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Ji Xiao Han's slender and powerful fingers knocked on the keyboard, and very quickly, a detailed agreement that he had drawn up appeared in front of Tang You You.

She picked it up and read it carefully.

Ji Xiao Han's eyes slightly contracted as he said, "Then add it yourself!"

Tang You You shrugged his shoulders and laughed: "Alright, since you don't agree, then we don't need to waste any more time here."

"Tang You You, don't you think what kind of fate will befall Tang Xue Rou?" Ji Xiao Han had no choice but to use his deathblow.

Sure enough, Tang You You's expression immediately tensed up, she turned her head, and looked him in the eye.

The man's eyes held a trace of complacency.

"Alright, I only have two conditions. Firstly, you are not allowed to touch me. Secondly, you are not allowed to let me suffer when you are here."

Tang You You was forced to keep these two conditions.

"Ok, deal!" Ji Xiao Han had the look of a victor.

After adding these two conditions, Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han signed the agreement.

"Let me put the agreement in the safe. Don't let the children see it. If they knew we signed it, they would definitely be sad." Ji Xiao Han suggested.

Tang You You did not object, he just threw the agreement into his safe.

"Even though we signed the contract, I still want to say one thing. Let's find a suitable time to make our relationship public and maintain the current situation. Otherwise, the children will feel that it was too sudden and will think more about it." Tang You You said softly, she had already resigned herself to his fate.

Ji Xiao Han naturally agreed to it.

"Take the kids for a picnic tomorrow. I hope we have a good time together." Ji Xiao Han's thin lips curled up into a smile, and that smile reached deep into his eyes.

He was as cunning and dark as a tiger that had caught its prey. He began to leisurely enjoy his delicacies.

After walking a few steps, she suddenly turned her head, and looked at the man who did not have enough time to hide his smile: "Ji Xiao Han, tell me, is there any other woman outside?"

After Ji Xiao Han heard her words, he was stunned, creasing his eyebrows slightly: "Who did you hear it from?"

"I've never heard of it, but I just want to hear it from you." Tang You You didn't want to say that he was drunk that night and she heard some things that she shouldn't have heard.

"No, you're the first." Ji Xiao Han's face regained its seriousness.

It was difficult for Tang You You to guess the truth of his words, and he also frowned: "If I were to find out that you still have another woman, this agreement will be void. I am not despicable enough to share a boyfriend with another woman."

Ji Xiao Han smiled faintly. Even though he hadn't spent much time with Tang You You, he seemed to already understand her personality.

These words seemed to come out of her mouth.

"Don't worry, I won't have any other women." Ji Xiao Han answered her with absolute certainty.

Tang You You, are you prepared to be my woman?

Facing his assured gaze, Tang You You's heart trembled. The light in the depths of his eyes burned slightly, causing her face to feel hot.

Not daring to look him in the eye anymore, she quickly turned around in panic and walked downstairs.

Ji Family's dinner passed by happily.

As usual, Tang You You would bring his children for a walk in the garden to listen to the sounds of the sea.

"Mummy, when we were eating just now, I noticed that father had been secretly watching you. Could it be that he has fallen for you?" As Tang Xiao Rui threw the small stone, he said while grinning.

Tang Xiao Nai let out a small sigh: "I really hope that Daddy will like Mummy. This way, we won't be separated in the future, and Xiao Nai will be able to live together with Father's Mummy forever."

When Tang You You heard the children's words, her mind was in a mess. She lightly said, "Don't think too much into it.

"Mummy, do you really not like Daddy at all?" Tang Xiao Rui was suddenly a little flustered. He felt that Mummy really didn't like Daddy.

Initially, Tang You You wanted to answer that she did not like it, but then she remembered the agreement she had with that man, so she changed her mind: "Your father is actually not a bad person, at least he's good to you, and to me."

"Daddy, are you admitting that Daddy is a good person? Then would you be able to... "I like him." Tang Xiao Rui inexplicably hoped that his wish could come true. Although he kept harming his father, the longer he spent with her father and the Mummy, the more he wished that their family would never be separated again.

Tang You You smiled at her son's clear and limpid eyes. "I'll give it a try, if I really like him, I'll tell you guys."

"Yea, Mummy is finally no longer cold. I will get dad to do his best." Tang Xiao Rui was immediately overjoyed as he happily rushed forward.

Before Tang Xiao Nai could react to what his brother was actually happy about, she had already followed his brother and ran forward.