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C1236 I want to see my parents

Ling Mo Feng is a man who is introverted in emotion. Although many young girls and children have expressed their love for him since childhood, they want to hear an expression of affection from his mouth, but it's almost never done before. He is not good at expressing his love and is more afraid of rejection. Now, the existence of blue Yan Xi seems to be an attractive hook, which points out the deep buried in the heart of the man Some gentle words. "

order!" Ling Mo Feng saw that the girl's cheeks were blushing, and he was a little embarrassed, so he quickly showed her the menu. Blue

Yan Xi chuckled and picked his favorite dish. Click

single, the atmosphere suddenly becomes dull, each other's eyes are afraid to communicate, shy. "

that Did you just break your lips? There seems to be some blood! " Lanyanxi secretly looked at him for several times, and finally found that his lips seemed to be a little skin broken, a little dry blood. Although it's hard to find it without looking carefully, since she found it, she naturally felt guilty.

"Nothing, no pain!" Ling Mo Feng shook his head and replied softly. "

next time you Don't make me angry. I'm crazy. I'm afraid of myself! " Lanyanxi jokingly reminded him. "

yes? Can you still eat people? " Ling Mo Feng immediately humorously answered, which broke the dull atmosphere. "

maybe!" Lanyanxi reached out his two claws and made a movement to catch him.

Ling Mo Feng feels that she is very cute. She is really like a kitten who can show her teeth and claws. It makes people love and hate her. "

Yan Xi, I will be obedient in the future and will not make you angry any more." Ling Mo Feng felt that her bright and clear eyes made him reluctant to provoke her again.

LAN Yanxi can't believe his ears. Is that what vice president Ling Mo Feng said? be good? This is what the owner asked the pet to do. Why is this man still using it on himself? Do you know that his saying this will increase her sense of evil?

"Ling Mo Feng, it's easy for you to offend people. You can only say to me in the future. You can't let other women hear you, understand?" LAN Yanxi immediately went to the back of the movie, put on a score and took out the Queen's momentum to conquer him completely. Ling

Mo Fengjun's eyes are stunned and speechless.

When the dishes were served, Ling Mo Feng's mobile phone rang at this time. He took a look and whispered, "I'll take a call. You eat first!" "

OK!" LAN Yan wants to nod his head. Only

Yes, LAN Yanxi pricked up his ears and listened to him go to the next balcony to answer the phone. The first word he said was "Mom!"

LAN Yanxi listened to the word vaguely and trembled a little. Ling Mo Feng's mother looked for him. Should she ask to see his parents? Ling

Mo Feng whispered a few words and sat down with his mobile phone in his hand. "

my mother said she would like to see you at home tomorrow evening!" Ling Mo Feng said as light as the clouds. "

ah!" LAN Yanxi could not grasp the chopsticks stably, and her face was full of nervousness: "your mother wants to see me? What if she doesn't like me? "

Ling Mo Feng heard that she even asked, and he was in a good mood. He laughed: "aren't you very confident about yourself? Why are you afraid? "

"Because I didn't know how to please my elders since I was a child. I'm famous for being dumb at home!" LAN Yanxi is really afraid to meet his elders. He feels that he will be very magnanimous, but the elders generally like girls who are knowledgeable and generous. "

it's OK. I'm everything!" Ling Mo Feng reached out and patted her gently on the shoulder.

LAN Yanxi smirked twice: "if your mother didn't see me, would you give me up?" "

my mother's vision is worse than mine. She will like you!" Ling Mo Feng comforted her with a smile.

"What?" Lanyanxi heard the teasing of his words, and he could not help staring at him with his lips full of resentment. Ling

Mo Feng laughs again. Suddenly, he finds that with this woman, his smile is much more obvious. Moreover, his mood has been overstocked for a day, which makes him relaxed. This woman is his medicine. Fang had tried many ways to find out, and finally let him vaguely guess who was tripping him.

