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C1626 does he know she's jealous?

Chen Fuyu is the intellectual and elegant woman standing in front of Ling Mo Feng. Ling Mo Feng is a young and famous biologist.

Ling Mo Feng was so surprised to see her because Chen Fuyu had an accident on a cruise ship that he had been investigating in Antarctica a a year ago. Chen Fuyu had no news for more than a year.

Chen Fuyu looks at the elegant and noble man in front of her with some blazing eyes. She looks around and looks back: "just woke up, I heard you were engaged."

"What's the matter with you?" Lingmo Feng was still very surprised. When he lost her news, he also lamented that Chen Fuyu was a hard-working woman. Lingmo Feng appreciated her dedication to work. If she was so young, she would lose her life. It's a pity that for the biological community, it's a great loss to lose such a young and promising scholar.

"My head was severely damaged. I lay down in the hospital for half a year, and my memory was damaged. I just went back to China for a thorough review not long ago. Mo Feng, did I miss anything? You are the sun in that sky, and no one dare look at you directly, Mr. President. " Chen Fuyu's face was smiling, but his expression of grace implied loss.

Ling Mo Feng felt happy for her coming back home, but after hearing her words, he was slightly shocked.

Season owl cold is looking at these two outside don't meet again old friend, in the deep eye light flashed.

For Ling Mo Feng and Chen Fuyu, Ji Xiaohan is certainly clear. They grew up in the same environment. Both of them worked very hard to be excellent. At the beginning, Ji Xiaohan thought they would be a couple, but later, the development direction of the two people was different, but they did not show the kind of feelings he thought.

In the distance, lanyanxi's beautiful eyes have been widened, and she is staring at this side.

Tang youyou followed and immediately asked her curiously, "do you know the woman in the red dress beside the president?"

Lanyanxi's breathing was a little short. She was confirming one thing. When the woman turned her head to look this way, lanyanxi's heart was shaking.

"How are you, Miss blue?" Tang youyou reached for her arm with concern.

LAN Yanxi's heart was beating fast. He turned to look at Tang Youyou, with a look of panic in his eyes.

"What's the matter?" Seeing her expression, Tang youyou immediately became nervous.

"That woman was a good friend of Ling Mo Feng's before. How did she come?" LAN Yanxi saw her in Ling Mo Feng's album at the beginning. Although times have changed, they are no longer young girls, but LAN Yanxi recognized the elegant woman in Ling Mo Feng's photo at a glance.

Tang youyou is also a woman. Her mind is sensitive and delicate. When she heard LAN Yanxi, she seemed to be in a panic. She immediately lowered her voice and asked her, "isn't it Mr. President's childhood? She's here to fight you for him? "

"I don't know, but I think It's not practical. " LAN Yanxi has regarded Tang youyou as a good friend, so she will show all her emotions.

Don't be afraid. The president loves you so much. He will surely give you enough security

"Of course I believe him, but I don't believe that woman." Lanyanxi is still in a panic.

Because she found that the woman was more beautiful than she thought, she had no self-confidence.

"Miss LAN, let's go. I'll go with you and say hello. I'll see if you can test it." Tang youyou has also experienced this stage of panic and uneasiness. When she finds out that the man she loves has more care for other women, it's a heartbreaking pain.

"Sister you, thank you." At this time, lanyanxi no longer called her Miss Tang, but changed her tongue directly, because she found that Tang youyou could give her a sense of security.

Tang youYou can't help chuckling, reaching for her arm and whispering in her ear: "remember, you are Ling Mo Feng's favorite woman. He is Mr. President. He can't treat other heterosexuals with cold face. Just relax."

LAN Yanxi is calmed by her comfort. Yes, Ling Mo Feng is a gentle man by nature. Although he talks to each other at the moment, she can't ask him to say it with a cold face.

When LAN Yanxi was upset, she saw Ling Mo Feng coming towards her. "Sister Youyou, he's here." Lanyanxi seemed to be shocked at the moment.

