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eeing that eldest brother even put down his posture to beg him to say a few words, Mu Yun was very surprised. He liked to put his elder brother's music score to educate her before. Sure enough, can love make people humble?

Ling wennuan is still nervous. She is really afraid that Mu Yun will object to her being with Mu Weicheng.

"Flowers with beautiful women, brother, will not give you." Moyun said, and handed the bouquet of flowers directly to Ling wennuan: "it's rare to see my brother willing to make a girlfriend. I'm still happy for you. At least I can be sure that our Ling family has been coming back."

"Xiaoyun, what do you say? Who said that our Ling family is going to be broken?" Mu Weicheng choked on his sister's words again, and couldn't help frowning.

"I've always felt like this before. You're almost on your way to the third place. One girl introduced to you can't see it. Last time, I secretly checked your mobile phone and wondered if you like men. I had to ask you face to face." Mu Yun is very eloquent in front of his elder brother, which makes Ling wennuan see her different. Remember that at school, she always has a cold expression, and now she has the lively character of a girl of this age.

"Xiao Yun, if you go on, I will have no face." Mu Weicheng wants to reach out and touch his forehead. Why does his sister choose to tear down his platform at this time.

Lingnuan is flattered and surprised. When hearing Mu Yun say that Mu Weicheng may like men, she shakes her hands and almost doesn't shake off the flowers. Next second, she can't help laughing.

"Let's go. Do you want to have dinner together in the evening, or do you have other arrangements?" Mu Yun is a woman with a clear disposition. She knows how to respect others' ideas, so she asked.

"I want to meet warm brother in the evening. Xiaoyun, please take us home first." Murmured Mu Weicheng.

"Good!" Mu Yun nodded, a line of three people, out of the airport, drove to Mu Weicheng's home.

Ling wennuan didn't go home either. He went to Mu Weicheng's house to have a rest. Until after six o'clock in the evening, Mu Weicheng drove her to the presidential palace.

"Wow, my brother moved here?" Ling wennuan's face was surprised. Suddenly, he felt that his elder brother was really powerful. To this day, he was not lucky. Instead, he came up with his feet on the ground. Now, he finally realized his dream. Ling wennuan's eyes were slightly hot, and elder brother fought for Ling's family's lost face. It was really good.

At the entrance of the hall, the hall lights up, the SUV stops, Ling wennuan pushes the door, jumps down, and quickly runs into the living room.

"Sister in law!" Ling wennuan saw blue Yanxi sitting on the sofa, and immediately shouted happily.

LAN Yanxi just put the washed fruit on the tea table. When she turned around and saw Ling warm coming back, she immediately laughed happily: "warm, I haven't seen you for a while, you've lost some weight."

Ling wennuan smiled and blinked: "it's a good thing. I finally lost weight. The only bad thing is that I have a tan."

LAN Yanxi was amused by her witty reply. Looking up, he saw the Mu Weicheng who followed him. LAN Yanxi immediately smiled politely at him: "Mr. mu, you are also here."

Mu Weicheng's character was originally frank and generous. Seeing LAN Yanxi coming over with a smile, he thought for a moment and said, "since warm is called your sister-in-law, let me call you sister-in-law. Mo Feng is one year older than me. It's also suitable to call her sister-in-law."

Ling wennuan stood behind LAN Yanxi and made a face. The next second, she saw her teeth and lost her eyes with a smile. She felt that Mu Weicheng had called out on purpose.

At the entrance of the stairs, Ling Mo Feng changed a suit of household clothes and came in. He heard a voice upstairs. At this moment, he was in a complex mood. He didn't know how to deal with the pair who suddenly announced their contact.

"Brother!" Ling found Ling Mo Feng at the stairs, and immediately waved to him happily.

Ling Mo Feng wanted to be serious. When his younger sister called him, he broke his kung fu in a flash and laughed: "I still know you're back. I thought you'd been stunned by love and ready to elope with him."

Mu Weicheng's face was inexplicably embarrassed for a while. When he saw Ling Mo Feng before, he was still at ease. Now he felt guilty.

"Brother, do you speak like that? I really love him, just like you and your sister-in-law. " Ling warm immediately tooted up his mouth, a face unhappy expression.

LAN Yanxi is afraid that Ling Mo Feng will say something serious and hurt Ling warm heart. He immediately goes to Ling Mo Feng's face and reminds him with his eyes not to scold her again.

Ling Mo Feng smiled softly, ignoring his sullen sister, and went straight to Mu Wei Cheng's side: "talk to me outside."

Mu Weicheng's nerves tense. It seems that he will finally face this moment.

"Hey, brother, don't blame him. It has nothing to do with him. I took the initiative first." When Ling wennuan heard that Ling Mo Feng was going to talk to Mu Weicheng alone, she was in a hurry. She was afraid that he would use his identity to suppress Mu Weicheng. So she dodged and blocked Mu Weicheng's face. A pretty face turned red: "anyway, you can't say he's not."

Mu Weicheng looks at the little woman in front of him with a dull face. Her firm back makes his heart slightly quiver. The feeling of being protected by a woman is not humiliating, but warm.

