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The atmosphere of Jijia's dinner is very good. Even the old man Ji, who is inconvenient to move, has dinner with his family. At the dinner table, there is a xiaonai Ji, who has contracted everyone to have a good night. "

do you want your aunt to give you a little sister? As lovely as you are. " Ji Yueze immediately asked jokingly, but as soon as he finished, he immediately felt the stare from his grandmother, as if he shouldn't have said so. Season

a pair of big eyes of xiaonai immediately looked at Bai Yiyan and blinked curiously: "uncle, how did you put your little sister in aunt's stomach?" As soon as this sentence comes out, the whole scene is quiet and the expressions are very hard. Season

Xiao Han chanted softly, his tone was hard to cover up his smile. He said to his daughter quickly, "that, Xiao Nai, this is a matter between adults. Don't ask so many questions from your children!"

"Daddy, you said that. If you don't understand anything, you need to ask? But I'm really curious! " Ji xiaonai immediately blocked Ji's mouth with innocent words.

Ji Yueze's face flashed a little bit of embarrassment. It's over. The atmosphere of good manners will be destroyed by him again.

"Xiaonai, you haven't finished the meal in your bowl yet. Hurry up and don't waste it!" Generally at this time, only when Tang youyou comes out can it work, because everyone in xiaonai is not afraid of Mommy's stern appearance.

"Oh!" The little guy was scared by mommy. He immediately forgot what he had just asked, and hurriedly bowed his head to pick up the rice. Yi Yan is ashamed of her red face.

Compared with the warmth of Ji's family, the days of Yang ChuChu and his mother, Cheng Ying, fell into flames. Liu Lan made a scene at the jewelry exhibition last time. Soon, the on-site media reporters began to dig into this shocking scandal. In a flash, there was a lot of uproar on the Internet. All kinds of attacks on Cheng Ying's mother and daughter have caused Cheng Ying's work to be greatly troubled. She hasn't been to the company for two days in a row. The company fell into a situation. Fortunately, Luo Jinyu sent someone In the past, I helped her deal with various matters, so that the company was not affected by this rumor. At night, mother and daughter are sitting in the living room.

"Mom, would you like a drink?" Yang ChuChu asked suddenly.

"Well, you can get it. Let's have a drink!" Cheng Ying nods and agrees.

Yang ChuChu went to open a bottle of red wine, brought two cups and handed in one to his mother.

"I didn't let you drink before. Now, when you grow up, you can choose to drink or not!" Cheng Ying is very pleased to see her daughter's graceful appearance. "

mom, you didn't let me drink before. I drank it secretly. Now, I don't drink anymore. Girls still drink less, so they are responsible for themselves!" Yang ChuChu laughed.

"Well, I'm sorry, mom's got you!" Cheng Ying is a little guilty, and her daughter has become the object of scolding.

"Mom, how can you still say that? I don't care how others scold me. I appreciate your life!" Yang ChuChu looks a little anxious.

"Fang Yang will not come out to explain for us. He used to be like this!" Cheng Ying looks up and drinks a sip of wine. His eyes are a little red. "

mom, don't you have no feelings for him?" Yang ChuChu looked at his mother's red eyes in surprise.

"I just gave up my heart. Even if he would look back at me when he left, I would keep him. But he didn't. I still remember his refusal to leave. At that time, I really had the heart to die!" Cheng Ying put out his hand to cover his forehead, and thought of the past sorrow and sorrow. At the moment, all of them are bitter and sorrowful.

"Mom, anyway, I don't expect him to explain anything to our mother and daughter. Let's wait for this storm to pass. Anyway, the gossip in the entertainment circle, no matter how shocking it is, will be ignored by time." Yang ChuChu is very optimistic.

"Of course I don't expect it, but I'm still a little reluctant at the bottom of my heart!" Cheng Ying is sad and self mocking. When the mother and daughter were talking to each other, Yang ChuChu's cell phone rang. Luo Jinyu called her.

"Hello!" She took her cell phone and spoke softly. "

turn on the TV and have a look. Fang Yang is being interviewed by the reporter. It's about you!" Luo Jin said in a slightly urgent voice. "

OK, let's see!" Yang ChuChu finished, hung up the phone, took the remote control and turned on the TV.

Looking through the two channels, we can see Fang Yang standing in a room and being interviewed by several media.

He used to be the vice mayor, and he still has fame and influence in this city. He used to appear in front of the camera for business, but today, he faces the camera for personal affairs. "

mom, look, I don't know what he wants to do again." To be clear hands in front of the chest, sneering at the screen.

Cheng Ying slowly put down his hand on his forehead, raised his head, and looked at Fang Yang in the TV. He disappeared for a few days. He lost a lot of weight. The whole man was no longer as spirited as before, and his face was particularly pale and haggard.

Liu Lan's life must not be easy for him.

Facing the camera, Fang Yang looked sad and said in a low voice, "I beg you to let go. It's not their fault. I didn't shoulder the responsibility of being a father. I fell in love with her when I broke up with my wife Liu Lan. There was no third party you wanted to see, let alone marriage In foreign affairs, Cheng Ying's daughter and I also had some at that time. The woman I wanted to marry was Cheng Ying, but Liu Lan carried me and gave birth to my eldest daughter. I was forced to give up her and marry my present wife. Here, I just want to remind young men of the mistakes they made when they were young. They will not be able to repay them all their lives. If you can, please Love a woman and treat your children well. Don't wait for the day when you can't help but never have the chance to love them again. My life seems to be very successful, but I dare not face the stain behind it. I'm not perfect. I'm willing to admit my guilt, just ask you to let go of the people I once loved and the ones I have been unable to take care of Daughter, don't give them any more pressure. Everything is my fault. If you want to scold, just scold me! "

Yang chuhuan's hand in front of his chest had been put down, and his hands were tightly clenched into fists. He stared at Fang Yang, who shed tears under the camera, with an unbelievable face.

Cheng Ying looked at it, but also looked stunned. Obviously, he didn't expect that this time, Fang Yang had a man to take on. "

mom, did you hear that? He's apologizing to you. He defended us? " Yang ChuChu turned around and said incredulously.

"Turn off the TV!" Cheng Ying's heart was in a mess. She didn't want to see any news from Fang Yang, even if he was pleading for their mother and daughter. Yang knew clearly that his mother must be upset. He turned off the TV and asked in a low voice, "Mom, what kind of person is he? I can't understand it! " "

in fact, he has nothing bad but cowardice!" Cheng Ying also spoke highly of Fang Yang. "

yes? Maybe I thought of him as an enemy at the beginning, but I didn't feel it! " Yang ChuChu laughed at himself. "

when he knows that I have given you birth, he will come to see you every other day, give you gifts, buy toys, and come to tease you when he is free. However, these are things you did when you were very young. You may not remember. When you grow up and start to remember things, I warned him not to come to us again. He promised, and only secretly took advantage of my inattention , come to talk to you and give you something! " When Cheng Ying said it, his tears fell. Yang was so delicate that he could hardly speak.

"If he is really your father, he must be a good father. However, there are too many things for a man to think about. Fame, power, ambition, and what's more, he has a family and daughter over there. We can't ask for too much. Just take advantage of what he said on TV, let's forgive him. Later, we will be a stranger and don't meet!" Cheng Ying finished, drank the wine in one breath, turned around and walked upstairs. Yang

stood beside the sofa, looking at his mother's back sadly for a long time. He closed his eyes, drank the wine at a draught, forgiving a person. It was not so difficult. At a certain moment, the hatred disappeared.