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C981 the relationship is out

Yang ChuChu had to endure nausea to make the whole day's scenes. One of the scenes was that she was dizzy and lost on the side of the road. Lu xuanchen drove by and rescued her. Lu xuanchen needed to hold her for a long time. Yang ChuChu needed to perform the painful expression when she was injured and unconscious. At this moment, she was not comfortable. The feeling of acting made the director very satisfied.

Lu xuanchen looked at her face and said, "Yang ChuChu, go to the hospital and have a look. Don't delay the illness."

"OK, let's go!" Yang ChuChu turns around and gets on the bus. As soon as she gets on the bus, she pulls out her mobile phone and gives it to Luo Jinyu. When a person is fragile, the voice he wants to hear most, except his parents, must be the voice of the person he loves most.

When the phone was answered, the man's deep and gentle voice came: "Hello, delicate!"

"Luo Jinyu, are you off work?" It's already dark. She believes that Luo Jinyu should go home soon.

"On the way home, what's the matter?" Luo Jinyu hears something wrong with her voice and gets nervous immediately. "

my stomach is not very well. I'm going to the hospital now." Yang ChuChu said pitifully.

"What's wrong with your stomach? Where are you now? " Luo Jinyu's voice is a little anxious. The play, which was shot by Yang

delicately, happened to be in this city, so she would call Luo Jinyu. If she was far away from several cities, Yang ChuChu would certainly bear this.

"I'm almost home. I'll wait for you to come back, and you'll take me!" Yang ChuChu wants to rely on his arms at the moment. "

OK, I'll come!" Luo Jinyu hangs up and urges the driver to speed up.

At the gate of the community, Luo Jinyu's car is parked next to Yang ChuChu's car.

After the door was opened, Luo Jinyu went to see her. Yang ChuChu was already sweating bitterly, and his eyes were dizzy. "

why not go to the hospital early?" Seeing her like this, Luo Jinyu was extremely distressed and could not help blaming her. Yang gave a delicate and feeble smile. After she got into the car, she leaned directly into the man's solid arms. "

or your arms are comfortable!" Yang ChuChu's greedy rubbing, feeling that there is this man around, she is not afraid of any difficulties.

Luo Jinyu said to the driver, "go to the nearest hospital, hurry up!" To the downstairs of

Da Hospital, Luo Jinyu found that Yang ChuChu in his arms was more pale, and his forehead was full of cold sweat. He hurriedly carried her out of the car.

"Wait Wait a minute, I didn't take my mask! " Yang ChuChu said in a low voice.

"It's OK to wear it or not!" Luo Jinyu doesn't want her to suffer from this crime. He just holds her and goes inside.

Yang ChuChu had to bury his face in his arms, but no one recognized her.

Luo Jinyu hugs her and walks to the emergency room. Yang ChuChu suddenly suffers from acute gastroenteritis after the doctor's diagnosis. No wonder she is in such pain.

Lying on the hospital bed, Yang ChuChu's hand was hanging some drops. Luo Jin, with a sigh, sat on the edge of the bed. "

if you are not feeling well next time, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible, remember?" Want to teach her, but also reluctant, this feeling is really helpless.

"Remember!" At the moment, Yang ChuChu seems afraid to contradict anything except obedience.

She was afraid of the pain, too. "

I don't think you have a long memory!" Luo Jinyu didn't believe that she would be obedient.

Yang ChuChu looked at his nervous expression, chuckled, and held out his other hand to hold his clenched fist. Luo

Jin Yu angrily flicks her small hand. Yang ChuChu is stunned and is about to take back her hand, but suddenly she is clenched by the man's big hand. Only then does the color of stupefaction on her face disappear, and then she raises a happy smile.

"Luo Jinyu, do you know? I'm still thinking on my way here today, whether I will be pregnant or not, and I'm looking forward to that result. " Yang ChuChu suddenly joked. Luo

Jin Yujun's eyes are slightly sluggish, holding her big palm tightly: "you are too small to be pregnant!" Yang

clearly but disagreed: "that's not necessarily true. It's good to have children at a younger age. When I'm 25, my children will be six or seven years old. That's great. I can take beautiful pictures with my children." "

you think too much, take a rest!" Luo Jinyu is really laughed by her imagination. Yang looked at him with a clear smile and couldn't help but commit the flower mania: "Luo Jinyu, you look so beautiful, because you smile on your side, it's perfect!"

Luo Jinyu is amused by her again: "all this time, do you still have the mood to think this?"

"When I see you, I'm not afraid of anything. I'm not afraid of stomachache!" Yang ChuChu sighed softly. Luo

Jin Yu is attached to her lower body. She kisses her thin lips on her forehead. Her cool skin makes him feel painful.

"Well, I won't leave. If you are tired, go to sleep." Luo Jin said softly. "

well, I'm really asleep!" Yang ChuChu is really tired after suffering for such a long time. After receiving the man's guarantee, she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Luo Jinyu put her little hand into the quilt gently, and the other hand was beating a little bit. He held it gently in his palm. Look at this quiet angel like girl, Luo Jinyu's heart is more and more peaceful. During this period of time, I get along with her day and night, which is exactly the same life as a couple. Sometimes she is smart and strange, sometimes simple and lovely, but most of the time, she is also childish and willful. For Luo Jinyu, such Yang ChuChu really attracts him and makes him full of desire.

He really wants to accompany her all the time. Is it really OK?

Luo Jinyu breathed softly. No matter what difficulties will happen in the future, he will try his best to get rid of all opinions and hold her firmly in his palm. No one can separate them any more. He will stick to the people he likes and the things he decides.

At this moment, in the corridor of the hospital, several girls are looking at the photos taken secretly. "

that's really Yang ChuChu. Are our eyes free?"

"No, we've seen it. It's really her. The man holding her is so handsome and temperament. Was it Luo's eldest young master who had an affair with her before?"

"He is right. I can't forget his face at a glance. I still have his photo in my cell phone. Show it to you!" With that, the girl quickly turned out a few hard photos of men.

"No, are they really together?" "

it was previously reported that they spent their holidays abroad, but later they were suppressed. Now it seems that this is true!"

"Yang Chu's life is so good that he asked young master Luo to take care of her like this!" A few girls are a little envious at once.