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C808 plan failure

The incident was reported by the media at the first time. The main cause of the crash can be determined completely by combining the injuries given by the hospital and the information given by the police station. It is not an industrial injury but an accident caused by drunkenness.

For a while, the whole city became a sensation, and Ji's real estate once enjoyed a good reputation. This kind of accident was for the purpose of the public administration, and many owners came out to make a fuss. However, after hearing the follow-up measures issued by Ji's group, some people chose silence.

It's a good thing to accompany money, but now the real estate is in short sale and the house price is soaring. In addition, the location is first-class and the seascape is magnificent. This kind of location was bought in the first place.

At this moment, I want to give up all of a sudden.

Twelve events happened at noon, which made the whole city well-known. The positive attitude of Jishi group reversed the negative impact of this event.

As soon as Tang youyou arrived at the company, he knew about it, which made her pale.

She called at the first time to ask Ji Xiaohan. Ji Xiaohan only consoled her with a few words on the phone, asking her not to worry, and hung up. Presumably, he was also busy solving the problem at the moment.

Tang youyou wanted to comfort Ji Xiaohan, but didn't expect to be on the phone. Instead, he always comforted her. She was ashamed.

Liu Xi knocks on the door and comes in. Seeing Tang youyou sitting on the sofa, holding a cup of tea, he doesn't know what he is thinking. His face is full of worry.

"You are worried about accidents at Jishi real estate construction site?" Liu Xi guessed right.

Tang youyou returned to his mind with a look of anxiety: "yes, I don't know if he can handle it well. It's already out of human life. Will it affect his company?"

Liu Xi has also been understanding the progress of this matter. At this moment, hearing so many questions from her, she can only sit beside her and care about her: "you have to believe that President Ji, he will definitely have a way to solve this matter."

"But I'm afraid things will get worse." In fact, Tang youyou is worried about another thing, but it's not easy for her to discuss it with Ganma. It's about Ji Lin. Tang youYou can only communicate with Ji Xiaohan.

Tang youyou also felt that this incident happened too coincidentally. It seems that someone deliberately picked this time period to cause trouble for the season owl cold.

This man is disgusting.

After the incident, lohnin and mushiyi also called Ji Xiaohan for concern at the first time. Let them know. If you need any help, you can find them. Don't mention it.

Ji Xiaohan is certainly moved, but he knows that there is only one solution for this matter at present. That is to actively cooperate with the police and the media, thoroughly investigate this matter, and do a good job in the aftermath of the pacification.

At the moment, in foreign countries, Ji Lin and Ji yunning are sitting in the living room. Ji Lin has walked back and forth in the living room for several times. Obviously, what they want is not such a result.

"Don't you say you know Ji Xiaohan well? You see what you think! " When Ji Lin turns to the eighth circle, he suddenly looks at Ji yunning angrily and casts all the blame and anger on her.

Ji yunning's face was pale at the moment. He was sweating and shivering. "Daddy, I didn't expect that Ji Xiaohan Unexpectedly, I chose to face this matter in public, but I know that his character is very gloomy. If something happens that is bad for his reputation and the company, it will definitely block this thing at the first time. I really didn't expect... " Ji Yun said that the lower the voice, the more explanation, the more futile.

"Well, it can only be said that in the past few years of your separation, he has changed and is no longer the man you know." Ji Lin sneers, his face is still angry.

Ji yunning lowered his head, the atmosphere did not dare to breathe, and his heart was in a state of panic and confusion.

"Now what? There's another handle. If it's us who's behind the scenes, should I be locked in again? " Ji Lin's voice was almost roaring, because he was fed up with his cell and didn't want to lose his freedom again. "No, daddy, don't worry. If it's found out, I will take all the responsibilities. Anyway, I'm the only contact person in this matter." At the moment, Ji yunning's face is gray and scared. However, he is afraid that Ji Lin will be more angry, so he takes full responsibility of


Ji Lin listened, his face relaxed a little. He went to her and clapped her on the shoulder. He said: "daughter, of course, I don't want to see this result. What I want is to take over the company later. You can be my right hand and left hand. I really need your help." "Daddy, the one who makes a big deal will inevitably fall down. It doesn't matter if I catch him. I just hope daddy can reach my wish as soon as possible. I believe that if you take over the company, you will surely find a way to save me. So I'm not afraid of any big crime." Ji yunning sees Ji Lin's dependence on her, such as

this, which gives her a greater impetus to bear all this in an instant.

"Good boy! Don't waste your father's pain for so many years, he is very pleased. " Ji Lin looks at her with admiration and tears in her eyes, which makes Ji yunning more moved.

"Daddy, you are my second parents. I will do anything for you." Ji yunning is more eager to express his loyalty.

Ji Lin's eyes flashed with pride. Then he said lightly, "well, let's see the follow-up development of this matter. He wanted to surprise him, but he didn't give us such a chance!"

"Daddy, Ji Xiaohan has really changed. It's strange to me. I'm stupid and I think I know him well." Ji yunning's heart is very lost, and he also feels that he has failed. "Well, people will change, and season owl cold will change. That's normal. Even if this incident doesn't give him a greater blow, it at least creates a little sense of pressure for him. Seeing that he is tired of responding to the media and questions, I feel very happy. Young people, it's time to experience a little more"

! " Ji Lin said with a cold smile.

"Daddy, are we really going home the day after tomorrow?" Ji yunning thought of the man, could not help palpitating for a while, thought of returning home, can see him, she still had a few expectations. Sometimes, she felt that she was very cheap. She was despised by others, but she didn't know what kind of devil she was possessed by. It seemed that her eyes could not hold any other men except for the cold of the seasonal owl. Looking at them, she had no interest as much as wood and sand.