Ling Mo Feng looked at his sister's face to maintain his posture. For a moment, he didn't know what to say. His face was complicated and he said, "I can't find him to smoke outside."

Mu Weicheng bowed his head and smiled, comforting: "warm, don't be nervous, I also want to talk with your elder brother."

Ling Mo Feng stares at his unpromising sister. It's a shame to leave her at home. A girl doesn't know how to keep Jin. She really needs to go back to the furnace and rebuild.

Ling wennuan stared at the two men walking out of the door and became mute for a while.

LAN yanxili went to comfort her: "warm, don't be nervous. Your brother won't be angry. He just needs to have a good chat with Mr. mu. After all, they used to be good friends, but they will become a family in the future. This kind of relationship still needs time to accept."

"Sister in law, if my brother is angry, you have to help me persuade him. Only you can help me." Ling wennuan is still worried. He immediately grabs Ling wennuan's arm and gently shakes it.

"Don't worry, I will help you." Lanyanxi is very good to this little aunt. Seeing how hard she loves, she doesn't care. Because she has loved deeply, she knows more about the uneasiness of falling in love with someone.

Ling Mo Feng and Mu Wei Cheng come to the end of the corridor outside the door. There is a smoking area. Ling Mo Feng takes out a pack of cigarettes from his arms and hands one to Mu Wei Cheng. Mu Wei Cheng takes it. The next second, Ling Mo Feng lights the fire and sends it to him. He lowers his head and takes a sip. The smoke goes into his throat, which makes him feel relaxed.

"See? How warm and nervous you are." Ling Mo Feng also took a deep breath, spit out a circle of blue smoke, and gave a low laugh.

"I'm nervous about her, too." Mu Weicheng sighed.

"Is it true that she first confessed to you?" Ling Mo Feng is a little surprised. His sister is careless. She shouldn't be moved so early, but now it seems that he misjudged.

"It doesn't matter. I just want to ask you to give me a chance to take care of her."

Ling Mo Feng once again spits out a cigarette. The smoke spreads over his handsome face. He stares at the distance and is silent for a long time before saying: "if you will take care of her, of course, I don't object. But, after all, the relationship between our two families has been tense. If you are with warm now, I don't know if you will be brought out to talk about things. Before that, you Ling family I was strongly opposed to you. Can you guarantee that she will not be wronged? "

Mu Weicheng's eyes were slightly stiff, and his fingers were tight. Finally, he nodded firmly: "as long as I was by her side, I could guarantee that no one would hurt her."

"With you, I'll be relieved. I'm not opposed to you being together. I'm just afraid that the warmth is too young and the matter is not deep. She's with you and how to face your relatives. After all, our two families have always been antagonistic before." Ling Mo Feng's tense heart string was finally relieved. What he wanted was only a promise from Mu Wei Cheng. Now he hears it, he naturally agrees with them.

"I will take good care of her, and I will not let her be affected by nonverbal." Mu Weicheng promises in a deep voice. Ling Mo Feng nodded and put out the smoke: "let's go. We may have to do our own dinner. I haven't invited anyone to come."

Mu Weicheng: "..."

Didn't they say they would invite him to dinner? Why did he come here to make dinner?

Seeing his stunned expression, Ling Mo Feng couldn't help but smile: "if you don't test your cooking skills, how can I rest assured that the warmth will follow you?"

Mu Weicheng's heart was shocked. How could there be such a test? Who will test my brother-in-law's cooking in the future?

"I'll make dinner tonight." Mu Weicheng has already stridded over Ling Mo Feng to the living room.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes flashed a trace of pride. It's not so easy to be his brother-in-law.

Mu Weicheng feels a sense of being deceived, but he can't say what's wrong.

Entering the living room, Ling wennuan ran to him immediately and asked, "how is it? What did my brother tell you? "

Mu immediately shrugged his shoulders. "Nothing, just a chat."

"He didn't embarrass you, did he?" Ling wennuan asked with concern.

Mu Weicheng gave a dry smile. If it's hard for him to cook dinner, it's really hard for him.

"No, your eldest brother has promised us something." Said Mu Weicheng, taking off his coat and giving it to Ling wennuan: "go to the sofa and have a seat. I'll see what I'll eat tonight."

Ling wennuan holds Mu Weicheng's coat and opens her eyes in a daze: "what do you want to eat tonight? Big brother hasn't decided yet, OK? "

Ling Mo Feng then stepped in and took a look at the direction of the kitchen. His thin lips raised: "warm, talk with your sister-in-law."

Finish saying, Ling Mo Feng walked toward the kitchen, Ling warm a face shocked expression, looking back at the same stunned Blue Yan Xi: "sister in law, what do you have for dinner?"

LAN Yanxi shrugged his shoulders and spread out his hands: "I don't know. Your brother said he was ready."

"Are you going to let Mu Weicheng cook dinner?" Ling warm moment speechless to the extreme.

LAN Yanxi heard this and immediately got angry: "what's the matter with your brother? How can you embarrass others like this?"

"Come on, sister-in-law, let them do it by themselves. Let's leave it alone." Ling wennuan immediately grabbed LAN Yanxi who was going to wash in the kitchen. Anyway, they didn't need to do anything. They didn't worry about what they ate at night.