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C1975 torn face

Everyone walked so far, but also very tired, each back to the room to rest.

Just as Ji Tingyan sat down on the bed, she heard a knock on the door. She jumped to open the door and saw Li Jingwen standing outside with a plate of fruit.

"Xiaonai, I just asked the hall staff for a plate of fruit for you to eat." Li Jingwen said with a smile on her face.

"You're ready. Come in and sit down." Ji Tingyan nodded gratefully.

Li Jingwen walked in, put down the fruit, and looked at Ji Tingyan's room. It was not of the same grade as theirs. There was a small balcony outside the door, and the indoor arrangement was also exquisite.

"Nai, I'm here to apologize to you." Li Jingwen suddenly lowered her head and said.

Ji Tingyan was stunned for a moment and said curiously, "what have you done wrong? What's your apology?"

"No, no, no, I'm wrong. I shouldn't have brought my personal things to work. Don't worry about what I told you today." Li Jingwen has come to play again. The other meaning of her sentence is that if you listen to what I said, you shouldn't come to rob me of men.

Ji Tingyan's eyes stopped on her face, and then, as if she had made a decision, her eyes were firmer.

"Jingwen, since you told me about your personal affairs, I also want to tell you about my personal affairs. I told you that I came here to travel. In fact, I didn't come here to play. I came here to have a blind date with feting. I met his grandmother abroad, and my brother thought feting was a good man, so I hope you don't mind my relationship with him. "

"What?" Li Jingwen's expression froze, and her eyes were shocked: "did you come to meet coach tie?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I didn't expect you'd like him. It's a coincidence." Ji Tingyan chuckled.

"Then Do you like him then? " Li Jingwen hears her heart breaking voice. It's heartbreak. She looks at Ji Tingyan like a needle and wants to hear her answer.

The battle between women is a war without gunpowder. The smell of gunpowder has been raised in the air.

Ji Tingyan didn't want to hide from her, so she nodded, "I like it."

Li Jingwen's face suddenly turned pale. She held her hands tightly, as if she was enduring something.

"Jingwen, if you don't want to continue working for me, I don't force you to stay. You can leave at any time. If I breach the contract, I will pay you according to the agreement." Ji Tingyan also feels that this tit for tat is a bit hurtful to her feelings, but she has to deal with things when she meets them. This is the way Ji's family behaves, and she doesn't retreat or avoid it.

"Money is great, isn't it? You know how much I love him. " Li Jingwen's eyes are red with grievance, and her face is full of resentment. She looks at Ji Tingyan as if she is hating her rival.

Ji Tingyan sat down on the sofa beside her, and her eyes flashed: "I asked him, he said he never liked anyone."

"Oh." Li Jingwen laughed: "do you mean to laugh at my unrequited love? I've offended anyone with wishful thinking. Not everyone can get a response to my feelings. "

"I don't mean to make fun of you. I just feel that since there is no woman in the heart of tie Ting, I can love him in a positive way. Of course, if you feel that you still have a chance, we can also compete fairly." Ji Tingyan, for the sake of meeting each other, really doesn't want to do anything absolutely.

"Fair? Is there any justice in the world? You are golden branches and jade leaves. What am I? There can be no fair competition between us. I believe that coach tie is blind. He will definitely consider you, because you are not only young and beautiful, but also can help him in his career. I am just a nobody. I can't help him. I really should say that my heart is higher than heaven and my life is thinner than paper. I have to admit my life. " Li Jingwen looks up at Ji Tingyan with pain and a sneer.

Ji Tingyan looks at her with a complicated mood.

"Since you are going to say so, leave now, I don't want to give you any more pain." Ji Tingyan got up and took out a check from her backpack: "in the agreement, your salary is 50000, and the penalty is ten times. I will give you 500000, which is what you deserve."

After Ji Tingyan wrote it, she tore it off and handed it to her: "I'm sorry."

Li Jingwen stared at the check, feeling more humble, but she reached for it and said, "OK, my job is over."

Li Jingwen finished, took the check, opened the door to leave, and slammed the door.

Ji Tingyan looks at the door and sighs.

Li Jingwen angrily went back to the room and began to clean up her things without saying anything.

Seeing this, Cheng Yue asked her strangely, "Jingwen, what are you doing?"

"My work is over. I will not do it." Li Jingwen shoves things into her backpack. Then she sneers, "Cheng Yue, take care of yourself."

"You quit? Why? " Cheng Yue looks surprised.

"For no reason, I don't want to be despised any more." After Li Jingwen finished, she said something and went out.

This hot spring town has a car leading to the outside. Li Jingwen finds the front desk and leaves by the hotel car.

Sitting in the car, she cried her eyes red. Ji Tingyan was so deceiving that she would not give up.

Cheng Yue quickly comes to find Ji Tingyan and wants to know the situation.

Ji Tingyan did not tell Cheng Yue the story.

"What? Li Jingwen likes Mr. tie? No wonder, she's weird all the way, so it is. " Cheng Yue finally found the reason.

"I didn't expect that either." Ji Tingyan smiles helplessly.

"Xiaonai, don't be sad. It's just a coincidence." Cheng Yue comforts her in turn.

"I'm not sad, but I'm going to work hard for you in the next trip."

Cheng Yue shakes her head and laughs: "I don't know how hard it is. Compared with my previous employer, you are the most worry free owner. You also take me to travel around for free. I really want to work for you all my life."

Ji Tingyan was amused by him: "well, we can continue to cooperate in the future if we have a chance."

When Li Jingwen left, at dinner, Wang Cheng asked, and Ji Tingyan said directly. Tie Ting didn't look at her intensely. Ji Tingyan touched his eyes and felt guilty.

After dinner, Wang Cheng gave everyone a ticket to the hot spring. The hot spring here is shared by men and women. There are a lot of holes in the pool. The artificial decoration and nature are very ingenious. Therefore, this town is very famous.

Ji Tingyan heard that everyone came into the arena together. She was a little embarrassed. Cheng Yue had already taken her hand to choose clothes.

A shop owned by the hotel, a variety of women's swimsuits, styles.

Lu Mengmeng, with a lollipop and a young lady's posture, reached out and pointed to a set of very cute swimsuit with little dew, and bought a white bathrobe.

Cheng Yuexuan is a very conservative swimsuit, and she is more shy than Ji Tingyan.

Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes swept around and finally picked out only a black one-piece swimsuit.

Lu Mengmeng is young and vigorous. Seeing that what Ji Tingyan has chosen is a dress that doesn't stand out, she must be not in good shape when her mouth is raised. So she can't show anything.

In the dressing room, Ji Tingyan changes into a swimsuit, which fits her very well. Cheng Yue quickly puts a broad and warm robe on her: "it's cold outside, don't catch cold."

Ji Tingyan also paid attention to her words. She tied up her long hair with a high leather band, revealing an excessively beautiful face, just like the most beautiful swan dancer. Her snow-white and slender neck was even more beautiful.

Ji Tingyan is not a conservative woman either. She used to play on the beach without feeling embarrassed. I don't know why. When she walked out of the dressing room, she lost her heart. Is it because she has a loved one in her heart and is afraid of losing her confidence in front of him?