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C1101 she won'st let go

Lan slightly froze, looking at the sincere eyes of the man, she frowned immediately: "No, you just have to remember, you still owe me three conditions!" "

Don't you really think about it? I will give you a high-paying position, at least better than you as a hotel waiter! "Ji Shangqing wanted to invite her to work in the company in such a sincere manner, with only one purpose, to monitor her. She

Can be considered a dangerous person, if let her do things under her eyelids, Ji Shangqing can also feel a little at ease.

"Thank you, no need!" Lan Weiwei said, and turned to leave. "

Wait! Ji Shangqing suddenly reached out and tugged her arm.

Lan slightly trembled, and immediately flung his hand away like he was stained with dirt: "Don't touch me again!"

I don't think you look very well. Here is a bit of my heart. Would you like to go to the hospital? After Ji Shangqing said, he took out a thick step of money directly from his arms and put it on the table. Lan

Slightly again, Ji Shangqing said nothing, turned and left. blue

She stared at the pile of money for a few months, which she could earn, and she swallowed subconsciously.

Well, she really needs money. Forget it, let's just think that the man gave him a little mental loss. blue

Taking the money slightly, he slowly walked out of the cafe and saw Ji Shangqing got into a car worth millions and left.

"Ji Shangqing?" Lan slightly frowned, knowing nothing about this man.

When Lan Weiwei returned to the dormitory, her roommate was sitting on the bed waiting for her.

"Weiwei, who is that man? What's your relationship!" Asked the roommate curiously.

"It doesn't matter!" Lan Wei's face sank. "

But I think he seems to be good to you. Will he be your suitor? "My roommate envy her inexplicably. Lan

Slightly shook his head: "Of course not, by the way, do you know who Ji Shangqing is?" "

Ji Shangqing? I do n’t know, what happened? You can check it online! "The roommate reminded her.

Lan Weiwei actually turned on the computer and searched for the name. This search also found some news.

"Wow, Weiwei, the man turned out to be the master of the Ji family just now, you're rich!" The roommate screamed in surprise.

Lan Weiwei was also a look of surprise, did not expect that Ji Shangqing would be the master of the prominent family Ji family. "

Weiwei, how do you know him, you know, ordinary people like us, it is impossible to see the heroes of high society. "She asked her enviously and jealously.

"I ... I don't know him!" Lan Weiwei shut down the computer immediately, got up, and organized his textbooks: "Let's go to class!" Lan

He sighed slightly, Ji Shangqing turned out to be such a person of status, then, is the decision she just made reasonable? Low

Jin Yu still failed to leave Yang Chuchu for the night, he went to dawn alone, and then fell asleep. square


Fang Kexin was putting on makeup, the door was opened, and Fang Yang, Fang Kexin's father, came in. "

Dad, why haven't you gone out yet? Is there something wrong? Fang Kexin asked him with a smile, with a look of coquettishness. Fang Yang sat on the chair beside her and looked at her daughter seriously.

"Dad, why are you looking at me like that? Just say something!" Fang Kexin was clever, and she could see it at a glance.

"Ke Xin, did you tell Dad that you worked at Luo Jinyu's company last time?" Fang Yang asked her.

"Yeah, what's wrong? I'm grown up now and I can make money. Does Dad want to give me something to reward?" Fang Kexin retreated.

"Ke Xin, Dad hopes you can quit this job and find another one!" Fang Yang suddenly asked.

"Why?" Fang Ke stood up with anger and straightened his mouth. "Why did you let me resign?"

"You didn't go to Luo's for work at all, did you? It's for Luo Jinyu!" How could Fang Yang not understand her daughter's mind? "

Yeah, dad, even you can see it, dad, if you let Luo Jinyu be your son-in-law, you must have face. Fang Kexin saw that her mind was persuaded, she immediately smiled and held Fang Yang's arm, and said sweetly.

Yang's face was more dignified. He knew that Yang Chuchu was now with Luo Jinyu, so he would prevent his daughter from tangling the man.

"Ke Xin, if Dad begged you to leave Rockwell, would you agree?" Fang Yang didn't know how to tell her daughter about this, so she asked her again. "

What are you doing? Dad, don't you want your daughter to marry a good man? Fang Kexin's face changed suddenly, and then he became angry again.

"Of course not, just, isn't Luo Jinyu already a girlfriend? It's that young female star!" Fang Yang immediately reminded her.

"Yang Chuchu? Huh, she's not suitable for Luo Jinyu at all!" Fang Kexin's face suddenly became ugly when he heard the name of his rival. square

Yang was shocked and immediately solemnly said, "Daughter, our Fang family's style has always been decent. You can't do such a corrupt thing as grabbing a boyfriend." "

Dad, who is your biological daughter, do you help Yang Chuchu speak? I'm furious! Fang Kexin stomped his feet, his face pale.

Fang Yang felt a pain in his heart because both were his biological daughters, so he was anxious about this matter and it was difficult to make a choice.

"I heard that Luo Jinyu loves Yang Chuchu very much. Even if you have to step in, it's difficult. Let's just let go ..."

Don't let go, don't let go, Dad, do you know how long I like Luo Jinyu? Fang Kexin screamed in an instant, feeling like he had been wronged by Mo.

"No matter how much you like him, let's hurry up and don't get stuck!" Fang Yang calmly reminded her daughter. "

I ca n’t let go. I used to admire him in the past, but now, when I contacted him, I found out that he is a very nice man, long and handsome, and capable. If he can be his girlfriend, he will surely die. Already. Fang Kexin's longing expression. Fang

Yang Qi sighed: "If you think he is good, others will think he is good, Yang Chuchu will definitely not break up with him." "

I will let them break up! Fang Kexin sneered: "Dad, you may not know yet. The person who sent me to work at the Rock Group is Luo Jinyu's mother Tang Qi. She is very satisfied with me, as long as I please this future mother-in-law I'm married to Luo Jinyu is just around the corner. "

"What?" Fang Yang was really shocked.

"Dad, just wait and see, I will definitely grab Luo Jinyu, Yang Chuchu, she doesn't deserve Luo Jinyu!" Fang Kexin gritted his teeth with hate, put lipstick on the mirror and took After picking up the bag, he turned and left, leaving Fang Yang with a look of surprise.