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C1268. I'sm full of jealousy

Lingmo Feng came out of the door. He looked at lanyanxi casually. He saw that she was wearing a black and white business suit, with a delicate body, standing straight, and slightly looking down at the ground. She had a smart and business expression.

"Keep up!" In the voice of the adjutant, LAN Yanxi raised her eyes again and saw Ling Moheng and other people walking along the corridor.

Ling Mo Feng took off the coat of Nizi's coat. Now he is wearing a black suit. LAN Yanxi looks at the suit on his body carefully. His heart vibrates. Wow, vice president finally put on the clothes she bought for him. This mood is really good.

Yang He's eyes seem to be attentive, but people and things around her can't enter her world completely. Her eyes have been looking at the broad and solid back of the man in front of her. She feels that she is really in love with him. A person is infatuated with love and completely immersed in this beautiful secret love. Blue

Yanxi and Yang he walk side by side, because just now he has a little more thought in the car. At this moment, blue Yanxi can't help but glance at Yang He's face and see Yang He is staring at Ling Mo Feng's back. LAN

Yan Xi is surprised. As a woman, she seems to understand the full affection in Yang He's eyes. What should she do? Yang

he is the only friend she has made in the general office. Other girls, because of her good family background, will compare with her intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, LAN Yanxi owes Yang he a favor and Yang He is also good to her, so she will regard her as the only friend. Now, no matter at work or at noon, she goes to the canteen for dinner, and the two go together. Only


God, who will tell her what to do now? Is it possible for a good friend to fall in love with his fiance? Just thinking about it, I shiver like an icehouse. "

Yang He, be careful of the steps!" LAN Yan hopes to see Yang He's paying too much attention to her, and quickly reminds her.

Yang he found that she was about to go up three steps. She lowered her head with a blush.

When LAN Yanxi and Yang he were worried about each other, suddenly, a group of people stood in front of them, led by a young and elegant woman, with her plain makeup, black waist long straight hair, a black tight dress, and a cream white shawl, which was full of women's breath, making a group of women at the scene look at the past with thorns.

Such a charming woman is the public enemy of all women. Even lanyanxi's beautiful eyes can't help squinting. However, what she is looking at is not the beautiful fan, but Ling Mo Feng standing in front of the fans, shaking hands with a group of famous Chinese painting artists.

"One second, one second, one second, two seconds..." LAN Yanxi didn't know where the boring force came from. She counted the time when Ling Mo Feng shook hands with those people. Obviously, what he shook with the old man and the old woman was released in one second, but when he shook hands with the beautiful fan, it was two seconds? I'll go! Blue

Yanxi baby's beautiful eyes are staring straight, and a bad mood goes straight to her head. You're good at Ling Mo Feng, so the beauty still has special treatment. Let's see how she can deal with him when she goes back. Ling

Mo Feng felt a bunch of hostile eyes behind him. He slightly glanced at his eyes, wondering if it was his illusion or

In fact, it's not that Ling Mo Feng is really special to beautiful women, but when he shakes hands with Wan Qianqian, the woman is very excited and takes the initiative to shake him for a while. As a man, Ling Mo Feng can't get rid of her hand directly. He is a kind and friendly leader.

Yang He looks at Wan Qianqian as if he had been poisoned. He looks at Wan Qianqian with anger and resentment. He secretly scolds him. He is a coquette. He intentionally dresses like this. Does he want to seduce the vice president? It's shameless.

Wan Qianqian looks at Ling Mo Feng with a smile and ignores the envious eyes around her. She whispers, "we are very honored to have Mr. vice president come to the exhibition. We are so proud to have a poor painting. Please recommend it to Mr. vice president." "

Miss Wan is very kind. You honor your country. This is not only your own honor, but also our country's treasure. I hope you can continue to advance in this career and make greater achievements." Ling Mo Feng and WAN Qian Qian are communicating in a public way. Wan

as the commentator accompanying Mr. vice president to the exhibition, Qian Qian naturally stood on his side and gave a general explanation of each work. As they walked forward, they explained. The air around was quiet. The only thing they could hear was Wan Qian's clear and pleasant voice full of feminine breath. Yang

he's got a livid face and looks at Wan Qianqian with disgust. Seeing that she is always inadvertently going to lift her hair on her shoulder, Yang he scolds her in his heart.

LAN Yanxi's pretty face is also a little ugly. Alas, Ling Mo Feng must have deliberately arranged for her to follow her and be abused. He said that he would like to enjoy the famous national products and masterpieces, but at present, he just chatted with that woman. Although it's his business, why did he call her to see it?

It's strange that she's in a good mood. Ling

Mo Feng seems to listen to Wan Qianqian carefully about the meaning of each painting. However, his eyes are still looking at the girl who is occasionally stupefied, intentionally or unconsciously.

Ling Mo Feng also felt that this trip was not properly arranged. He was actually kind, but he didn't know that he would be accompanied by such a young and beautiful woman. Was that little woman jealous?

It's been half an hour since I visited all the exhibitions. Of course, I've seen it roughly, but I haven't tasted it carefully. Wan Qianqian explained her professional knowledge along the way, with beautiful voice lines, smiling like flowers, and a group of men who followed me to enjoy it were crazy about her.

"Mr. President, we are ready for tea break. Why don't we sit down and talk in it?" Wan Qianqian doesn't have a hint of glamour. She speaks and talks in a big way. It's just because of her good temperament and cultivation that she can attract the vice president's attention more. Blue

Yan xijue's own aura is full of Qi. Alas, it's hard to be a jealous woman. Ling

Mo Feng really wants to explain to LAN Yanxi. However, in front of many people, he is not easy to walk over and chat with her alone. Therefore, under the calm and calm appearance of the vice president, he is in a hurry. Vice president and WAN Qianqian are sitting inside, while LAN Yanxi, Yang He and other staff are sitting outside in the living room.

Yang He's eyes go to the inner hall from time to time, but he can't see or hear anything. "

LAN Yanxi, Miss Wan has some paintings to give to Mr. vice president. Come and pick them up with me!" The adjutant came out and said in a businesslike way.

"OK!" LAN Yanxi is such a job again. She can't even laugh. Let

she go to get the things that other women gave him. The torture is not over.

Yang He secretly rejoiced that she didn't call herself. If she went to get the painting and left first by car, how could she continue to follow the vice president? Blue

Yan Xi obediently followed the adjutant, circled countless corridors, and took the elevator to the second floor. Blue Yan Xi was angry.

"Miss LAN, sir, come here in a moment. You can sit in first!" When the adjutant saw that there was no one around, he said to her in a gentle voice. "

ah He's coming? " LAN Yanxi's face was full of surprise. "

Yes, Miss blue, please wait a moment!" The adjutant finished and closed the door. LAN

Yan Xi is walking back and forth nervously in it. Ling Mo Feng can find time to meet her alone. Good. Let's see how she questions him. A few minutes later, the door opened again, and Ling Mo Feng's tall figure really appeared at the door.

"You You still have the face to see me? " Lanyanxi immediately put one hand in his waist and put on the role of a real girlfriend. "

Yan Xi, what's the matter? Don't want to see me? " Ling Mo Feng's thin lips are full of smile, and his voice is as warm as spring, which makes people want to be angry.

"Didn't you see it just now? How elegant Mr. vice president is! " Lanyanxi is full of angry words. "

OK, I only have five minutes. Would you like to fight with me, too?" Ling Mo Feng asked wrongly. LAN

once Yan Xi heard it for only five minutes, without saying a word, he turned around and rushed to him. That active and enthusiastic energy scared Ling Mo Feng.