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After breakfast, the two decided to go out for a stroll.

In Luo Jin Yu's twenty-nine years of life, this seemed to be the first time he had accompanied a woman shopping, and his ex-girlfriend had never experienced something like this before.

Yang Chu Chu was truly very happy, she felt as if her beautiful dream had come true. She didn't dare believe that Luo Jin Yu was right beside her, gazing at her with a gentle and warm gaze. That gaze, seemed to melt a person's heart, making her wish that it could just melt into his heart.

Luo Jin Yu also felt that he was possessed, he gave up his job, and only wanted to stay by this little thing's side, watching her laugh, and making her cry. This kind of life seemed to be filled with endless joy.

"Take it, this is a must!" Yang Chu Chu handed over a black mask and a peaked cap over.

Luo Jin Yu was a little helpless. Since he was young, he would always go out in broad daylight and would never cover up for his, but, for this little girl, he was willing to feel wronged.

Yang Chu Chu was also wearing a big sunglasses and a cute little hat. Her long hair was let down and most of her small face was covered by the sunglasses, making him look even more cute.

"Let's go!" Yang Chu Chu took the initiative to extend her small hand and hold onto the man's arm, sticking to his side like a little bird.

Even though Luo Jin Yu had covered his face and was wearing a hat, his tall and upright figure was still very eye-catching.

With his slender figure and perfect ratio, and his domineering aura, anyone would be able to tell by just looking at his appearance that he was definitely a man filled with charisma.

The two of them went downstairs and directly sat in Luo Jin Yu's sportscar.

"There are indeed reporters over there!" Yang Chu Chu was already very sensitive. A pair of beautiful big eyes scanned around randomly under the sunglasses and found a few reporters holding their phones to photograph them.

Luo Jin Yu said indifferently: "Don't bother with them, we'll play with us!"

"I don't care!" Yang Chu Chu replied with a smile.

The limousine headed towards the center of the city. This city was most famous for its several large movie studios. Although it was not as bustling as the capital, it was still quite lively.

Luo Jin Yu was not familiar with this place, but like a guide, Yang Chu Chu led him to stop the car, and then went into the shopping mall.

"What do you want? I'll give it to you! " Luo Jin Yu had not given a gift to a woman for a long time, he was a little unfamiliar with what he should give to curry the favor of a woman's heart.

"Take your time. Buy whatever you like!" Yang Chu Chu was not greedy, her greatest pleasure was to have Luo Jin Yu to accompany her. Thus, when it came to shopping, it was really just a kind of relaxation.

The two of them walked on the street like an ordinary couple. Luo Jin Yu looked at the girl beside him with a smile on her face, he was in a very good mood.

"Luo Jin Yu, can I ask you a question? How far have your ex-girlfriend progressed?" Yang Chu Chu had actually wanted to ask this question a long time ago, as he was holding back his internal injuries. Although he knew that asking that would only increase his grief, she still wanted to understand this man better.

"It's not where you think it is!" Luo Jin Yu replied indifferently.

"How do you know what I'm thinking?" When Yang Chu Chu's snow-white face heated up, she felt that she had lost a lot of face.

Luo Jin Yu whispered two words into her ear and instantly retorted bashfully, "I didn't think about that at all."

"Then why are you curious?" Luo Jin Yu raised his eyebrows and ridiculed her.

"I just felt it …" Yang Chu Chu did not have much to say, he could only stomp his feet and say angrily: "Fine, I've thought about it, I really mind if you guys develop to that state, since you guys are not, then I'll be happy."

Seeing her proud and cute look, Luo Jin Yu couldn't help but reach out to pinch her cheek: "Don't worry, right now, you're the only person in my eyes."

Hearing that, Yang Chu Chu laughed: "Of course you can only have me, could it be that you want someone else?"

"You sure are overbearing!" Luo Jin Yu felt helpless towards her, but his eyes were filled with doting.

"I learned it from you!" Yang Chu Chu smirked.

The two of them strolled around the streets for the whole morning. Yang Chu Chu casually bought some memorabilia and even picked out a couple's watches with Luo Jin Yu.

In front of her, Luo Jin Yu took off his watch from before and switched it with his lover's watch.

"I want to take a photo. Can I send it to Wechat Moments?" Yang Chu Chu was after all, an eighteen year old little girl.

"Do what you want!" Luo Jin Yu did not reject him.

Therefore, Yang Chu Chu extended her small hand and grabbed onto his fingers tightly, then took a photo with her phone: "Then I really sent it."

"What if your mother sees you and asks you?" Currently, what Luo Jin Yu was most worried about was letting her mother know of their relationship, so her mother would definitely oppose it.

Yang Chu Chu's little face froze and she immediately sighed, putting down her phone: "When I entered the entertainment circle, I signed an agreement with my mom that before I turned 22, I could not have a boyfriend, and even more so, could not spread the negative news. Sigh, my brain really was flooded with water at that time, I really did sign it."

"22 years old …" The man mumbled these words. Four more years!

Yang Chu Chu looked over, and when she saw that the man's face was slightly downcast, she immediately stuck her head out and secretly kissed his face: "Don't mind me, I don't care how old I am, I just want to be with you."

Luo Jin Yu looked at her gently and sighed softly: "Your mother is protecting you, that's why she signed the agreement with you. You shouldn't have hurt her heart."

"What do you mean?" Are you going to break up with me? " Yang Chu Chu was very regretful that she should not have revealed the matter regarding the agreement.

"No, I will wait for you!" Luo Jin Yu said in a low voice: "I'll wait for you to grow up!"

"There are still four more years. It's too long. Don't mention waiting, I can't even wait." Yang Chu Chu pouted, her face was gloomy.

"I can wait!" Luo Jin Yu said firmly.

"I don't want you to wait!" Yang Chu Chu suddenly stood up and hugged him from behind: "Luo Jin Yu, four years of time will change a lot of things. What if you fall in love with another woman? "I don't want to …"

When Luo Jin Yu heard her worry, a smile flashed across his lips: "The one who is worried should be me.

No other man can enter my heart, but I don't have the confidence to make you focus as hard as I do. There are so many women by your side, if one day you can't stand the loneliness anymore, then those women will kidnap you. As Yang Chu Chu spoke, her eyes turned red.