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C921 the only light

The old man called Ji Xiaohan up, but also just explained some things about his wedding. When the old man was healthy, he would call to ask about the company. Now, he just let go, so he didn't ask about Ji Xiaohan.

Ji Xiaohan listens to Grandpa's advice carefully and hopes grandpa can get better soon. "

call yunning back. Last time I heard from Ji Lin, I left her alone abroad. She must be alone. It's just your happy event. Call her back for a drink. It's a family!" The old man suddenly opens his mouth, maybe he is old and forgets things, but once he thinks of a person, he will miss him very much.

The old man's love for Ji yunning satisfied some of his dreams for his little granddaughter. "

OK, I'll call her. Grandpa, don't worry about it!" Think of Ji yunning, season owl cold mouth answer, but in the heart is a cold meaning. "

well, go ahead and let her come back. Grandpa also wants to see her!" The old man raised his hand and asked him to call. Season

Xiao Han left grandpa's door and stood in the corridor, feeling a little upset.

With his hands on the guardrail, after thinking for a moment, he took out his mobile phone and prepared to call Ji yunning.

If grandpa didn't think of her, Ji Xiaohan would never call her again. At the moment, Ji yunning, who received the call from Ji Xiaohan, just came out of the hotel and lost his soul.

She drew a large and heavy make-up to cover up her pale face. Her red lips were like blood. If it wasn't for her delicate and beautiful facial features, this kind of modeling would definitely scare people to death. It's like a vampire with a soul drawn. A man on the side of the road sees her whistling. Yunning hears her mobile phone ring, her face moves, and a cold smile rises from the corner of her mouth.

I'm afraid Ji Lin will ask her about her performance today.

Today, she is very good, obedient and gentle. Men like her very much. She also awarded her a sports car worth more than 5 million yuan. She also said that she would be given a villa, shares of her company, and a wife. All the sweet words were told to her. But

Yes, every time she hears a word, her heart is like being twisted with a knife and her heart is dripping with blood. Ji

Yun ningjue is really a born actress. She has been acting since she was a child. In front of Ji Xiaohan, she is extraordinarily pure and innocent. In front of Ji Lin, she is a smart and loyal daughter. Now, in front of the old man, she is a charm demon. Man's physical strength is really bad. Ji yunning can hardly handle it.

Take out her mobile phone and take a look. When she saw the name that would hardly appear on her screen, she was totally stunned. She looked at it straight, carefully, for fear that she might see it wrong. But her eyes are not shining. It's the phone call from Ji Xiaohan. Yun Ning took a deep breath and thought, is Ji Xiaohan here to ask for help?

No matter what the reason is, Ji yunning immediately answers the question. Whether it's a crime or a sneer, she just wants to hear his voice. Even a word or a breath is a salvation for her.

"Hello, brother Xiaohan!" Her voice, changed very light, she originally wanted to laugh, but, she was sad, unable to laugh. "

I'll get married tomorrow. Would you like to come back to my wedding?" Ji Xiaohan's voice, still low magnetic, is the best male voice, and she is familiar with it.

Ji yunning's whole body is like a whip. Her brain is blank. Yes, she almost forgot that he is going to marry Tang youyou tomorrow.

"OK Well, I'm going back. I'm going to drink your wedding wine! " Ji yunning didn't dare to go back to China before, because she was afraid, but now, she is eager to go back, want to see him, life and death have been far away.

"What's the matter with you? Is something wrong? " Ji Xiaohan heard her voice trembling and asked casually.

His concern, inexplicably, made Ji yunning cry like a child suffering from grievances. He choked up in an instant: "I'm ok, brother Xiaohan, I am I miss you, Grandpa and grandma! "

"Then you can come back and see them!" Season owl cold light said. "

brother Xiaohan, I'm going back this time. I have something to say to you. Can you give me a chance?" Ji yunning opens his mouth uneasily.

Season owl cold voice: "if still before those words, I advise you don't have to say, I have a wife now, inconvenient to listen to you say those words again." "

No, don't say those words. It's not convenient now when I go back!" Ji yunning is afraid that her mobile phone will be monitored, so she dare not speak too thoroughly now. "

well! Hang up! " Ji Xiaohan doesn't pay attention to the expectation in her tone, and then hangs up.

Ji yunning holds his cell phone tightly and stands in the sun for a long time. The cold wind just blew on his face seems not so cold now. Ji yunning holds himself tightly and pulls up a smile of self mockery from the corner of his mouth.

After Ji Xiaohan hangs up the phone, his eyes are heavy. What trick does Ji yunning want to play?

However, no matter how she plays, Ji Xiaohan is not afraid of her. This woman has only a little greed and ambition in addition to a little smart and small means.

Ji Xiaohan goes downstairs and goes back to his bedroom. He sees that Tang youyou is talking to someone on the phone, listening to the voice, like talking to her Aunt Liu Xi. Xiao Han didn't disturb her, so she turned around and went to play with her son. Season

the older Xiao Rui grows up, the more he has the potential of a good baby. Now he loves to study the things he is interested in. He is not as fond of playing as he was when he was a child. Now all the things he plays are purposeful to understand.

"Daddy!" Looking up to see the man, the little guy started to smile.

Ji Xiaohan sat down beside him, his deep eyes full of love looking at his son. "

son, your mommy and I are going to have a real success. Are you happy?" It's the daughter who has been shouting all the time. She hasn't asked her son how he feels. Ji Xiaohan is talking to her son now, so she should take it seriously. "

very happy, I am looking forward to tomorrow!" The little guy stopped what he was doing and raised his head. His big black eyes answered with a smile. Season

Xiao Han reached out and touched his son's neat short hair, which was deliberately scratched. "Daddy, what are you doing?" he said "

it's nothing, daddy is aware of it. You seem to have grown up recently!" "

that's bullshit. Otherwise, where have I eaten so many things a day?" The little guy whined. Season

the owl turned over and kissed her son's little face with thin lips. The little guy immediately wiped it and said, "Daddy, I'm so big, don't kiss!"

Ji Xiaohan: "..."