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LAN Yanxi's action of biting the apple is sluggish, and her beautiful eyes are staring at the man on the opposite balcony.

Ling Mo Feng didn't say anything to her. He just pressed the cigarette in his hand into the ashtray beside him. Then, he didn't look at her any more, opened the balcony door and entered his bedroom. Blue

Yan Xi's beautiful eyes opened wide, and suddenly she felt embarrassed.

Ling Mo Feng didn't even say hello to her, was she really angry?

LAN Yanxi can't help pulling out the long hair that falls on his eyes, which reminds him that he is still a ghost. No wonder Ling Mo Feng doesn't want to care about himself. Blue

Yan Xi hurriedly ran into the bathroom and saw that the person in the mirror was impersonal and ghostly. She turned over her white eyes. Then she ran out and took a bottle of potion. The tattoo on her body could be washed with potion. She originally wanted to have a real tattoo, but later she was really afraid of pain. At last, she only used stickers to stick the tattoo on her skin It looks like it's tattooed, but actually it can be washed clean. Her hair also rolls out big waves at one time. There's no exaggeration in the daytime at the moment, and it's loose and drooping on her shoulder. "

heart tired!" LAN Yanxi rubbed the lotion on the tattoo and scrubbed it vigorously.

I didn't expect that I was in vain. Ling Mo Feng was not frightened by her at all.

That man's concentration is really good. He is neither angry nor disgusted. How to treat her. No, just now, blue Yanxi was hit by the man's cold figure. She thought Ling Mo Feng was a man and would take the initiative, but now it seems that she thought too much, maybe Ling Mo Feng didn't want to marry her at all.

If so, how do you understand what he said at the dinner table? He said that if he married her, he would let himself fall in love with her and would not fall in love with other women. Can he really do what he said? It seems to be a very difficult challenge to force yourself to love someone you don't love.

LAN Yanxi tossed to more than 12 o'clock in the evening, and finally recovered her original appearance. She was tired and paralyzed, lying on the bed directly, and fell asleep in a trance.

The next morning, lanyanxi heard someone knock on the door. She sat up and gathered her pajamas tightly. She went to the door and opened it. Standing outside the door was a woman in professional dress who politely said to her, "Miss LAN, Mr. Ling asked you to use breakfast!"

"Oh, thank you. I'll clear it up and go!" LAN Yanxi nodded to her and said, looking at the time.

Six thirty in the morning?

"I'll go. What kind of biological clock is it? I got up so early?" LAN Yanxi's hair is long. She really can't match his outrageous schedule.

Since he woke up, LAN Yanxi changed a suit of clothes quickly, washed and washed, and stood in front of Ling Mo Feng with a clean face. Ling

Mo Feng raised his eyes and looked at her. He saw that she was still playing haha. He was obviously short of sleep. "

in the future, your work and rest time should be adjusted. Go to bed early and get up early!" The man speaks in a low voice. Although it's not like an order, it's also full of authority.

"Why? I've been sleeping late and getting up late! " LAN Yanxi said cheekily. "

if we really want to get married, we need to cooperate with my work and rest time. My work needs brain power. I need to have a good rest to keep my energy. You start to get used to it now, so you can't adjust when you can." Ling Mo Feng said in a low voice.

"Why do I cooperate with you, not you? It's not fair. " Lanyanxi was immediately dissatisfied with the protest.

Ling Mo Feng's brow slightly twisted: "if you don't want to, then I can't help but strengthen you."

LAN Yanxi found that this man seemed to be domineering, but in fact, he was cold and light. He didn't force her, which also meant that in his eyes, she was just a stranger. "

well, it's good for you to go to bed and get up early. Since I promised to stay with you for three months, I'd better listen to you." Lanyanxi sat opposite him and took a piece of bread and began to nibble.

She only bent her head to eat, and did not find that the handsome face of the man eased down, and the corner of her mouth raised a helpless smile.

"Are you full today? Can I go out and play? " LAN Yanxi has no clothes to change and wants to go shopping.

"Make your own decision, I will not limit your freedom!" Ling Mo Feng raised his eyes and looked at her. He said softly. "

Oh, can I borrow your car? I want to go out alone? " LAN Yanxi made another request. She found that she couldn't be polite to Ling Mo Feng. "

OK, I'll ask the deputy to give you a car. Your own idea is safe!" Ling Mo Feng is very easy to discuss. He basically meets her requirements.

"Thank you!" Said LAN Yanxi in a low voice. Ling

Mo Feng didn't say anything more. He finished his coffee, got up, reached for his suit button, and whispered, "I may come back later. If you come back for dinner at night, go to the housekeeper outside, and she will arrange everything for you!" "

OK!" LAN Yanxi nodded.

When Ling Mo Feng left, he couldn't help looking at her deeply. Good LAN Yanxi also looked up at him, and the two met by chance. "

you Why are you staring at me like this? " LAN Yanxi suddenly got nervous. Ling

Mo Feng's thin lips are slightly raised: "you are still better looking!"

LAN Yanxi's pretty face suddenly became hot, and the man even praised her.

The mouth is really sweet, no wonder it will attract so many women crazy infatuated with him. LAN Yanxi left the corners of his mouth, and finally found the reason why he was popular. After Ling

Mo Feng left, LAN Yanxi quickly finished her breakfast, and Ling's deputy gave her a car key. Blue

Yan Xi went to the door and saw that it was a red car. Blue Yan was stunned. Ling

Where did Mo Feng get a red car for her?

However, lanyanxi is very happy. She drives her car and goes straight to the city. As a young lady of the blue family, LAN Yanxi will not be short of money. After cleaning up the shopping mall, she left with a bag of loot. No, she didn't go back to her apartment directly. Instead, she called Tang youyou. When she learned about the hotel she stayed in, she went straight to find her. Fortunately,

good Tang youyou didn't have a course in the afternoon and was working in the hotel. When LAN Yanxi went to find her, she was stopped by her bodyguard and explained her intention before she was put in. "

Miss blue, how can you come here?" Tang youyou was deeply impressed by the girl, and asked her with a smile. "

I'm here to thank you. This is a small gift I bought. I hope you can accept it!" LAN Yanxi hands over the exquisite shopping bag.