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C1697 unusual relationship

Why is there such a relationship? Ling wennuan really despises Xia ninglan.

"Is it?" Ling wennuan thought he could get a childhood relationship. Unexpectedly, Xia ninglan met Mu Weicheng from a young age. This relationship is really complicated.

"I've been to his house for dinner, and I've seen his mother." Xia ninglan is shocked to see Ling Nuan. She is a little proud.

Ling wennuan was a little upset and said lightly: "so what? What does this mean? On behalf of him, do you think so? "

"I just want to tell you that I have a better chance to have in-depth contact with him than you do. Lingnuan, you are spoiled and spoiled. Don't come here to beg for hardship. The living conditions here are incomparable with those in big cities. Nothing is necessary. You can't bear this hardship. You can leave now or later." Summer rather orchid began to dissuade, the vision some satisfied swept Ling warm facial expression.

Ling wennuan has a pretty face and tries to persuade herself to calm down. Don't really quarrel with Xia ninglan. After all, they come here to do something meaningful. If they quarrel, it's too humiliating.

"I don't have any advantages, but the only advantage is that I'm sure I won't give up halfway. I don't want to die before I reach the Yellow River, and I don't want to bump into the south wall and turn around. If you still want to persuade me, please save." Ling wennuan turns around and walks to the next position.

Xia ninglan bited the root of her teeth with hatred. Lingnuan is really stubborn. Can she recognize the current situation? It's no good for her to stay here.

"Warm, cold?" All of a sudden, Lin Bo came over with a cup of hot water and asked Ling for warmth.

Ling wennuan was about to speak when Lin Bo suddenly put a coat of his charge suit on her shoulder: "wear it, don't catch cold, it's hundreds of kilometers from the nearest town."

Ling wennuan was embarrassed. He was about to return his coat to the other party. Suddenly, the door of the opposite room opened. Mu Weicheng and his men came out. His eyes happened to see her holding the coat on her shoulder, as if she was tightening it.

The light at the bottom of men's eyes seems to be erased and dimmed.

Lingnuan didn't expect that things would be so coincidental. After that, Mu Weicheng won't misunderstand again, will he?

Ling wennuan took off his coat and gave it back to Lin Bo: "no, I have a coat. I'll get it in the car."

Ling wennuan said, ran out and rushed into the rain. Soon, she had her own coat in her hand, but her face and hair were wet for the most part.

Mu Weicheng was still stuffy and angry just now. Suddenly, he saw her running out in the rain. His heart was suspended. He stepped out on his long legs. Then he saw that she rushed in without thinking. He went to get her own coat. "Stupid!" The man's voice is low and deep.

Ling warm Leng for a second, then, put out his hand to wipe the water on his face, whispered: "I'm afraid you are jealous."

When Mu Weicheng's body shook, the fool ran out in the rain for his consideration?

Xia ninglan saw all this in her eyes. After seeing Ling wennuan running out for a trip, she attracted the attention of Mu Weicheng. She was so angry that she stamped her feet on the spot. This scheming girl really has a way.

The dinner was not very rich, but the tube was full. It was better than the food on the way. Ling warm had two bowls of rice for the first time.

When Mu Weicheng saw how sweet she was eating, he couldn't help laughing at the bottom of his heart.

Before Ling wennuan came out to eat together, she ate very little. She was really hungry for several meals, so she knew how important it was to fill her stomach.

More than 10 p.m. in the evening, the rain is getting smaller, and all the off-road vehicles have been refitted and set out.

Mu Weicheng still arranges Ling Nuan beside her and sits in Batai's car. Xia ninglan has no chance to occupy the position. She is full of resentment.

Ling warm enough to eat and drink, just want to sleep, she looked for a comfortable position in the arms of Mu Weicheng, relying on dozen tons.

I don't know how long ago, Ling wennuan heard the barking of dogs in the distance. She opened her eyes vaguely and saw that there was a flat land in front of her. The lights near and far were sparse. This was a village, that is, their destination.

