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C1656 Ling Nuan is very popular

Ling wennuan holds the picture, with a face covered in circles. She turns her head to look at the side face outside the window. It has to be said that the other side's painting skill is so good that she can draw the subtle micro Xiao of her verve. It's the lost look in her eyes, and even she feels the same.

"My God, was that Chuqing Xia ninglan also found that this picture is very exquisite. Even a single pencil is so amazing that it can be framed.

Ling warm a face surprised expression: "who is Chu Qing?"

"Chu Qing is a talented painter in our school. Besides, he's very handsome. It's not him who just put the painting here. He must have sent it to us with help." Shanninglan immediately turned around and looked for a circle: "he is not here. He must have left first."

Ling warm frowned: "why does he want to draw me?"

"Of course, I like you. I heard that he is most famous for painting buildings. I didn't expect that his painters have such a good hand. They are warm and envious of you, so they are so popular with boys when they transfer to school." Xia ninglan looks at Ling warm, eyes are envious of the light.

Ling wennuan couldn't help caressing his forehead: "I really don't need someone to pay attention to me."

"Why? Isn't it good to be noticed? I don't want to be noticed. " Xia ninglan looks at her strangely.

"What's the best? It's not good to shoot the first bird and die on the top of the wave." Ling warms up and laughs bitterly.

Xia ninglan is very upset. Although she can see that Ling wennuan really doesn't like being noticed, she is really jealous.

"Warm, do you want to take this picture home? I think it's a pity to throw it. " Asked shanninglan.

Ling wennuan took another look at the picture. It's a pity if he tore it or threw it away.

"I'll keep it first. No one has painted so well so far." Ling warm some small vanity, eye-catching things, no one is willing to destroy.

"It's warm. I'm almost in class for my dance class. I'll go first." Xia ninglan glanced at her watch and began to worry.

"Well, you go first, I'll be later." Ling wennuan said goodbye to her with a smile and a wave.

With her bag on her back, shanninglan ran to the library door.

Along the school's Boulevard, she galloped all the way to the back playground. Standing at the railing, she could see from a distance that the senior class was in class here at the moment. A straight body in a military green hat and military green suit was standing in front of the team, seemingly lecturing, and everyone listened very carefully.

Xia ninglan looks greedily at Mu Weicheng's back. She is handsome in her heart.

In the past, she always felt that the body of a man couldn't be perfect to be amazing. But when she saw the back of Mu Weicheng, she overturned her cognition. She was as straight as a pine, with a golden proportion, strong muscles, long legs, and a sharp face. She was handsome and masculine, full of deterrence and powerful momentum. This is really the most charming appearance of a man.

Xia ninglan couldn't help looking at the edge of the railing beside her. She found that Mu Weicheng was not only one of the girls who came here to watch Mu Weicheng's class, but also many of them secretly watched his back.

"Shameless!" Xia ninglan is inexplicably angry. She didn't find out before, but now she finds that the girls in the school are shameless.

Xia ninglan sees Mu Weicheng leading the team to jog here. She is scared and hides in the nearby trees. Her heart beats faster. She knows that Mu Weicheng won't pay attention to her at all, but her heart is still jumping fast and her face is blushing with shame.

Xia ninglan took a look at the time. It was too late. She could only look at Mu Weicheng's back and ran towards the dance classroom.

Ling wennuan read the book for more than an hour, and was making a note of the speech. Her mobile phone suddenly rang. She looked sideways. It was the driver's eldest brother who had arrived at the school and was going to take her home.

Ling wennuan had to pack up his things quickly and walked to the library door. It was a bit hazy. There was a Green Avenue in front of the library door. Ling wennuan had just come down the stairs. Suddenly, a tall figure came out and scared her.

"Have you accepted my paintings?" The boy asked her with a smile.

Ling wennuan looked up and saw a handsome face. It was strange, but it was clean. A white shirt and a pair of jeans were definitely the kind of fresh boy who was very likable.

"You did it?" Ling wennuan immediately picked up the eyebrow and pushed the painting into his arms. "Give it back to you."

"Don't you like it?" Chu Qing looks at her to refuse, on the face flashed to lose.

"You can't paint me again without my permission." Ling warm immediately reminded him seriously.

Chu Qing shrugged: "I was bored in the library just now. I just saw you in a daze, so I wanted to try."

"That's not going to work. It's not going to work without my permission." Ling wennuan said angrily.

"Next time I want to draw for you, I'll come and ask you." Chuqing said with a smile.

"You'd better not ask me. I don't like being painted." Ling wennuan's pretty face was startled. He felt that the boy was a little sly, so he immediately refuted.

Chu Qing's face was even more disappointed: "even if you don't let me draw, I just want to draw. I can draw you at any time. Your face is very discerning, and I can remember it at a glance."

Ling Nuan's heating glared at him: "I don't care whether you can remember my appearance or not, don't draw me again later, otherwise, don't blame me for turning over my face."

"I thought you were special, but I didn't expect you were more interesting. No girl could refuse my painting." Chu Qing is very conceited.

"Ha ha!" Ling warm only threw him two words.

Chu Qing was really impressed by Ling Nuan this time. She was lovely and interesting. She couldn't help saying, "let's be friends. Even if you hate me, you can't be so quick. You don't know me yet."

"I don't hate you, we're just strangers." Ling wennuan pulled his backpack and walked around him.

Chu Qing turns around and looks at the back of her quick walk away, with a smile of unknown meaning on her face. stranger?

It's a real challenge.

Ling has never met such a narcissistic and active boy, so her first impression of Chu Qing is not very good.

As for what he said about making friends, she didn't even think about it. The purpose of her transfer was only for one person. For him, she could give up all heterosexual relationships.

Ling wennuan walked to the school gate and saw the driver standing by the door waiting for her. Her car was very low-key in front of the parents of a large number of luxury cars.

Ling wennuan said hello to the driver's eldest brother and bent down to sit in. She was sighing and turned her face to the window. At the moment, Mu Weicheng didn't know what she was doing. She really wanted to see him.

Just when Ling wennuan was full of expectation, her mobile phone suddenly sent a message.

"Come to my house for dinner tonight. I'll go shopping now."

Ling wennuan looks at the message. Her heart is about to fly. She is sent by Mu Weicheng. He invites her to have dinner?

"OK!" Ling warm immediately happy back to his two words, and then to the driver said the address.

At the door of a flower shop, Ling wennuan suddenly stopped the driver's eldest brother, and she ran down to buy a bunch of flowers.

When she arrived at the destination, Ling wennuan made up a lie, saying that she would go to have a meal for her friend's birthday. She asked the driver's eldest brother to find a place nearby for dinner. He would come to pick her up around 9 o'clock.

The driver's eldest brother dare not say anything, dare not ask anything, can only nod and promise her.

After Ling wennuan registered the information, he went to Mu Weicheng's home.

When she got to the elevator, she suddenly looked up and wondered if her intuition was too keen. In the middle of such a tall building, she recognized Mu Weicheng's home at a glance, where there was no light.

It seems that he hasn't come back yet, so Ling wennuan has to go to a small garden nearby and wait for him.

About half an hour later, when the light in Mu's room was on, his phone also called: "where are you?"

"I'm in the garden downstairs. Are you back?" Ling warm immediately stood up and walked to the elevator.

When the bright lights came on, she found that her long legs were bitten by mosquitoes.