"Luo Jinyu?" Fang Yang gritted his teeth angrily.

He must be revenging for Yang ChuChu's mother and daughter. Fang Yang slapped it on the table again with one hand. His eyes were dark and he looked more ferocious because of the burning for days. Even if I help him, I will stop him from climbing. Can Cheng Ying's mother and daughter ask him to do so?

Fang Yang is not at the right moment in his mind. He will naturally think about the worst result. It seems that it is impossible for him to stand in Ling Mo Feng's team. Moreover, his hope of going up to another floor is completely destroyed.

Is that the way he is? Fang is not willing. He must reason with Cheng Ying.

So he made a direct call to Cheng Ying. Cheng

Ying answers, and Fang Yang angrily asks, "Cheng Ying, you've been saying to me that you've let go, and that as long as I don't find Chu, I won't owe you, but why are you targeting me now?"

Cheng Ying couldn't understand what he was talking about. He said coldly, "Fang Yang, if you want to go crazy, you shouldn't go to me. If you want to complain, go to your wife."

"Did you let Luo Jinyu do this? I said, I begged for help everywhere. It turned out that you were making trouble behind my back. Are you revenging me? " Fang Yang's words are sharp and extreme at the moment, full of anger.

Cheng Ying has long known his purpose of climbing up. At this moment, hearing this, he also understood his meaning: "you can't sit in the position of mayor, are you blaming me? Fang Yang, I've told you for a long time that it's shameless for you to borrow a woman to be superior. Now you don't even help you. Who else can you blame? "

"Are you satirizing me?" Fang Yangqi trembled all over. He hated people saying that he was on the top of women, because it was a fact and his disgraceful behavior, and naturally he didn't want to hear it.

"I'm talking about facts, but you're saying it's satire. Who in the world is guilty?" Cheng Ying sneers. "

Cheng Ying, if you love each other at all, can't you let me go? Why should Luo Jinyu do this? You really found a good son-in-law. " Fang Yang knows that he can't help Cheng Ying, so he has to lower his voice to beg her.

"I didn't ask him to do it, but if he's willing to help me teach you a lesson, I'm happy to see it!" Cheng Ying finished and hung up. Fang angrily throws his mobile phone on the table. He can't let people look down on him so much. He wants to resist. Fang seldom has some backbone, but soon, what's wrong with him, because who can he resist? At home, he tries to be an example of a good husband. At work, he tries to be an example of a good leader. In his whole life, he is acting like a good man.

"Is this the end of my life?" Fang Yang looks out of the window in despair. The setting sun under the sunset has only a light afterglow. He can't even give people a little warmth. It's like him. His light is only so dim. There is no hope.

When Fang yangjue was hopeless, the door of his office was suddenly pushed open, and a woman came in with great strength. It's his wife, Liu Lan! She threw her expensive handbag on his desk: "I heard that you have been going around to please the Ling's faction recently. Do you have to explain?"

"Xiaolan, who are you listening to? Where am I going to do this? " Fang Yang saw this strong wife, and immediately went to appease her with a smile. "

give me less of this. If I don't have evidence, I won't come to you. Fang Yang, we've been married for so many years. You've been supporting my father. You know the relationship between my father and the old president. Where do you leave our Liu family?" Liu Lan slaps her hand heavily on the table, and her well maintained face is full of rage. Fang was in a bad mood. Suddenly, his wife taught him a lesson in front of him. Suddenly, he got angry and said in a very heavy voice, "is your father confused? Can't he see what the people want? The old president has been in this position for several years. He has done nothing. The people's livelihood has been resentful for a long time, so he should have stepped down. Now everyone supports a capable leader. Ling Mo Feng has the highest voice. If I don't choose him, will I be doomed? "

"How dare you scold my father?" Liu Lan's face was shocked and angry, because from the time of marriage to now, Fang Yang was a good husband, a good son-in-law and a good temper, which was the first time that he was furious.