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Yang ChuChu sat in the car, frightened and uneasy. A few days ago, she received some unexplained threatening letters. She didn't even pay attention to them. She thought they were the jokes made by her peers. She didn't even tell Luo Jinyu.

But now, when seeing the black car that can't be put away, Yang ChuChu has to pay attention to this matter. It seems that she needs to discuss with Luo Jinyu the countermeasures to solve this matter.

After a few seconds of stiffness, Yang ChuChu got out of the car calmly. After giving the car key to the security guard, she turned around and entered the hall. However, she did not leave completely, but flashed away, hid behind a nearby column, peeped at the movement of the black car outside the gate.

After she left, the car did not stop, but drove away quickly.

Yang ChuChu clapped his chest and exclaimed how dangerous it was.

It's not a joke from her peers. If it threatens her life, it's murder. She can't wait to die.

Yang ChuChu runs to his studio. Suddenly, he bumps into a person at the door. Lin Enron, a popular female star who signed before, is said to have just turned around for a few days.

At the moment, she was holding a cup of hot coffee. Yang ChuChu hit her. The coffee in her hand poured out and burned on the back of her hand.

"Hey, you don't have eyes!" A female assistant nearby screamed abuse.

Yang ChuChu is also a fool. She is usually very calm. Only when she was panicked just now could she run into people rashly.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Did I burn it? I'll ask my assistant to get you the medicine! " Yang ChuChu stooped to apologize and apologized constantly.

Lin Enron put a hand on the back of the burned hand, and looked down with her eyes to see Yang ChuChu. Her eyes flashed a flash of light. Then she quickly smiled: "it's OK, it's not intentional anyway."

"But sister Enron, your back is red!" The assistant beside stared at Yang ChuChu angrily.

Yang ChuChu found out that it was Lin Enron. It was said that she was a very good actress.

"It's OK. Just put some medicine on your head. It's you. Don't be so loud. Don't scare Miss Chu!" Lin Enron looked at Yang ChuChu with a smile and a friendly tone.

Yang ChuChu looked at her with a guilty face: "I'm sorry!"

"By the way, my name is Lin Enron. I don't know whether you recognize me or not. I've just signed a new one for a few days. What I don't know in my life here will be my colleagues in the company. If I can't look up, I can't look down. Don't worry about this little thing." Lin Enron put out his hand gracefully, with a positive expression.

Yang ChuChu is a kind-hearted person, who makes friends with her, she is naturally rewarded in every way.

"Of course I know you. You've made a movie recently, which has a very good response. I've seen it, too. Your acting is very good." Yang ChuChu immediately smiled and praised.

"I'm ashamed to say that our company has a large number of famous brands. How can I count my acting skills? I need to learn more from the previous generations in the future." Lin Enron immediately smiled modestly.

Yang ChuChu thought that he had something urgent to deal with. He said goodbye and turned back to his leisure room. Several assistants rushed to protect him. "ChuChu, hurry up, we are in a hurry. There is still an hour for audition."

Yang ChuChu thought that she had an important job today. She sat in the dressing room, surrounded by people around her, confused.

"Where are all those horrible comics and photos sent to me some time ago? I will take them today!" Yang ChuChu asked his close assistant.

"You know, I've left all those things in the corner of the cupboard. Didn't you say you wanted me to burn them? I've been so busy these days, how can you take it? " The assistant replied in a panic, afraid that he would be slack.

"Don't burn it. I'm useful. By the way, you should be more vigilant. It's not peaceful in China recently. If there are suspicious people around you, you must protect yourself." Yang ChuChu admonishes them with concern.

"It's so clear. What do you say seems terrible." Next to someone jokingly asked.

Yang ChuChu shook her head. She didn't disbelieve these close people. She just didn't want to make a big deal. After all, she was a public figure. A little bit of agitation could be magnified infinitely.

"Clearly, do you worry too much about the anti affair popular male and female stars, which won't be envied by others? Just ignore them, they will stop after a while." There was a senior staff member nearby to comfort her.

Of course, Yang ChuChu knows that this is normal in the entertainment circle, but she has the ability to distinguish. Her intuition tells her that this is unusual.

Luo Jinyu had reminded him before that the old president intended to woo him, but he refused to participate in the political struggle. It seemed that there was no follow-up development, but he had to guard against the old president's insidious revenge.

At first, Yang ChuChu felt that this kind of revenge was unlikely. After all, the image of the old president to the Chinese people was very good.

After changing his daily make-up and clothes, Yang ChuChu decided to go out to work.

As soon as she got to the door of the hall, she met a man.

"You're going to work again?" Fang Yang took some fruit in his hand and asked her with a smile.

Yang ChuChu frowned: "Why are you here again? Didn't I ask you to stop feeding me? "

"Well, I want to tell you something. If it's inconvenient for you now, I'll come again next time. Take this fruit first." Fang Yang laughs a little embarrassed, because he also knows that his way of compensation is far fetched, but he has been idle recently and doesn't know what to do.

In fact, Yang ChuChu has been moved by him for a long time. Although her tone is still cold sometimes, she doesn't refuse his kindness anymore.

"If you're OK at noon, come to work with me and talk." Yang ChuChu said with a light voice.

"Will it disturb your work?" Fang Yang asked.

"No, let's go!" After Yang ChuChu finished, she sat in the business car assigned by the company. Fang Yang sighed and followed her.

Yang ChuChu looked out of the window and watched carefully to see if there were any suspicious vehicles. After a while, she didn't find the car she was following in the morning. She was a little relieved.

"Well, what are you looking at?" Fang Yang looked at her daughter curiously, and felt that she was absent-minded.

Yang ChuChu didn't want to bring the pressure to him. He just shook his head and said, "nothing. Didn't you say something to me?"

"Yes, in fact, it's not that important. I want you to pay more attention to safety recently." Fang Yang said with concern.

"Why do you remind me so suddenly?" Yang ChuChu frowned.

Fang Yang looked out of the window, then lowered his voice and said, "I had dinner with some friends in the previous political situation a few days ago, and got some news, which may be related to Luo Jinyu, so I am worried about you. You are his girlfriend now. As we all know, if someone wants to do harm to Luo Jinyu, the first one may come to you."

Yang ChuChu looked at him with a surprised face: "where did you get the news?"

"It's clear that I'm still an insider. Even if no one mentioned these things to me, I would have thought of them for a long time. I didn't dare to mention them to you just for fear of causing you uneasiness!" Fang Yang laughed bitterly.

"Do you really care about me so much?" Yang ChuChu was in a state of mind for a while.

"Of course, although you never want to call me dad, but in my heart, you are my daughter, I am really worried about you!" Fang Yang looked at her gently and said sincerely.

"I didn't disown you. You used to be sorry for us. If you don't hurt us any more, I will still recognize you." Said Yang ChuChu sullenly.

"I have changed my mind and become a new man, and I have no face to ask you to forgive me. Although I divorced my ex-wife, I still have two children. My only requirement now is to find a new job, just a few of your children." Fang Yang said reproachfully.

"There's nothing wrong with me. Take care of your two children." Yang ChuChu won't compete with Fang Kexin's brother and sister.

Fang Yang knew that she was very sensible, and nodded: "my father will continue to help you find out about Luo Jinyu. I hope you are all well. Don't have an accident."