moment. His fingers suddenly clenched and made a lattice sound: "how could this happen? It was my birthday! "

Seeing that his younger brother's face was not right, Ji Xiaohan knew that he must have been hit by a huge blow, and he said in a low voice: "well, it's been so long, you can look down on it!" "Well, I really want to give up like this. Since he wants to die himself, let him die. My father has been blurred for a long time." Ji Yueze was still very sad. On his birthday, he was waiting for his father to come back to eat cake and blow wax candle, but he was? He even ran to see the woman again and killed himself.

Of course, Ji Xiaohan is also angry and resentful. However, the past, if you care about it, will only make you tired.

"Even if he is wrong, but he is our father after all. If he doesn't care about us, he will die with injustice. I can't bear the result of leaving the murderer outside Xiaoyao law!" Said the season owl in a cold voice. "It was my birthday that day. I was so looking forward to his coming back. We called at noon and agreed that he didn't have my son in his heart. He didn't care!" Although he was investigated after many years, Ji Yueze was still angry and red in the eyes. He was always strong, but now he was angry and red in the face.

Ji Xiaohan knew that he shouldn't have mentioned it to him at this time. He must be stimulated.

"It must be white and true. I must find this woman and let her pay a heavy price!" Ji Yueze suddenly woke up a little, but he said the cruel words with hatred and anger.

Ji Xiaohan nodded: "I believe it's really white. But I don't deny that dad is willing to drink those drugs!"

"Don't mention him to me, brother, I beg you, never again!" Ji Yueze covers his ears and doesn't want to hear his father's name again.

"Well, don't mention it. Calm down. Don't let Grandma and mom see it when you eat!" Season owl cold soft voice comforts him.

"Brother, go ahead. I'll stay here for a while!" Ji Yueze is upset, angry and sad at the moment. He kicks the stone beside him. The stone floats twice on the water and sinks to the bottom of the lake.

Ji Xiaohan said nothing more and turned away.

At the dinner table, the old man didn't go downstairs to have dinner because it was inconvenient for him to get up.

The old lady asked the servant to take the meal upstairs. She fed it to the old man herself. So, at the table, because the old lady is not here, she is a little tense.

The two little guys are very happy to eat on their own. Of course, they all feel the atmosphere is not right. Xiao Nai, who is always talking about something, is quiet.

LAN Yue is also very happy to eat. Although there is a Ji Shangqing here, she can watch her son and daughter-in-law and two little grandchildren. Any unhappiness can't enter her heart.

Tang youyou eats silently while taking care of the food of two children. She is busy with these things, but she can always feel whether there is a glance in her face.

Of course, she doesn't care about it at all, but Ji Shangqing feels that it's really strange. If he really thinks he has infinite charm, he can let her give up Ji Xiaohan and turn to him. That's to say, he has a brain problem, so he is advised to go to the doctor.

Fortunately, Ji Shangqing is also very discerning. After finishing the meal quickly, he went upstairs to say goodbye to the second floor and left first.

The pressure of the atmosphere disappeared.

"Mom, big brother and sister-in-law, I'm going first!" Ji Yueze has been hit hard enough today. He wants to leave.

"Well, you should pay attention to some things on the way. Let's look down on them." Ji Xiaohan told him.

"I will!" Ji Yueze bit his teeth and then drove away.

From the rearview mirror, Ji Yueze saw Tang youyou holding two little guys standing outside the door, two little guys waving their hands at him, and his mood also calmed down in an instant.

He felt that he might really have changed. His feelings for Tang youyou would never have changed before. But at this moment, he was very happy that he finally came out. He was willing to hurt others, but he was not willing to hurt his elder brother.

Tang youyou is a very good woman. Big brother loves her very much. They will be happy to be old.

And I, whether happy or not, will never disturb their life again.

Ji Yueze's sports car finally stopped downstairs at the door of his home. He didn't get off the car immediately. Instead, he was alone, locked in the car, and allowed his messy thoughts to roll.

Bai Zhenzhen's face made him want to tear fiercely, but soon, what he changed was a young and beautiful face. Ji Yueze opened his eyes fiercely, stretched out his hand and twisted his eyebrow, which made him very tired.

Push the door open and walk straight into the elevator.

He doesn't know what kind of feeling he feels towards Bai Yiyan now. He likes to mix her with pain, but he can't tell whether he likes her more or wants to stay away from her faster.

When he went upstairs and opened the door of the hall, he saw Bai Yiyan standing alone on the balcony, blowing a cold wind.

Hearing the sound of opening the door, Bai Yiyan turned around and looked at each other under the crystal light.

"Why don't you come in!" It's winter, standing on the balcony, it will freeze into sculpture. However, he didn't know that Bai Yiyan's heart was burning like a fire when he was suffering from inner torture.