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In the face of Ling's frankness and loveliness, Mu Weicheng is a little flustered. He is no longer the calm and calm leader of the military region. Instead, he looks like a young man who is just in love. There is a flame burning in his heart, but he can only use cold water to extinguish it and not let it burn.

"I don't hate you, but you bother me every day like this." Mu Weicheng answers her with a light voice.

"I'm bothering you?" Ling warm brain a blast, she also showed uneasiness: "sorry, I didn't expect it would be like this, or, you stop in front of it, I go home now."

Ling wennuan is a girl who knows how to be measured. Once she has said something thoroughly, she has figured it out. Mu Weicheng doesn't like to be with her. It's really impolite for her to disturb him like this.

"How are you going back?" Mu Weicheng's eyebrows wrinkled. Although Ling wennuan is not such a gorgeous and bright beauty, her beautiful and lovely appearance is quite eye-catching. In addition, she is inexperienced. I'm afraid that she will be cheated.

"I'll take a taxi back." Ling wennuan didn't let the driver drive her out today. She came here in a friend's car, so now she can only take a taxi home.

"I'm not sure. Let your driver pick it up." Mu Weicheng doesn't allow her to go home this way.

Ling wennuan was stunned for a while. Suddenly, she saw a busy commercial street ahead. There were many pedestrians. She immediately reached out her hand and pointed out: "otherwise, pull over and stop. My brother is about to have his birthday. I just went to pick out a gift for him."

Mu Weicheng looks at the crowd in front of her. If she puts this girl down, she will be drowned if she pushes into the crowd. She is wearing a knee length jeans skirt today. What if she meets a sex wolf?

"Don't go." The man's tone was firm, with an imperative: "go home."

Ling didn't expect that the man would not let herself out of the car. She immediately complained, "I really want to buy a gift for my brother, or you can accompany me."

"Don't let my uncle know that I've met you. It's not good for you, you know?" Mu Weicheng frowns. Can she understand the interests?

"Can your uncle kidnap me? When he took office, he promised not to hurt us in front of all the officials. " Ling wennuan's pretty face suddenly became angry. He felt that his uncle was hateful.

Mu Weicheng's face is stiff. Yes, he was robbed of the position of president from Ling Mo Feng's father. When he took office, he caused a lot of controversy. So he swore on the spot that he would not persecute Ling's descendants, but when did he let Ling Mo Feng go?

Oath sometimes, nothing, in front of the right, he is simply pale.

"In a word, I can't let him know about my meeting with you. I promised him that I would never contact you again." When Mu Weicheng thought of the words he promised, his heart ached and his face tightened.

"What?" Ling wennuan couldn't believe that he would promise this to the old president. Her face was white. Then she suddenly shouted, "Mu Weicheng, stop the car. I want to get off. I don't want to take your car. You stop."

Mu Weicheng was obedient and pulled over, his face slightly stiff, his eyes straight ahead.

Ling wennuan pushed the door directly and ran down. She pushed her way into the crowd. Her eyes were full of tears and she refused to fall down.

What's wrong with her? In the end, he got such a funny result. Ling warms her head and walks fast. She just wants to disappear at the side of Mu Weicheng. She doesn't want to stay for a moment.

Ling wennuan escapes. She feels embarrassed. Her family has told her five times and three times that the girl must hold Jin and not take the initiative to a man easily. However, she has left all her family's words behind her. When she hears him coming back, she can't control her legs and runs to see him.

"No more, no more." She bowed her head, tears rolled down, and the pink lips murmured incessantly. Then, she wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes with the back of her hand, as if she was blocking her breath, and cried and laughed: "OK, don't go back."

Ling warm warm although feel oneself also can be very cool, put down this feeling, but only her own know, just heard him say this sentence, that kind of shock, pain, how uncomfortable.

"Hello, how do you walk? You hit someone, you know? " Ling wennuan walked out of her wits, but accidentally bumped into a couple. The girl stared at her discontentedly and scolded.

"I'm sorry." Ling Nuan apologizes to the other party immediately.

The girl had forgiven her, but when she turned around, she saw that her boyfriend's two eyes were all glued to each other's body. She immediately pushed away the man beside her angrily: "you are deaf, she bumped into me, and you asked her to apologize to me again."

The man was pushed by his girlfriend and woke up immediately. He wanted to be a peacemaker: "I'll see. There are so many people today. It's normal to bump into them accidentally."

"What's normal? She hurt me, you know? Are you my boyfriend? How can you help outsiders? Do you want to break up The woman immediately refused to let go, and her face was livid, and she had a bad temper with her boyfriend.

When the man heard the break-up, he was really shocked. His lust disappeared immediately. He immediately said to Ling Nuan, who was frozen beside him, "apologize to my girlfriend, it's OK." Ling warm expression is also a Zheng, immediately said: "I have just sincerely apologized, besides, I did not hurt her, just touched."

"I say it hurts. Apologize. Don't leave today if you don't apologize." That woman is a bad woman at first sight. She sees Ling wennuan still pretending to be pitiful here. She immediately pushes her and shouts at the top of her voice.

Ling wennuan is really helpless. She knows that the other party is deliberately embarrassing herself, but she is in a bad mood now. She feels angry when she is pushed hard by the other party.

"You pushed me just now. It's even. I won't apologize again." Ling warm is also a principle of people, she is not afraid of each other strong bow.

The woman immediately stamped her feet and ordered her boyfriend standing beside her: "what are you still doing? You didn't see me bullied by her? "

In order to make his girlfriend happy, the man immediately came over and reached out to push Ling wennuan. "Is it hard for you to apologize?" he cried? I'm angry about not seeing my girlfriend. Hurry up. " However, before the man's hand touched Ling's warm sleeve, he was severely grasped by an iron like big palm. Next second, the other side just released his hand, and the man stepped back like a weak chicken.

Ling wennuan looked at the man who was going to push herself just now. She instinctively backed back two steps, but found that she seemed to be leaning against a solid embrace. She was shocked. The next second, she saw that the man was pushed away by a big hand and relieved her.

Seeing her boyfriend's weakness, the woman was not in the mood to continue shouting, so she helped her boyfriend run away.

"Thank you..." Ling wennuan immediately turned around to thank him, but when she said a word, she bounced off like an electric shock, because although he was wearing a mask, she recognized him directly.

Lingnuan turned around again, this time, she was running.

However, even if she runs fast, the long legs of men can keep up with her in time.

Ling wennuan ran out of breath, panting with two thin legs. The man stood behind her as usual.

"Mu Weicheng, I want you to leave at once. You are not allowed to follow me. I owe you what I have just done. I will pay you back. That's it. Don't follow me." Ling warm and angry, biting his teeth, stretched out a finger, pointed at each other, and uttered these cruel words.

"Don't be capricious. This place is not safe. Go home." Men's voice line is low, listen carefully, can hear a trace of anxiety and concern.

"You let me go back. I didn't listen to you. I was going to go home, but now I've changed my mind. I'm going to the bar ahead for a drink." Ling wennuan pointed to the door of a bar.

"Ling warm, you..." Mu Weicheng thinks she's crazy. A young woman runs to a bar to drink?