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Tang You You stared at his expression for a long time, but was unable to find any flaws, so she could only give up: "It's nothing, do we have to leave so early?"

"Yes!" "Let's go!" Ji Xiao Han suddenly held her hands tightly.

When Tang You You came back to her senses, she realized that her hair had not been combed, and her clothes had not been changed. Even her shoes were still at home, let alone her bag.

Ji Xiao Han nodded, his gaze stopped at her face: "I see that you only have a few sets of clothes left and right. You are my girlfriend now, how can I let you wear such shabby clothes?"

"I don't need you to buy it for me, I can do it myself …"

"You're not allowed to be polite with me!"

The man said in a domineering tone.

Tang You You felt that sometimes, Ji Xiao Han was like a demon, sometimes he was actually like an angel.

"I'm not being polite with you. I'm not used to using other people's money. I'm afraid of owing you a favor." Tang You You mocked.

"Am I someone else to you?" Ji Xiao Han unhappily raised his eyebrow: "Firstly, I am your child's father, secondly, I am your boyfriend. Just with these two identities, it is enough for me to do anything for you.

"Ji Xiao Han, why are you suddenly so good to me?" Tang You You was shocked, he felt that a happiness had come too suddenly, and she was powerless to resist it.

"There's no why!" I should be more nice to you. You raised two children for me, and I owe you something that I can't repay with my body. " Ji Xiao Han's words were considered to be sincere, but after a few sentences, it turned out to not be serious.

Tang You You was really choked, and her face immediately flushed red: What nonsense are you saying, I do not need you to repay me with your body, the children are also my own, I treat them well, raising them is my duty, even if it is not for you …

"I know that the love that parents have for their children is selfless. However, I still feel that I owe you." After experiencing the hardships of bringing children, Ji Xiao Han could no longer speak big words.

At first, when he knew he had two children, his first thought was to snatch them away.

Only now did he realize that simply snatching them over would not be enough. The child had his own thoughts on his own actions, and snatching them over was one thing, but how to educate them well was another matter altogether.

As Ji Xiao Han was a new father, he could deeply feel that the amount of time and companionship a child needed, was definitely a test of every parent's endurance.

The man's words made Tang You You not know how to reply for a while.

His heart was in chaos!

"I hope you can give me a chance." Seeing that she was silent, Ji Xiao Han turned his gaze to the window, his voice low and firm, filled with sincerity.

After Tang You You heard his ambiguous words, she became even more confused. After a few seconds of silence, she replied, "Alright, if you really want to repay me, then treat the children better."

Ji Xiao Han's eyes darkened slightly. This woman clearly understood what he meant, but she took his child as an excuse to avoid the issue.

Was this considered rejecting him?

"Of course, I will be twice as good to the children, and so will you." Ji Xiao Han chuckled.

Tang You You's heart trembled, and did not reply to his words.

Previously, he thought Ji Xiao Han was hateful, but now, he felt that he was not that annoying anymore.

At the very least, he was a very qualified father. The children must be happy and happy to grow up in his company.

Now, he was not only a tall and mighty father, but also a charming male god.

Tang You You secretly heaved a sigh of relief, facing Ji Xiao Han's attack that seemed to have no effect at all, she was truly powerless to defend.

Just that, she still did not believe that Ji Xiao Han would have that kind of thought towards her. Perhaps, it was just as he said, he just felt that he owed her and wanted to repay her.

The underground parking lot of the central shopping mall!

Ji Xiao Han said in a low voice: "Let's go and pick out a few sets of clothes first."

Tang You You did not oppose his idea anymore, and quietly followed him out of the car, into the elevator.

This time, Ji Xiao Han did not let his bodyguard follow him upstairs. Actually, the reason he kept bringing his bodyguard was just to protect his safety and travel.

But in truth, if he walked in the crowd, everyone would only feel that he was handsome, his figure was good, and his temperament was out of the group like some Big Star, but ordinary people would very rarely know his true identity.

In the past, he would never accompany a woman in a shopping mall because no woman was worth it.

Tang Xue Rou had actually made a few suggestions before, but they were all coldly rejected by him.

Today, however, he was willing to let go of his status and accompany Tang You You shopping.

Tang You You stood by his side. His tall and big stature, further accentuated her petite and slender figure.

Standing next to him, she was only 1.63m tall. She was truly petite.

In addition to her slender and delicate figure, the contrast was even more intense.

Ji Xiao Han's gaze fell on her body, and seeing her lowered head, he seemed to become nervous.

"What's wrong?" Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but ask her.

"I've never been to such an expensive place." Tang You You spoke the truth.

Indeed, although she had studied design, she had barely ever set foot in such a high-end shopping mall.

"I've never been here either!" Unexpectedly, the man beside her also said something that surprised her.

"I don't believe it!"

Ji Xiao Han's expression tightened, "Why not? Do you suspect that I have been here with other women? "

"I didn't!" Tang You You felt that he was disgusted with himself.

Ji Xiao Han: "...!"

He had always wondered who his son had inherited this weird spirit from. Now, it seemed that it had been passed on to her.