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Love Moistens her

Tang Xue Rou was very clear that if she were to run over and look for Tang You You, she might be ruthlessly mocked by Tang You You.

Because, she knew that Tang You You was no longer the little girl who could be easily bullied by others.

If they could leave a good impression of Ji Yue Ze on the New product launch, then the possibility of cooperation in the future might be very high.

Tang Xue Rou took the information about the jade pendant and dressed up carefully, then left the house.

Her reputation was not as great as it used to be, so she could only choose to stay low-key and head out.

Without bringing a single bodyguard along, Tang Xue Rou drove to the entrance of the Only Idealism Design Company. Looking at herself in the mirror, she gritted her teeth and forced herself out of the car.

"Miss Tang, of course we know who you are. However, the company has a rule that unless you have business with someone, you should go to the front desk and make an appointment first."

Tang Xue Rou really had enough of this. Since young, she had not suffered from this sort of temper. Now, even an elevator guard dared to block her way.

How infuriating.

However, even though she was angry, Tang Xue Rou's objective today had not been achieved. She could only walk to the front desk with a darkened face to inform the group of women that she wanted to meet Tang You You.

Seeing that she was from Big Star, the front desk helped her to contact Tang You You.

When Tang You You heard that Tang Xue Rou had come to find him, her tone became cold. "Give her your phone, I'll tell her."

After all, Tang Xue Rou was not an ordinary person, she was the most popular Female Celebrity.

Thus, Tang You You stopped making things difficult for them, and directly wanted to speak to Tang Xue Rou.

Tang Xue Rou took the phone and placed it beside her ear: "I came to see you because I have something important to tell you."

"What important matter? It's fine to say it now, but we don't necessarily have to meet." Tang You You's tone was very cold.

"Tang You You, you aren't even willing to see me anymore? "You don't think I really have nothing better to do, do you? I have a piece of information about that jade pendant of yours. If you are still interested, please let me go upstairs to have a chat." Tang Xue Rou had only revealed the tip of the iceberg, but she believed that Tang You You was definitely anxious to find her origins as well.

"Give the phone to the front desk!"

Tang You You then turned to the front desk and spoke in a calmer tone: "Let her come up!"

When Tang Xue Rou entered the elevator, she purposely snorted coldly, making the big brother feel awkward.

Tang Xue Rou stepped on a nine centimeter high heels, a pair of black leather pants, and a short navel on top of her body. Her long hair was scattered down, giving off a feminine vibe of wildness and enchantment, and as she walked past the office, it immediately caused a wave of gasps from both men and women.

"So beautiful …"

"It smells so good …"

"Nice figure, better than I thought!"

"Her face also looks very delicate. Did it have a cut or not?!"

Tang Xue Rou ignored the admiration and amazement of the people behind her as she calmly walked into Tang You You's office.

Because there was an assistant guiding her, she was able to find Tang You You's new office.

As soon as Tang Xue Rou entered, she clicked her tongue twice. "I've switched offices with my own. She's indeed a doted woman."

Tang You You sat in front of the desk, ignoring her ridicule and said coldly: "Was what you said true? "What kind of information could prove the source of my jade pendant?"

After Tang Xue Rou finished sizing up her office, she stared at Tang You You with a venomous gaze as she observed her. She discovered that she seemed to be becoming more and more moist lately, her skin was full of white elasticity, the aura around her had changed, and the black suit she was wearing was no longer the same. Presumably, this was the result of the moisturizing of love.

When he thought about how she would sleep peacefully in Ji Xiao Han's arms every night and enjoy the love of a mature man at night, as well as wake up in his arms in the morning, Tang Xue Rou was so jealous that his entire body trembled.

She really couldn't suppress her jealousy, because that was the life she had once dreamed of.

But the hateful thing was that she did not enjoy it even once. She had been daydreaming for a long time, and in the end, Tang You You had turned everything into reality.

Tang You You could feel the thick jealousy in Tang Xue Rou's eyes. She calmly threw down the pen, and leaned against the chair: "If you're here to provoke me, you should leave. I know you can't let go of Ji Xiao Han yet."

Tang Xue Rou's thoughts were immediately seen through by her, and she immediately became as if she had been splashed with cold water, becoming much more clear-headed.

Tang Xue Rou said as she gnashed her teeth: "To be honest, I am truly jealous of you. I had been suffering from a fate worse than death, but now I am slowly accepting it, and I realize that this matter did not strike me down, but instead made my heart even stronger. Tang You You, your happiness is only temporary, and I believe that with your current appearance, you will not be able to obtain his love forever."

"Are you finished? Once he was done, he would scram! I still need to work! " Tang You You was already annoying her enough, and furthermore, she was really busy. When he found the time to see her, he didn't hear her curse her at all.

Tang Xue Rou trembled from head to toe and said anxiously: "I want to negotiate a condition with you!"

Tang You You then looked at her again: "What qualifications do you have to negotiate with me again?"