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C1139 making a poison oath

Tang youyou's study abroad has been finalized. In the evening, Ji Xiaohan asked her to go out for a romantic candlelight dinner. They realized that there was a long time to get married. However, Ji Xiaohan's feelings for her grew stronger and stronger, which made Tang youyou not believe it. On the way back to

Cheng, Tang youyou leaned against the man's side, looked out of the window at the lights, and was calm inside. "

when I invited my godmother to dinner this afternoon, I met Ji Shangqing and overheard something about him. I feel it's necessary to tell you something." Tang youyou now takes Ji Shangqing's father and son as the enemy, so she wants to tell Ji Xiaohan what she hears. What if it's useful news for him?

"Have you learned to eavesdrop? Long skill! " When Ji Xiaohan heard that he mentioned Ji Shangqing's name, Jun's face was obviously stiff. Later, he heard that she was eavesdropping. His face suddenly relaxed and joked with her.

"He was with a woman. I overheard their conversation. Would you like to investigate their relationship?" Tang youyou ignored his teasing and said seriously. "

what kind of woman is she? Do you suspect that Ji Shangqing has found an accomplice? " Season owl cold this just was right color, tightened eyebrow to ask.

"I don't know. I only hear her name is blue Weiwei. Ji Shangqing seems to owe her three conditions. I don't hear anything else. Isn't this the critical moment? I think you should not let anyone go, because it has something to do with their father and son. " Said Tang youyou according to the facts. "

well, I'll ask someone to check the details of this blue tiny and her relationship with Ji Shangqing tomorrow. If it's really his accomplice or someone who's not good for me, I'll start first." Ji Xiaohan is still very moved, because the little woman around him will think about him more and more.

Ji Shangqing returns home. Ji Lin is sitting in the living room drinking tea. Seeing him coming back, he immediately asks, "have you looked for blue Wei again recently? I didn't tell you to contact her more. " "

Yes, I did. I asked her to have a meal at noon." Ji Shangqing's cold answer. "

hasn't she promised to be your girlfriend yet? Why hasn't she agreed after so many days? Can't even a woman catch up with your charm? " Ji Lin looks at his son with a disappointed expression. There is a sneer in his words.

"You can, you go!" Ji Shangqing was not in a good mood. Ji Lin attacked her every time with the incident that he couldn't make sure of blue micro. Therefore, he was so rude to contradict her. "

you bastard, you poked it out. If it's not for your son's sake, I don't care about you. If you're caught for three or five years, I won't feel hurt." Ji Lin is so angry that he slaps the table and scolds Ji Shangqing.

Ji Shangqing also felt that he had said something wrong, so he had to slow down: "she promised to come over and be a nanny for me. Dad, you should move out tomorrow. Don't you want me to pursue it? Just leave us some private space and cultivate our feelings. "

Ji Lin's face also followed a joy: "really? She promised you? "

"Yes, she agreed with difficulty, so can you find a place now?" Ji still counts and nods.

"Are you kidding? Haven't you heard of cunning? Do you think I really want to stay at your house or not After Ji Lin finished, he went directly into his room to pack up a box and came out: "I'm moving out now. I live here. I don't trust you to live alone. I want to be a companion for you. Since you find Lan Wei, she will take care of you. I'm more relieved!" "

dad, are you holding the president's thigh? Have you got it? " Ji Shangqing sat on the sofa and asked him lazily.

"How do you speak?" Ji Lin's face was black again, and he said angrily, "for whom is all I have done? Do you dare to be sarcastic? You have given birth to your son in vain, and you are willing to kill me, aren't you? " Season

still clear but light way: "you don't get angry, I didn't laugh at you mean, I just care about you." "

just do your own thing, my thing, and leave it alone!" After Ji Lin finished, he pushed his box out. Ji

Yue Ze brings Bai Yiyan back to live in China. He finds a very hidden place for Bai Yiyan. It's a small villa on the outskirts of the city, or Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei take care of her. Cheng

Jianhong has already found someone to deal with Bai Yiyan. He must be mad now. Mad dogs will bite people. He must not be reconciled because an unseen daughter has lost her career. Maybe his decision now is to kill her. Ji

Yue Ze can't take Bai Yiyan's life to risk, so he takes the risk of being discovered by his grandmother and resets Bai Yiyan. "

Xiaoyan, you are wronged to live here for the time being. In the future, try not to go out. If you want to eat or buy anything, let Xiaoxing and lengfei buy it. Cheng Jianhong is facing the promotion recently. Moreover, he is a loyal dog beside the president. He may be looking for you everywhere now, trying to block your mouth. For safety, you must sink Stay angry, you know? " Ji Yueze put his arm around her shoulder and whispered a reminder in her ear. "

I know that I won't go out. Please leave now. If there's nothing else to do in the future, don't come to see me. For the sake of the future, we can't bear to see it for the time being." Bai Yiyan sat up from his arms, reached out and pushed him, urging him to leave.

"Well, if you endure for a while, everything will get better." Ji Yueze stood up, but he was reluctant to part with her. He reached out and touched her soft face gently: "Xiaoyan, maybe this is God testing us. We all have to stand this test. Don't think about running away. If you really love me, you should test tiger for me. If you don't see me, I will go crazy!"

Bai Yiyan shivered and bit her lower lip. Thinking of her leaving without saying goodbye again, Ji Yueze put down her work and rushed to find her. She felt that she was too reckless and unreasonable. "

don't worry, I won't leave in the future." Bai Yiyan raised her eyes, bright eyes on his eyes, and decided to say. "

I don't believe you, you swear to me!" Ji Yueze intentionally embarrasses her. Bai Yiyan is stunned for a moment. Then she points to the sky and says, "I, Bai Yiyan, am Ji Yueze's woman, and his ghost is his ghost. You Wei swear..." "

that's enough. Don't say anything so unlucky." Ji Yueze is speechless with her.