It's called Qingtian village. There are more than 30 aborigines here. Their ideology and culture are far behind. When there was no access before, it was still a savage place. Later, it was through the mountain road, and the outside world gradually affected it. In addition, there were large teams stationed in the base. Therefore, people here gradually opened their minds to welcome foreign cultures.

"Where are you going?" Mu Weicheng suddenly thought that he would be separated from her, and he was reluctant to part.

"Do you know where Cheng Yuanshan's home is? He is my grandfather's friend, and I live in his house. " Ling wennuan asked him in a low voice.

"Of course I know. Mr. Cheng's house is not far in front of him, just around the corner." Mu Weicheng knows some of the residents here, and Cheng is still a member of their base.

Ling warm also felt to be different, she some reluctantly grasped the man's arm: "when can I see you again?"

"I'll come and have a meal when I'm free." Mu Wei Cheng smiles softly.

"It's OK to have dinner, but you can't come empty handed." Ling wennuan murmured at once.

"Don't worry, I'm cheeky. Even if you don't live in Mr. Cheng's house, I occasionally come here to eat." Mu Weicheng seems to be in a good mood and gradually recovers his young people's sense of vitality.

"Very speechless to you." Ling wennuan lost him a white eye.

While talking, the car turned to the door of Cheng Lao's house. At this moment, the light was still on. Hearing the sound of the car, Cheng Lao put on a coat and came to open the courtyard door anxiously: "is it warm?"

Ling wennuan pushes the door to get out of the car and politely greets: "Grandpa Cheng, Hello, I'm warm." "I guessed it was you. My grandson said he was going to meet you at the entrance of the village. Didn't you meet?" Cheng said with a gentle smile

"Ah? Grandpa Cheng, there's something wrong with our car on the way. I'm here by the base car. " Ling wennuan even sent someone to pick her up. She was very embarrassed.

Mu Weicheng came down from the car and said with a smile: "Miss Cheng, I sent her here."

"It's officer mu. Come in and have a cup of tea before you leave." Mr. Cheng immediately invited me warmly.

Mu Weicheng looks at Ling wennuan, and Batai suddenly gets off the bus: "boss, I'll have a cigarette next to you. Go in and sit down. I'll drive again when I have a rest. I'm a little tired."

Mu Weicheng gives him an appreciative look, which helps Ling wennuan take down the suitcase and follow him into Cheng's living room.

Cheng now lives here with his wife and grandchildren. His son and daughter-in-law work in the county town which is more than 100 miles away from here. His grandchildren occasionally come back for a few days and come out with many empty rooms.

"Wei Cheng, you take the luggage to the next room for Nuan. The room has just been cleaned and everything has been changed. It's warm and tired. I've left some supper for you. Do you want to eat?" Cheng Lao is like a parallel elder, who takes special care of Ling warm.

"No, I have. Grandpa Cheng, I'll go to my room first." Ling warm immediately polite smile, turn around to follow Mu Wei Cheng to his room to live.

Cheng also followed with a smile, and saw that Mu Weicheng was bending down to make up the bed.

"Wei Cheng, are you and Nuan friends?" Cheng was a little surprised. In his impression of Mu Weicheng, he seemed to be very serious in his work and didn't care much about other people's private affairs. But at the moment, he took the initiative to make a bed for Ling wennuan, and also wanted to tidy up her luggage.

Mu Weicheng's handsome face blushed inexplicably, and then nodded, "yes, I knew warm since I was very young."

"That's good. I'll stay here after it's warm. You have company." Cheng immediately said happily.

Ling wennuan stood beside and sniggered, but mu Weicheng smiled nervously and heartily: "yes, she will probably have to bother you and your aunt a lot when she lives here."

"Don't worry, children, there are guests at home." Cheng Lao said, he went out very wisely: "you organize first, I'll make a pot of tea."