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C749. She doesn'st care

First of all, Luo Henning knew the news. Just after he got up, there was a charming woman lying beside him. Hearing the continuous ringing of his mobile phone, Xia Yan was dissatisfied: "who would call you so early? Who would it be?"

Lohnin's pretty eyebrows were also wringing. He hurried to go over, looked at the call indicator, and said softly, "it's my brother's assistant. You keep sleeping. I'll go out to answer the phone."

When Xia Yan heard that it was business to find him, she didn't say anything. She continued to hold the quilt and fell asleep.

Luohenning walked out of the living room, just opened the answer key on the screen, and heard the other side's anxious tone: "second young master, someone broke out the new love of the eldest young master, you quickly turn on your mobile phone to see if this matter will affect the company's stock."

"Is that the case?" Lohnin's expression was wrinkled. Although he had already broken the relationship between his eldest brother and Yang ChuChu, he always knew that they were in intimate contact and had never been found. He knows why elder brother always hides this love affair, first of all, the problem of age, and then the relationship between the two people. Although Cheng Ying doesn't care about this matter, after all, there is also a relationship between his cousin and his cousin. If it is made public, it will cause suspicion. It seems that Luo Jinyu's behavior is against morality.

"Yes, second young master, would you like to call president Luo now to discuss the solution with him?" Aides seem to be worried about the spread of the incident, for fear it will have an impact on the company.

"I see. I'll call him. Hang up first!" After lohnin hung up the phone, he opened his cell phone at the first time. Sure enough, he saw the scandal between brother Yang ChuChu and occupied the hot search list. He looked stiff.

Just as he was about to call brother, Maureen suddenly came out dressed in a white bathrobe: "is your brother and Yang ChuChu true?"

Murin didn't know about their relationship, because lohnen never told her, so at this moment, when she turned on her mobile phone and saw the push message, she was so shocked.

"It's true!" Lohnin looked a little dignified. At the moment, he could not conceal it.

Mu Lin's beautiful big eyes narrowed slightly: "you already know? Why didn't you mention it to me? "

"My big brother has always kept it a secret, so I didn't tell you about it." Lochnen saw that mureen seemed to be dissatisfied with this and hurriedly explained. "Hum, how many secrets do you have to hide from me? Do you tell me that I'm afraid I'm going to talk to the outside world? " A woman's heart and eye are small in nature. It may be a little bigger than the eye of a needle because of her feelings. Although in the company, Mu Lin is as cool as a queen and not careless at all, at this moment, she is dissatisfied at the thought that her favorite man has concealed such a thing from her.

When lohnin saw her angry, he quickly explained in a soft voice: "mureen, listen to me. It's not that I don't want to tell you. I just feel that this matter is related to my elder brother's privacy. I'm not easy to say it."

Murin was still very angry. After a snort, she turned around and went to the bathroom.

Lohnen shrugged helplessly, but for the moment, he'd better call brother first and ask him what to do.

Received a call from Luo Henning, Luo jinyuzheng and Yang ChuChu sat on a carriage, enjoying the rare sweet world.

"Big brother, your relationship with Yang ChuChu has been exposed, and your intimate photos of your fellow tourists have been posted to the Internet. Now many people are talking about it." There was a little more worry in lohnin's tone.

"Who did it?" Luo Jin Yu Jun's face is stiff, and his tone suddenly becomes gloomy. "It's not clear at present. Maybe you met a reporter and she secretly took your photos, but maybe someone intentionally uploaded them to destroy your relationship." Lokhenin frowned and analyzed. He had just heard the news. If you want to find out who published the

, it will take a little time to confirm.

"What's the situation on the Internet now?" Luo Jinyu tightened his eyebrows. Although he didn't want to hide it all his life, it's bad for him and Yang ChuChu to pass it on at the moment.

Not to mention that Yang ChuChu has just turned 18 years old. I'm afraid that someone will soon pick out his relationship with Yang ChuChu and his uncle and nephew. At that time, I'm sure that I will strongly condemn him and even scold him as a beast or something. "At present, the Internet is full of surprises. Elder brother, you are the lover of many women's dreams. You suddenly break out in love. They must be very sad. Moreover, they all turn their hatred to Yang ChuChu, who scolds Yang ChuChu very badly. She is snobbish and greedy for wealth at a young age. Of course, some people say you want to be an old cow Eating tender grass, in a word, is not pleasant to hear! " Lohnen just glanced at the comment area, and was immediately angry with the above words. These netizens really regard themselves as God vision,

it seems that as long as anyone makes a mistake, they have the responsibility and obligation to jump out and strongly condemn, and they are really fed up.

Luo Jinyu is silent on the other end of the phone. Obviously, he is also furious.

You can scold him, but you can't scold Yang ChuChu.

"I'll go back to China in a minute, and you'll take it first!" After Luo Jinyu finished speaking, he hung up.

Yang ChuChu, who was sitting on his side, saw his brows were tight and his face was heavy. He immediately asked anxiously, "is something wrong? You look so ugly! "

"Yes, someone took our photos and posted them on the Internet. Now we have become the target of their attack." Luo Jinyu didn't want to hide it from her. Although he didn't have the heart to let her know, sooner or later he still had to face it.

Originally, I thought Yang ChuChu would panic, but I didn't expect that he was calmer than Luo Jinyu: "is that right? Who is so boring? I still think about the day when I secretly boast. I didn't expect to be robbed by others. I don't have any secret sense. "

Luo Jinyu: "..."

Then he asked softly, "you know, aren't you worried about your reputation at all?"

"No, don't they scold me on the Internet for a few words, and I will be passive, melancholy and sad, and then I will faint?" Yang ChuChu blinked big eyes and said solemnly.

Luo Jinyu smiled at this calm and easy face, reached out and gently straightened her long hair: "you can see it so open, I'm relieved." "Can't you see it?" Yang ChuChu immediately became nervous, her beautiful eyes flashed with light, coagulated on the man's face: "do you care that our relationship is open?"