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C1229 well intentioned arrangements

Time goes back one day. After defeating Xingyun group, Tianyu media once again took the first place, just as the company ushered in the annual celebration and award ceremony. Ji Yueze and co hosted a feast together, shaking the whole entertainment circle. At this ceremony, Lu xuanchen also liked to mention the most beautiful actor award. At this moment, in the audience, Mao Rongrong was invited here for the first time It's a happy and lively scene. Fortunately, she is not a person who is easy to be nervous. Therefore, she also sits in a safe and stable position, watching one by one bright and moving female stars come to the stage to receive awards. Her heart is still calm. But

when she heard everything about Lu xuanchen, there was a little more anxiety and eagerness in her eyes. She changed her sitting position, and heard Lu xuanchen's name appeared on the huge crystal screen on the stage, as well as several popular role switching starring him. Mao

Rongrong subconsciously shook the palm, but there was some hot sweat.

At this moment, a big hand gently extended, in no one can see the place, tightly held her hand.

Mao Rongrong was shocked. He wanted to release him quickly, but he couldn't get rid of him. The man continued to stare at the stage, but his thin lips aroused a smile of success. Mao

Rongrong is at a loss for help. Lu xuanchen has had a good time at home in the morning and cheated her to this place. Standing at the door, Mao Rongrong wants to turn around and leave. But Lu xuanchen repeatedly guarantees that she will be invited here only as a guest, never letting people know the relationship between him and her. What else can Rong Rong do? Of course, I listened to him, followed him in, and arranged to sit next to him. Is that ok?

Mao rongjue can't believe all the words of this man in the future. He can only believe a few words.

Sure enough, as soon as she sat down, some of the stars next to her came to inquire about her identity curiously, which made Mao Rongrong extremely embarrassed. Lu xuanchen introduced her perfectly: "this is my friend, we grew up together, iron brothers!"

Mao Rongrong stares at him. Where does she look like his brother? She's clearly a woman. Listen to the three words of "Iron Man". All the curious eyes have been turned back. Sure enough, once a woman is recognized as a potential brother by a man, she can no longer be regarded as a woman.

Mao Rongrong now has a clean place. But at the moment, Lu xuanchen reaches out to hold her hand. She is really scared.

"In a moment, I may go on stage to receive the prize. Later, I will give you this prize!" Lu xuanchen attached to her and said with a light smile in her ear.

"What for? That's what you're trying to do! " Mao Rongrong has already flushed and heartbeat because of the heat he breathed in his ear. "

are not all women in charge of wealth in a family? You are in charge of the prize and the money! " Lu xuanchen just finished saying that, the host and the awarding guest on the stage happily and enthusiastically read out his name, and invited him to take the stage to receive the award. Lu

xuanchen just let go of her hand and went to the stage alone to receive the prize. There was still some dull Mao Rongrong, confused. She looks up, under the frame, the graceful, confident and charming figure seems to be the deepest mark of her life. "

this man is really crazy!" She murmured, but her eyes could not move from him again. Lu

xuanchen is standing on the stage, and the people beside Mingming are also beautiful. But why in Mao Rongrong's mind, they are less than one in ten thousand? Difficult

can beauty come from beauty as well as beauty in the eyes of the beholder? Lu

xuanchen's lines are very simple, only thanks a circle of people, and then said a word that will continue to work hard, and walked off the stage directly.

When he came back to his side and sat down again, Mao Rongrong's heart was already very emotional.

She thought she would never have such a tense moment in her life, but God arranged for her to be such a beautiful man as a bright moon. How could her heart not jump wildly?

"Touch!" Lu xuanchen, a little bit small, grabbed her finger directly and pasted it on the cool cup. "

don't do this!" Mao Rongrong blushed and quickly pulled his hand back.

Lu xuanchen turned his head and did not turn his eyes to look at her: "your face is so red, is the air conditioning here a little hot?"

"Yes!" Mao Rongrong nodded at once.

"Oh, that's sad. I'm such a gorgeous man sitting beside you. I didn't even make you blush. Instead, several machines made you blush. Should I not envy the air conditioner next?" Lu xuanchen lowered his voice and whispered in her ear. Rong Rong's imagination is too terrible. Or, he came to tease her on purpose.

"Then hurry up!" Mao Rongrong just ignored him.

"No, I can't live with the air conditioner. If I die of electricity, some people may be sad." Lu xuanchen continued to tease.

Mao Rongrong just felt confused by his stirring step. At the moment, she was not angry.

Will this man talk again? "

I will not be sad for a fool!" Mao Rongrong bit his lip and replied.

"Well, what a cruel heart!" Lu xuanchen continues to look at her with an injured face. It's the kind of person who really looks at her without blinking, and doesn't even move the corner of her eyes. Lu

xuanchen finds that although Mao Rongrong is wearing light make-up today, why does he feel more beautiful than those women with heavy make-up? He always wanted to find a chance to tickle her to stop itching.

Mao Rongrong is like a woman with flesh on her cheek. Her whole pretty face is full. Her lips are full of liplines, with big eyes and beautiful nose. When she speaks again, her lips will give people a temptation to kiss the past at any time.

Therefore, Lu xuanchenjue's woman chose this kind of work, which really made him a little upset. Such a beautiful lips, however, were competing with people in court every day. "

What are you staring at me for?" Mao Rongrong looked at him twice in a row, and found that he was staring at himself, and she was so angry that her face turned red.

"It's not stare, it's stare, understand?" Lu xuanchen didn't smile.

Mao Rongrong's reply to him was speechless again. However, although she was stubborn and refused to admit it, her heart was filled with countless colors of joy. When the two people lift the pole from time to time, several media reporters not far away can keep their eyes on this side. What's more, today's Lu xuanchen is so brilliant, which is their goal. Look at him and the woman around him. They always seem to have endless topics. Of course, they have caught them one by one.

But what makes them curious is that this woman is not a female star in the circle, but like an outsider. What is her relationship with Lu xuanchen? Can you beat all the female stars and successfully sit on his right hand side?

In fact, it's not only the journalists' friends who are curious, but also some female stars present today are dissatisfied. For example,

now Lu xuanchen's development goes against the current, killing a piece of blue sky and winning the most popular award. You know, Ji Yueze has won the award before. Today, he has an unlimited future.

Ji Yueze really retreated behind the scenes, which broke the hearts of countless fans, but there was no way. The competition between Tianyu group and Xingyun also came to the surface gradually. You know that Ji Yueze's company is facing challenges. As the boss of the company, he will no longer stand by. Fortunately, he is still stepping into the entertainment circle, and the future news about him can be explored I don't really hurt those loyal fans.

Nowadays, many female stars want to have some gossip with Lu xuanchen. Today's celebration is the best chance. If anyone can sit beside him, there will be a scandal the next day. But no one thought that there were already people sitting in that position, and it was a woman who they thought was very common. Rong Rong didn't know that Lu xuanchen forced her to come here just to prevent him from having sex with other women. It's really hard work. Unfortunately, the women around him are not aware of this and will not be moved.