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C1506 wading for her

Ling is grateful to Lu Qing for his concern, but the most important thing at present is how to get through the broken bridge. The enemy's purpose is very clear, so he should be trapped.

"Mr. vice president, I'll send a straight plane over now. You should be careful yourself!" After Lu Qing finished speaking, he hung up and began to dispatch helicopters to rescue.

Ling Mo Feng calmed down a little and turned to Chu lie and Cheng Yuan, who were standing outside the car door. "They want to trap me. They must want to take this opportunity to attack me. You should arrange all the police to be on alert to prevent them from coming!"

"Sir, general Ji's rescue is timely. This time, it will surely pass." Chu lie also breathed a sigh of relief.

LAN Yanxi sat quietly beside him, her eyes flickering. She was relieved to hear that there was rescue. However, she also heard that she would be attacked, and her face turned pale again.

As Lingmo Feng expected, suddenly there was a gunshot around them, attacking the motorcade they were parked on the side of the road.

"Ah..." LAN Yanxi still can't take her time. She is afraid and panicked. She can only reach for her head.

"Yanxi, squat down, the window glass will not support for long!" Just now, in the face of that wave of explosion, the window was cracked. Now, in the face of the strafing of bullets, soon, this bulletproof glass can no longer guarantee safety.

LAN Yanxi squats down quickly, Ling Mo Feng holds the gun in his hand, and Jun Mou tightly closes for a moment.

There is a sense of restlessness in his heart. If he is alone in the car today, he will never be so flustered, but the woman he loves is here. He has the ability to protect himself, but she doesn't. It's like a flower in a greenhouse. Let alone the power of a bullet. Even one fist of the other can kill her.

"Sir, do you still have backup, I see someone helping us?" Chu lie's anxious voice rang in the walkie talkie.

"No, can you see who is helping us?" Ling Mo Feng asked in a deep voice.

Chu lie's gun was making a lot of noise. Then, Chu lie shouted, "I see. It's Miss Lan's bodyguard!"

LAN Yanxi's eyes instantly rejoiced: "Uncle Yu is back? I knew that uncle Yu would never leave me alone! "

Ling Mo Feng was also moved: "it seems that your grandfather is very able to govern, otherwise, uncle Yu will not risk life and death for you."

"Uncle Yu has protected me since he was a child. My grandfather is also grateful to him. I always regard him as a relative!" LAN Yanxi is very excited to think that uncle Yu has killed them and can help them retreat.

Uncle Yu was also trained. In addition, he attacked from the back. The enemy was unprepared and lost nearly a dozen people in an instant. The group was so angry that they immediately turned against uncle Yu and emptied their back. Chu lie and others also attacked fiercely. In minutes and seconds, the enemy lost more than a dozen combat power.

The other side was attacked from front to back, suffered from enemy's back and belly. The morale was hurt for a while, and there was no determination to fight any more. Although the money and fame were very attractive, they had to run to fight for their lives on the premise of saving their lives. Now, seeing their brothers fall down one by one, they were panic. They fought and retreated as soon as possible, and retreated in an instant Under the river, several boats ran away quickly.

"Let's see if there's any gasp. We'll catch it!" Chu lie saw that the other side had turned into a deserter. He hurried to catch up with the enemy. The cold river could not stop the soldiers from bravely catching the blood of the murderer. All of them ran across the river and arrested along the way. They found four or five survivors among a group of wounded people. They were also seriously injured. They were kidnapped. Some wanted to commit suicide, but they were forcibly stopped. There was no chance of death.

"Uncle Yu, are you hurt?" Chu lie saw Uncle Yu, who was covering his arm. He paid in the enemy's gun and attacked secretly. Now he was very hurt.

"Is the eldest lady OK? Is she hurt? " Uncle Yu didn't worry about his death at the first time, but he grabbed Chu lie's sleeve and asked him anxiously.

"Don't worry, Miss LAN is by your side. She's OK and she's not hurt. I'll send someone to stop bleeding and bandage you!" Chu lie hurriedly comforted him. After two steps, he said sincerely: "thank you so much. If we don't have your help, we're afraid it's hard to beat them back."

