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C731 gives her enough security

Betrothal and marriage are two concepts. Bai Yiyan thinks about it carefully. The smile on the corner of her mouth reveals her inner joy. No matter whether the concept is the same or not, she seems to be dreaming during the time when she is with Ji Yueze. It's a beautiful dream. I really hope that this dream can go on forever. Don't wake up 。

She likes being cared for and loved.

Ji Yueze said to give her a night's consideration. In fact, Bai Yiyan only needs one second.

She thought about it clearly. No matter what role Ji Yueze wanted her to play in this relationship, she would try to cooperate with him.

She has one more thing to turn to him for.

Abroad! Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu have forgotten their time and identity. They start from dawn and play all the way. They enjoy their free time. Like a couple in love, they step across every inch of romantic land, ocean, lean against the rail of the cruise ship and overlook the boundless


The sea breeze blows Yang ChuChu's long hair slightly disorderly, showing a delicate and sweet face. The rising corners of his mouth, with childishness and mischief, always surprise or scare Luo Jin when he is unprepared.

No matter what, Luo Jinyu accompanies her, as if to find her own youth.

It has been playing for two days. Two people return to the hotel by car. Along the way, Yang ChuChu lies in Luo Jinyu's arms and greedily absorbs the faint fragrance of cold mint from the man.

"Luo Jinyu, I'm so hot!" Thinking that the little thing in his arms is asleep, Luo Jinyu has time to turn on his mobile phone and look at the long and urgent documents sent by his younger brother. He needs to give the solutions as soon as possible.

Hearing the muffled cry in her arms, Luo Jin's eyes were slightly stagnant. She immediately reached out to touch her forehead and felt the scalding of one hand.

"Well, do you have a cold? Your forehead is very hot. You have a fever. Let's go to the hospital! " Luo Jinyu was sure that she was frozen, so he immediately asked the driver to turn around and go to the nearest hospital.

"I don't want an injection!" Yang ChuChu is very uncomfortable, but also very stubborn.

"Take the medicine first, no injection!" If it's not serious, Luo Jinyu is reluctant to let her suffer.

In the hospital, Yang ChuChu was diagnosed with a cold. Luo Jinyu registered for her to take the medicine and accompanied her all the way.

Yang ChuChu is pitifully led by him. Although the cold makes her dizzy, the feeling of the small hand being held tightly by the man makes her feel very relieved.

Back at the hotel, Luo Jinyu poured her a cup of warm water and drank the antipyretic medicine.

"Go to bed and lie down. If you sweat, you won't get hot!" Looking at her two hot faces are red, Luo Jinyu is extremely distressed.

Yang ChuChu opened the quilt obediently and lay on the bed like a obedient child.

Luo Jinyu takes a towel into the bathroom, wipes her face and hands, and tucks her in.

"If you are tired, go to sleep!"

"No, I'm afraid I'm asleep. You'll leave me!" Yang ChuChu reached for his big hand and said helplessly.

"No, I won't leave you!" Luo Jinyu couldn't help chuckling. Why hasn't she grown up.

Yang ChuChu looked into his eyes, and when she was sure that he didn't cheat herself, she relaxed her hand gently.

Luo Jinyu takes a bath and sits next to her. Her eyes are staring at her listless face.

"Have a good time these two days?" Since she can't sleep, let's talk.

"Well, it's the happiest time I've had since I was born." Yang ChuChu immediately laughed and thought that two people had gone to so many places and were being taken care of carefully and tenderly by him all the way. This feeling was so beautiful that people were reluctant to stop. "Next time we'll come out and play!" Luo Jinyu's long vacation is coming to an end. There are a lot of things in the company. His brother is so busy that he sends him messages and calls for help every day. Although Luo Tieyu wants to play for a few more days, he can't let his brother be pressured by the pressure.

"Good!" Hearing that he would bring himself out, Yang ChuChu was happy again and had already had expectations.

"Luo Jinyu, have you taken care of miffee like this before?" Yang ChuChu suddenly asked, only feeling sad inside.

Luo Jin's face slightly stiffened, then he took her small hand and kissed her on the back of her hand: "don't pursue my past, OK? If there's magic in the world, I'd like to block all my things and let me go back to my twenties and meet you now. "

Yang ChuChu was stunned. When she understood his deep affection, she burst out laughing.

Luo Jinyu saw her smile was so happy for no reason, and frowned: "what's the smile?"

"It's nothing. I just feel that if I meet you at the age of 20, I may not like you." Yang ChuChu told the truth.

"Why?" Luo Jinyu couldn't understand the little woman's mind. How could it be more complicated than him?

"Why not? I like the mature and steady temperament of you now. You are 20 years old. Do you have it?" Yang ChuChu turned his mouth.

"Probably not!" Luo Jinyu recalled his appearance at the age of 20. He was dull and uninteresting, studying all day long. "So I won't talk about your ex girlfriend, but don't you talk about the age difference between us, OK? As soon as you mention it, I'm afraid you'll leave me alone! " Yang ChuChu grabbed his big hand and pasted it on her face. She rubbed it like a kitten, pleading all the time.

"How could I leave you? No! " Yang ChuChu is a very insecure person. She always thinks about this and that, which makes Luo Jinyu feel sad. It must have something to do with her growing environment, so she is so insecure and afraid of being abandoned.

"I know, I believe you!" Yang ChuChu also feels that her character is not very good, and she is also trying to change herself.

"Will you sleep with me? Otherwise, I can't sleep! " Yang ChuChu is very sleepy, but she can't sleep safely without him.

"Good!" Luo Jinyu is now ready to respond to her needs, but also lifted the quilt and lay down, naturally hugging her small body to her bosom.

Yang ChuChu lies on her arm with his face against his chest. After a few seconds, he falls asleep.

Luo Jinyu didn't dare to go to sleep. After waiting for more than ten minutes, he reached out and touched her forehead. He was already sweating.

Luo Jinyu gently wants to get up and wipe her with a messy towel.

"Don't go!" Yang ChuChu suddenly hugged one of his arms in his arms and refused to let him go. Luo Jinyu smiled helplessly, had to reach out, pulled the paper towel, carefully and gently wiped the sweat between her forehead.