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Daddy, do you want a guard?

Although Tang Xue Rou was already shocked by the news, she still felt that she was missing something.

When Little Li saw that the main topic had arrived, she quickly smiled and said, "Xue Rou, you know the rules of the circle. With such big news, you might have to spend some money to buy it."

"I really didn't expect you to be so brave to actually have secretly given birth to a daughter. A wall that doesn't have any limits in the world, a lowly woman like you shouldn't be doted upon by Ji Xiao Han. I will definitely let you die an extremely ugly death." After Tang Xue Rou finished speaking with cold hatred, she started to decide how she would use these few photos to take revenge on Tang You You.

At this moment, Tang You You was in her private room, talking about work matters with her foster mother while feeding her daughter. She was completely unaware of what was about to happen.

Under the night sky!

When Ji Xiao Han returned home, he saw that the living room was empty and an indescribable feeling of loss overcame him, causing him to feel an indescribable loneliness.

It wasn't really a good feeling when the children weren't home.

"Young Master, little Young Master is playing upstairs." Uncle Yuan hurried over when he saw him.

Ji Xiao Han was slightly stunned: "Xiao Rui is still at home? Didn't he go out to dinner? "

Ji Xiao Han nodded, with heavy steps, he walked up the stairs.

Inside the Toy Room, Tang Xiao Rui was fiddling with his model robots. When he saw Ji Xiao Han coming in, he shouted "Daddy".

Ji Xiao Han took off the suit jacket, with a black shirt at the bottom. At that moment, he sat on the ground, watching his son play with the robots.

"Daddy, do you have something on your mind?" Tang Xiao Rui lifted his head to look at him, and he discovered that there was something wrong with his mood today.

Ji Xiao Han acknowledged.

"Who told you to be in such a bad mood!?" Tang Xiao Rui was very curious. Of course, he had to ask clearly, just in case it wasn't Mummy …

"Other than your Mummy, who else can it be?" In front of his son, Ji Xiao Han had completely let go of his proud pride, and had also let go of his noble figure.

Tang Xiao Rui was instantly overjoyed and laughed, "Daddy, you're missing Mummy!"

"Why didn't you go out to eat with your Mummy?" Ji Xiao Han asked instead of answering.

Isn't this nonsense? He had already written all of his thoughts onto his face. This little fellow was also a little scoundrel, how could he not understand?

Tang Xiao Rui disdainfully curled his lips: "I won't get involved with matters between women!"

Ji Xiao Han could not help but be amused by his words: "Seems like, you have a personality similar to me! I also don't like gossipy women the most. "

Tang Xiao Rui pursed his lips: "Daddy, in the future, will you ask me to change my surname with Xiao Nai? with your surname Ji. "

Ji Xiao Han was slightly startled, he had never thought about this topic before, and of course, he had no time to think about it.

During this period of time, his life was going up and down, and he felt that every day passed by very quickly.

"Can't you have a last name with me? And that's the surname that you despise your father! " Ji Xiao Han asked with a faint smile.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately tilted his head and thought: "Then I'll be called Ji Xiao Rui in the future, and the idiot Xiao Nai will be called Ji Xiao Nai, it's really unpleasant to the ears, I don't want that …"

Ji Xiao Han looked at the sky speechlessly, he had never before wanted to take this surname seriously, but now, his own son actually said that this surname was unpleasant to listen to, it was truly the tempo of wanting to cry but having no tears at all.

"Xiao Rui and Xiao Nai can be used as your little names. Daddy will give you two an even better name, but to be honest, why were you so casual when I, the Mummy, was giving you two a name? Does anyone else use the word 'small' now? " Ji Xiao Han felt that his son loathed the sound of names, but in the end, Tang You You was the one who randomly picked names, if not, it would not sound so bad.

Tang Xiao Rui shrugged his shoulders: "I don't know either, my Mummy said that when Xiao Nai and I were just born, we were very young, so she gave each of us a small word, and then she hoped that I would be smart and smart, and took away Rui. As for why Xiao Nai the idiot was called Xiao Nai, I'm not sure, but Mummy's thoughts are always weirder than others."

When Ji Xiao Han heard the little fellow's mumbling sounds, he couldn't help but raise his lips and laugh, "If your Mummy were to hear how you insulted her, she would definitely be angry again."

Tang Xiao Rui immediately stuck out his tongue: "You better not go and complain to my Mummy, otherwise, she'll definitely scold me again!"

"Don't worry, this is a conversation between two men. I definitely won't say a single word." Ji Xiao Han said in an extremely forceful manner.

Only now did Tang Xiao Rui calm down, and he looked at his father with his big, black eyes that circled his face: "Daddy, if you wish for my Mummy to come back soon, then you should call her. Just say you miss her, she will definitely come back early."

"Can you really say that? I'm afraid I don't care at all. " Ji Xiao Han felt that the ideas his son gave him all had other intentions.

Tang Xiao Rui grinned: "If Mummy doesn't care about how you miss her, then let me say it again, Mummy definitely cares about me."

Ji Xiao Han realized that he was indeed about to be tricked by the little fellow. He touched the little guy's head and said, "It's about time we go downstairs. It's time to eat dinner."

"Got it!" Tang Xiao Rui watched as his father got up and left, wondering if his father would call the Mummy.

Ji Xiao Han returned to his room and took out his phone. Looking at the time, the mother and daughter should still be eating at this hour.

Forget it, it was best to endure it. Otherwise, Tang You You would think that he was investigating the sentry again.