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After Ji Xiao Han realized that he had those dirty thoughts in his mind, his entire body froze, and after that, his face instantly darkened again.

"You came looking for me. Is something the matter?" A low and deep magnetic voice interrupted Tang You You's train of thoughts. She raised her head in shock and met with a pair of deep eyes.

This woman was so proud, she definitely wouldn't easily beg someone for help.

However, even if he was extremely angry, Tang You You still wanted to give it a try.

"I beg you, please let Tang Xue Rou go, don't take revenge on her anymore." Tang You You's tone was not as loud as before, and it was a lot lower, so he was a little guilty.

"Tang You You, did I hear wrongly? You actually want me to let go of a scammer, you know that she lied to me for five years, and I actually turned a scammer into a Female Celebrity, from an unknown person. How could Ji Xiao Han not be angry? Other than being angry at this woman for begging for mercy on Tang Xue Rou's behalf, he was also angry at her for doing this.

Tang You You's shoulders shrank for a bit: "I know that she has offended you, so there won't be a good ending, but I promised someone, and I want to beg you to let her go. Ji Xiao Han, can you …"

Tang You You's lips felt dry, she subconsciously licked her lips, and this small action, in the man's eyes, instantly ignited a fire. Ji Xiao Han also felt his throat becoming dry, his Adam's apple couldn't help but roll a little.

Damn it, why did he have the sudden urge to bite her lips again?

"Who did you promise?" Ji Xiao Han spoke again, his voice clearly becoming much deeper.

Tang You You sighed: "My father!"

Ji Xiao Han was slightly shocked as his unfathomable eyes stared at her once more. "From what I know, your relationship with your father is very cold. When he came to beg you, you wanted to help Tang Xue Rou?"

"Yes sir!" Tang You You didn't want to say the reason behind her genuine desire to help him.

"Heh, you are truly a filial woman. Your father didn't even treat you as his daughter, yet you want to respect him as your father. You are not funny, you are pitiful." Ji Xiao Han was angry because she had placed him in a low position.

Tang You You's body shivered, the pain in her heart started to rise like mad grass, as if it wanted to drown her.

"Think of it as pity. Can you pity my filial daughter and agree to this?" Tang You You lifted her head and looked at the man's sharp and ice-cold eyes. She truly hoped that Ji Xiao Han could agree to her request, because as long as she could get Ji Xiao Han to let Tang Xue Rou go this time, she could sever all ties with the Tang Family. No matter what she decided to do in the future, she would not need to bear the blame and pressure of her conscience.

If Ji Xiao Han did not agree to her request, and if she still owed the Tang Family more than twenty years of nurturing, this would become a pressure that he would be unable to escape from in her entire life.

"And if I don't want to pity you?" Ji Xiao Han was currently angry, as he did not want to hear any of this woman's words.

He was truly angry. He really wanted to open this woman's head and see what she was thinking.

"I will beg you again!" Tang You You's heart trembled. It seemed that this man was very easy to talk about being a child. However, once it was something that had nothing to do with children, he would not be so easy to discuss.

"It's useless even if you beg. You are simply a fool." Ji Xiao Han was even more furious.

Hearing that he was this cold, Tang You You panicked in his heart. No matter how many times she begged him, this man would never agree to this?

What should he do?

"If you are willing to agree to my request, I can agree to one condition. I will agree to any condition." Tang You You thought for a few seconds, then raised his head again, wanting to trade terms with him.

When Ji Xiao Han heard that she was actually willing to exchange his conditions, the cold and heartless expression on his face became a little lighter.

"Are you sure you want to trade terms with me?" Ji Xiao Han felt that it was laughable and infuriating. How stupid was this woman to think about family love at this moment?

Hearing his words, Tang You You could not help but shiver, he had a bad feeling about this.

He felt that the conditions that this man was going to propose must be extremely harsh and difficult to deal with.

"Then tell me your conditions, and I'll think about it." Tang You You did not block her way out. She felt that she should first hear what his conditions were before making her decision.

With how shrewd Ji Xiao Han was, how could he not know what kind of joke she was playing? He coldly snorted, "Since it's a exchange of terms, then it's natural that we have to agree on the conditions first."

Tang You You was stunned!

Zhe Ge Nan Ren Jing Ran was so cunning.

"Alright, as long as you don't mention any conditions that allow me to repay you with my life, I will agree to any other conditions." Since he's so cunning, Tang You You wouldn't be stupid. He had stated in advance the conditions that he couldn't accept.

Ji Xiao Han laughed mockingly, "In that case, you just don't have any sincerity left to exchange with me anymore."

"I'm very sincere!"

"But my condition is that you have to have a body!" Ji Xiao Han was actually purposely making things difficult for her, he wanted to see her reaction.

Tang You You was stunned, after a long while, she stared at him in embarrassment and anger: "How can you do that?"

"How am I? Didn't you say that as long as I agree to your conditions, you would agree to do the same to me? "Now, you can consider it." Ji Xiao Han had purposely teased her, this woman was not to be threatened.

Tang You You was dumbstruck, and indeed, was shocked by his words.

She never thought that Ji Xiao Han would be so shameless to actually propose such a condition.

She really underestimated him too much.