"Then you go." Tang youyou pushes her gently, and LAN Yanxi immediately moves forward two steps. Ling Mo Feng has reached out his palm and gently grasped her wrist. The voice line says with a smile: "Yanxi, I'd like to introduce someone to you. You should have met her."

"I've seen it in your album." LAN Yanxi immediately murmured.

Ling Mo Feng saw that her face was not right. He stopped and asked her gently, "what's the matter?"

LAN yanxili immediately refreshed her spirit. She could not leave without fighting, let alone losing face to Ling Mo Feng. She immediately raised her mouth and smiled: "nothing, you don't want to introduce us? Let's go. "

Ling Mo Feng still felt that her mood seemed strange. Then, he suddenly thought of a reason.

Ling Mo Feng takes LAN Yanxi's hand and stands in front of Chen Fuyu.

Chen Fuyu raised his chin slightly, and a pair of beautiful eyes looked at LAN Yanxi's face.

The first feeling is that she is very young, and her face is still a little childish. It should be the student who just left the school. At first glance, she looks like she is not involved in the world. I don't know why she moved Ling Mo Feng's heart.

"Yan Xi, her name is Chen Fuyu, a biologist." Ling is still very happy to be able to introduce his wife to friends.

LAN yanxili raised his hand and smiled at each other: "Hello, my name is Lan Yanxi. Nice to meet you."

"I'm also very happy. I didn't expect that Mo Feng would like you. He used to wonder what kind of woman he would marry. Seeing you, I finally got the answer." Chen Fuyu's face was smiling, and he seemed to be very happy.

LAN Yanxi looks at Ling Mo Feng awkwardly. Ling Mo Feng is also looking at her gently.

"Mo Feng, you have finally realized your dream. I am proud of you." Chen Fuyu's eyes continued to stare at Ling Mo Feng's face, and the smile was very real.

Ling Mo Feng nodded: "thank you. You're just sick. You should pay more attention to rest."

"If it's someone else's party, of course I won't come here with illness, but you are different. We have gone through such a long time together, and I will come here personally to give you my blessing." Every word of Chen Fuyu implies that her feelings for Ling Mo Feng are very different.

LAN Yanxi is not stupid. On the contrary, women are very talented in jealousy. Maybe Ling Mo Feng can hear friendship, but LAN Yanxi can hear choosing T-shirt.

"Miss LAN, I'll give you a toast for the first time." Chen Fuyu reached for a glass of wine and held it up to lanyanxi.

Of course, LAN Yanxi will not show weakness. He immediately reaches for the wine glass beside him. As soon as he reaches out, Ling Mo Feng immediately grabs her wrist and says with a slight voice: "Yanxi, you can't drink now, forget about our pregnancy?"

LAN Yanxi is shocked. If Ling Mo Feng doesn't remind her in time, she may not be afraid to drink with Chen Fuyu.

Chen Fuyu's face froze for a moment. Originally, she was not healthy enough, but now she was even paler. She was almost unstable.

LAN Yanxi was forced by a man to fill his hand with a glass of juice: "only this can be drunk."

"I'm sorry, but I can only offer you this." LAN Yanxi smiles at Chen Fuyu.

Chen Fuyu suppressed the tumbling mood and forced a smile: "it doesn't matter. Aren't you just engaged? So anxious to have children. "

LAN Yanxi nodded, "it's not that I'm in a hurry, it's that he's too old."

Ling Mo Feng's face is startled. The little woman really dislikes him.

Chen Fuyu heard the pun of LAN Yanxi, was she also reminding her that she was too old?

Chen Fuyu is one year younger than Ling Mo Feng, but she is 28 years old this year. If a woman is not married at this age, she will still be regarded as a leftover woman.

It's such a sharp mouth, and Chen Fuyu sneers at it from the bottom of his heart.