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In the night, there are countless secrets hidden, and those secrets, which make people break blood for their heads, only to solve.

Ling warm heart of the secret said out, Mu Wei Cheng's secret is also about to hide.

When he flipped a dish in the pot, he left his mind, and suddenly came the smell of burning incense. Ling warm nose was very smart. After smelling the danger, she rushed into the kitchen immediately, and saw the man standing on the stage with one hand, staring at the pot, but without any action.

"Hello, Mu Weicheng, your things are burnt." Ling warm ran in and said in a hurry.

Only then did Mu Weicheng find that he had scorched a bowl of vegetables. He quickly turned off the fire, and Jun's face flashed over with embarrassment.

Just now I said that I can cook, but now I have burnt the food, which is really a bit shameful.

Ling wennuan came to him and looked at him to deal with all this quickly. He smiled and asked, "what are you doing? They don't cook well. "

Mu Weicheng wants to refute, but finds himself speechless, so he has to clean the pot in silence.

"Is that what I said just now, which makes people unhappy?" Ling wennuan asked nervously.

"No!" Murmured mu.

Ling wennuan's nervousness was relieved, and then he whispered, "are you not in the state of cooking? Otherwise, let's eat out. There must be a restaurant nearby. "

Mu Weicheng looks at her from the side of his eyes. Suddenly, his tall body bullies him and forces Ling warm to the side of the wall arm.

Ling wennuan didn't expect that he would suddenly force over. She didn't even have time to reflect. She hit her back against the side wall arm. A big hand stuck behind her head, blocking her impact.

The handsome face of the man is close to her, and the breath almost sprays on her face. Ling's warm breath stops in a moment. A pair of clear eyes open to look at the face of the man near, and the brain is blank.

Mu Weicheng's dark eyes were tightly fixed on her, and the dark light at the bottom of her eyes flickered, as if to carve her beautiful little face into his bone marrow. He didn't move closer, so he looked at her so closely.

Ling wennuan is a little alarmed. When she is nervous, she will bite her lips and swallow her saliva again. So, this time, she subconsciously bit her lower lip. However, when she was bitten and released again, the color of the pink petals directly hit the brain nerves of men.

Mu's breath was a little short. He suddenly came close. His thin lips almost touched her soft lips.

Ling wennuan closes her eyes, waiting for him to kiss her nervously and expectantly.

Unfortunately, the man stopped again, as if something was dragging his intellect and willpower, making him afraid to kiss her.

At last, Ling warm felt that the weight on her body disappeared, and the man left her like this.

Ling warm brain back to oxygen, but, but some of the slow turn can not bend, can only blink hard, trying to find out what happened just now.

However, she didn't understand what she thought. Just now, he felt that he was going to kiss himself. Why left her alone?

Ling wennuan immediately turned around and ran out. He saw Mu Weicheng standing alone on the balcony. He didn't know when he had an extra cigarette in his hand. When Ling wennuan ran over, he was a little flustered to press the cigarette out.

"Why don't you kiss me?" Ling wennuan came out of the first sentence, bold to make men look at each other. Mu Weicheng immediately blushed and looked at the distant night scene: "I can't do this now."

"Then when can you? When we get old? Can't walk? " Ling warm words sharp asked.

Mu Weicheng is speechless for a moment.

"Do you feel that you will not be with me, so you will not hurt me?" Ling wennuan is not stupid. She clearly feels that he is interested in himself, but he is a rational and restrained person. She is really not willing to hurt others and herself.

Mu Weicheng's mind was broken by her words, and his handsome face flashed a trace of embarrassment.

Ling wennuan saw that he did not speak again, and she immediately rushed to him and held him tightly behind his back. The man's body suddenly froze and stretched in a straight line. He didn't expect that she would come to embrace him, and he never imagined that he would be so close to her.

The girl's delicate body is soft and fragrant. She is in a trance for a while.

"Why can't we be together? Do you like people to talk about rules? I can like others, not you. " Ling warm heart are broken, a talk, tears can not stop falling, wet the T-shirt on the man, the man's heart followed by a firm tremor.

"My brother certainly won't care who I am with. Even if it's you, he won't care. How about you? Does your uncle really want you to stay with me? " Ling wennuan sobbed twice. She felt that her eldest brother was a reasonable man. He would not mind if his favorite person was mu.

"I know your brother won't object." Mu Weicheng sighed.

"Then shall we be together? We won't get in the way of anyone. " Ling wennuan just wants to show her mind at this moment, for fear of missing and waiting for a long time. She has waited long enough. In other people's eyes, she is a heartless person. It seems that she has no worries, but only she knows that her worries have not come. Once they explode, she will suffer more than anyone else.

"Well, I'll talk to my uncle about it." Mu Weicheng listened to her words, the mood slowly calmed down, his hands gently pasted on her back, gently grasped.

"If you don't want to mention it to him now, we can have a secret relationship first. Anyway, you are still teaching at school, and we can't be too aboveboard. When your three-month teaching is over and you come back to your base, we can be together aboveboard." Ling warm pretty face is finally the rain turned sunny, with a smile.

Mu Weicheng opens her little hand gently, turns around and faces her.

Only then discovered that the girl's face is full of tears, the thick long eyelashes are still hung with water mist, under the light, glittering, beautiful people breath.

Mu Weicheng can't help but cling to her body. Her thin lips are printed on her big eyes. Ling warms up and closes her eyes quickly. Mu Weicheng's lips are gently pasted on her eyelids, itching.

"You're right. We don't need to talk about too many rules when we are together." Mu Weicheng's inner knot seems to have been untied by her words. In fact, he is not a person who likes to cocoon himself. His chest has always been as vast as the grassland and the sea. He doesn't want to go to the top of his head anymore, because that will make his people who love and love him cry.

Ling wennuan listened to his deep voice, and was in a great mood. In a trance, she suddenly found the sunshine youth. Her beautiful eyes were smiling. This time, she could finally hold him and put her face close to his chest instead of dreaming.

Men's arms, her gentle embrace, thin lips against her head.

For a long time, I held it like this. Just now, it was a warm atmosphere. Suddenly, I was embarrassed.

The man let go of his arm, Ling wennuan immediately stepped back and said, "it's almost eight o'clock now. Can I have your dinner?"

When Mu Weicheng was stunned, he thought that he had asked him to come over for dinner, not for love.

"Of course." Mu Wei Cheng chuckled and reached out to touch her hair, deliberately touching it.

Ling wennuan quickly reached out his hand and pushed his big hand away: "hurry to cook, I'm hungry."

Mu Weicheng has committed himself to making dinner. Ling wennuan leans on the glass door and sees the bustling night scene. She is in a good mood. There are some things that she can't do without forcing herself. Before, she always felt that the girls should hold some, so that the men would like you more. But the inner words don't come out. Even if the men like you, he doesn't know.

At about 8:30, Mu Weicheng finally prepared all the meals. Ling wennuan looked at the delicious food on the table and couldn't help taking a picture as a souvenir. Then he took the chopsticks and took a bite: "well, it's better than my big brother's