"Don't mention it. All I have done is to protect the eldest lady!" Uncle Yu shook his head and replied weakly.

Chu lie nodded and turned around with a smile. Unexpectedly, someone would be so desperate for Miss LAN. It seems that she and her husband have one thing in common, which is to serve others with sincerity.

LAN Yanxi wants to push the door to get off, but the man grabs his wrist: "Yanxi, stay in the car, don't go down!"

"I'll see Uncle Yu. I don't know if he's hurt!" LAN Yanxi has always regarded uncle Yu as a relative. She was worried about the ferocity of the gunfight just now.

Chu lie came here just at this time. Seeing LAN Yanxi, he looked a little sad: "Uncle Yu was hurt, but I have arranged a military doctor to see him. It should not be fatal!"

"Ah? I'll see him too! " LAN Yanxi's face was pale with fright, and her anxious eyes were red.

Ling Mo Feng knew that she must be very anxious at the moment. He took her small hand again.

LAN Yanxi's tears are turning: "Ling Mo Feng, don't stop me!"

Ling Mo Feng is light Judo: "I accompany you to go!"

LAN Yanxi didn't expect Ling Mo Feng to say such a thing. She looked stunned again.

"Let's go. I'll thank him personally. Without his help, we didn't win so much!" Ling Mo Feng has stooped to get out of the car, and then he takes her by the hand and brings her down.

"Sir, you shouldn't get out of the car. You should stay in the car. There's no shelter around here. In case those people go back..." Chu lie is worried. He wants to persuade Ling Mo Feng to go back to the car to avoid danger.

LAN Yanxi heard Chu lie's words, and he was also stiff. He grabbed the man's arm in a hurry: "Ling Mo Feng, you go back, I'll go alone!"

"I won't let you go alone. Let's go!" Ling Mo Feng said nothing and led LAN Yanxi's little hand to the river.

The road by the river was blocked by snow, but it was not frozen. All the stones were piled up. Ling Mo Feng carefully took LAN Yanxi's hand and supported her to prevent her from falling.

LAN Yanxi's eyes at the moment can't help but coagulate on the handsome face of the man. At this moment, even if she accompanies him to die, she will not even frown. He is worth it.

All of them came to protect Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi in a circle, with a high look of vigilance.

"Sir, the water is very cold, or I'll carry Miss blue!" The next adjutant spoke in a low voice.

"No, I will!" How can Ling Mo Feng let other men carry their own women? Even if the water is cold, he must come by himself.

"Don't carry me, I can flow by myself. Anyway, the current is not fast!" LAN Yanxi quickly shook his head, unwilling to accept such help.

"Don't try so hard, you are still ill!" Ling Mo Feng has been bending down waiting for her to come over.

LAN Yanxi looks at his broad back. In fact, she wants to lie down, but she feels that everything is difficult for him. She is very embarrassed.

"I really don't need it. I'm well!" LAN Yanxi still insists.

"Hurry up, your uncle Yu is afraid to see you too!" Ling Mo Feng immediately said a word that made LAN Yanxi's brain dull. Then, she felt that the man's hands were actively entwined, and she was forced to lie on his back. The next second, the man stepped into the cold water.

LAN Yanxi lies on his broad shoulder unbelievably. Every thing that this man does, he can move her. How many faces does he have to look forward to?

Ling Mo Feng's steps were steady, and he walked forward step by step. Suddenly, there was a trend under his feet. He almost fell down. The man quickly grasped one leg of her, which stabilized the center of gravity.

"Ling Mo Feng, let me down!" LAN Yanxi pleads with him in a low voice. She really doesn't want him to take risks for her. She suddenly regrets that she shouldn't listen to him. Otherwise, he doesn't need to do these things for himself.

"It's coming soon. Don't move!" The man said softly.

Finally, after crossing the river, everyone's legs were frozen red. Because the frozen river was really cold to the bone, someone immediately made a fire nearby and moved some injured people.

"Uncle Yu!" LAN Yanxi comes down from Ling Mo Feng's back, and sees uncle Yu lying on the ground. She immediately pounces on him with heartache.

Uncle Yu saw that she was safe and sound, so he smiled weakly: "big miss, you are OK!"