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C1203 the rhythm of second changing into daughter slave

LAN Yanxi is busy with the garden in the morning, and goes shopping in the afternoon. He buys a lot of things and comes back. She no longer regarded herself as an outsider. She filled the three big ice chambers with ice. Then she sat on an old rocking chair beside the living room door, watching her mobile phone, and rocking the chair comfortably. The tree shadow swayed in front of her eyes, and the setting sun tilted in the distance. This picture gave a sense of peace.

Autumn insects chirp, night birds hover, blue Yan xijue's self seems to have passed through, wearing to an age drama, otherwise, how can we enjoy the tranquility of this side in the current dry society? Ling

Mo Feng can really enjoy life. This house seems to have a sense of age, but it also separates the outside world. No

I know whether the labor is too heavy today. LAN Yanxi shakes and shakes, and then shakes her sleepiness. Her fingers holding her mobile phone are weak, so she has to put them on her knees. The rocking chair is designed very well. As long as it has weight, it will shake gently, just like the blue rocking for children. As the sky darkened, Ling Mo Feng opened the door and walked in. As soon as you step in, you will see the high bright lights at the entrance of the hall. Under the lights, a delicate figure is lying lazily on the rocking chair, sleeping soundly. Ling

Mo Feng's eyebrows wrinkled, and his long legs grew faster. Walking

in the past, I found that lanyanxi was only wearing a thin knitted coat, a white shirt inside, and a pair of fashionable jeans with many openings torn below, and a pair of small white shoes. In this way, she was lying outside the gate and fell asleep. Now it's the end of autumn. Aren't you afraid of catching cold?

Ling Mo Feng almost subconsciously took off his suit jacket and gently covered her.

LAN Yanxi slept heavily. In her dream, she felt that she was running in the ice and snow. Suddenly, a warm bed was placed on her face. She almost didn't want to get into the thick quilt. Ling

Mo Feng looks at the woman and just slightly changes her posture. Then he pulls his suit and jacket up and continues to sleep in her peaceful sleep.

Ling Mo Feng looks at her childish behavior. The sexy thin lips have gone up. Maybe he didn't even find out that he would smile because of her lovely appearance. Ling

Mo Feng doesn't want to disturb her. He must be tired. He only wears a white shirt and strides back to the garden. Turn on all the street lights in the back garden, and you can't help but see a bunch of hill like weeds. Ling Mo Feng sighs. He actually likes the symbiotic relationship. Let these weeds compete with those precious flowers and trees. This kind of psychology also gives Ling Mo Feng a kind of human competition. When he's OK, he likes to sit on the tea table in the back garden and look at these weeds and think about them Question. This is his own hobby. Of course, no one else will know. It's really a new thing to let the media know that the vice president has this kind of careful thinking. For example,

now, that active little woman has pulled out one weed in her garden at a time, leaving only this precious flower and wood, which is fluttering in the night wind. This picture gives people a kind of thin and boring feeling. Ling

Mo Feng deeply felt that there was a woman at home, and what was the difference in life. Is it because the two people's personalities are running in? "

hadjo!" In Ling Mo Feng around the side of the path, back to the front yard, I heard the voice of girls snorting.

"Ling Mo Feng..." Then LAN Yanxi woke up and saw the man's coat covered on her body. She quickly took the coat away and ran to the living room.

Ling Mo Feng stood on the black garden path, looking at the girl's anxious appearance, he was slightly shocked. "

Ling Mo Feng, where are you?" Lanyanxi ran into the living room, only to find that the living room was gray and black, without turning on the light, she was scared, ran out again and shouted.

"I'm here!" Ling Mo Feng was reluctant to let her worry, and walked out of the twilight. Blue

Yan Xi took a breath of ease and walked quickly to him: "when did you come back?" "

just came back!" Ling Mo Feng looks at her long hair sleeping in disorder, but a pretty face is full of smile. Her eyes are crystal like, especially bright. When looking at people, they are also very sincere.

"Hello!" LAN Yanxi wanted to say something, but she couldn't help sneezing again. She couldn't help reaching out and rubbing her nose. She said to herself, "I won't have a cold!"

"You just slept at the door. It's strange that you don't have a cold!" Ling Mo Feng can't help blaming her.

"Then I'll pay attention next time. Did you have dinner? I went out today and bought a lot of delicious food! " LAN Yanxi asked him curiously.

Lingmo Feng thought that he had a very important dinner. Mingming could come back from dinner outside, but he pushed the dinner and dealt with all the overtime work. So he came back in a hurry. This is not much like his style! "

No, what are your benefits?" Ling Mo Feng replied in a low voice.

"Go in and have a look. I bought it at random, because I don't know what to buy!" Lanyanxi suddenly reached for his palm. She didn't think so much about it. She didn't even think about it. She just wanted to take him to see her shopping results. Ling

Mo Feng was shocked all over. His healthy body seemed to be shocked by an electric current. The girl's little cool hand was extremely soft.

"Go!" LAN Yanxi drags him, finds that he is still standing in a daze, and urges him quickly. Ling

Mo Feng had to pretend that this time, hand in hand does not mean anything, and quickly followed her into the restaurant! Blue

Yanxi opened the refrigerator. It was filled with all kinds of vegetables and fruits. "

what shall we eat tonight?" LAN Yanxi asked him with a smile, as if a hungry child were asking adults, with a touch of expectation in his eyes.

Ling Mo Feng looks at her big shining eyes and suddenly raises a bad feeling in his heart. He seems to have taken a daughter who is not sensible home. It's over!

"Do you want to go out to eat?" Seeing how hungry she was, Ling Mo Feng inexplicably wanted to take her to a big meal.

"No, I ate out at noon. I don't really want to go out!" Lanyanxi loves to stay at home. It's really annoying for her to go out at night. "

How about steak?" Ling Mo Feng saw that she had bought a lot of steaks, and immediately took them out. "

OK, do you or I do it? Otherwise, you do it, and I'll watch! " Lanyanxi regards herself as a member of the family completely, and she likes the feeling of sharing.

"Good!" Ling Mo Feng decided to do it himself. "

otherwise, let's cut stone cloth. It's fair. You can't make food every day!" LAN Yanxi suddenly thought of a very fair thing. Since it was a joint tenancy relationship, she felt that she could not rely on Ling Mo Feng for everything. She had been busy in the general office for a day, but she was one of the idle people. She should share more housework. "

scissors and stone cloth?" The man's expression was a little startled, a trick he only played when he was a child.

Does this also prove that this woman's mind is only child's level?

It's over. How could he allow her to enter his door.

"Come on, it's fun!" LAN Yanxi is interested. Ling

Mo Feng looked at her happy appearance and couldn't bear to blow her interest again. "

well, just play once and make dinner if you lose!" Ling Mo Feng nodded and agreed. "

line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line LAN Yanxi kept laughing.

LAN Yanxi yelled at the stone scissors, imagining that he had won him. But the next second, when two people reached out their hands, she found how miserable she had lost. "

you beat me!" LAN Yanxi couldn't believe it. Ling

Mo Feng suddenly realized that the game was fun. He gave her the steak in his hand: "willing to lose, go!" "

OK!" LAN Yanxi goes to the kitchen wrongly. "

wait!" Ling Mo Feng's mind appeared that morning's tray of black whirring things, do not want to let her waste food again, or decided to do it by herself. "

What's the matter?" LAN Yanxi looked back at him and asked.

"I'll cook dinner. You lost just now. Please help me wash my clothes!" Ling Mo Feng changed the conditions. "

that's fine!" LAN Yanxi agreed without any bottom line.