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C2033. I'm upset

"How can I quarrel with you when you sleep so hard? My mother has gone to the company. There may be something urgent. Let's go out for lunch and change our clothes. Let's go out. " Tie Ting saw her flustered expression, inexplicably cute, he came straight to her and straightened her long hair: "it's OK, lazy is lazy, but I don't dislike it."

"You Are you still making fun of me? " Ji Tingyan is going to be angry and cry. It's in her mother-in-law's house. She can't be treated as her own.

"It really doesn't matter. I told my mother that you were too tired yesterday and my mother understood." When the man saw her serious, he had to comfort her patiently.

"Really? Did you explain? " Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes narrowed, and she stared at him angrily: "also said that you came to my room in the middle of the night?"

"How can I say that?" The man blushed.

Ji Tingyan bit her lips and murmured, "I'll set the alarm clock tomorrow. I don't expect you."

Why does she take it so seriously? However, does her serious attitude prove that she really wants to be the daughter-in-law of the tie family?

"Well, don't be angry. I'll drive. I must be hungry." Tie Ting asked her gently.

"Well." Ji Tingyan returns to the room, washes and cleans up, and then goes downstairs.

Today, the sun is good, the sea breeze is blowing, bonding drives the car and takes her to a seaside restaurant. "The seafood here is delicious. We often come here for dinner." Tie Ting stops the car, takes her hand, walks and introduces in a low voice.

Ji Tingyan looks around her eyes. Is this the place where she often comes? She has an inexplicable sense of intimacy.

Choose a seat and sit down. There is the coastline outside the window. A boat passes downstairs.

Because a person, falling in love with a city, before only felt that the novel was too aesthetical. In reality, there is no such thing. But after experiencing it personally, I found that sometimes reality is more romantic than fiction.

Ordered a table of seafood, very delicious, tie Ting skilfully peeled two lobsters for her to eat.

Ji Tingyan enjoys the delicious food here. Her mood is rippling and her love is full-bodied. She can't help thinking about her life after marriage. She gets along with each other day and night. She doesn't know if she'll be tired one day. She's afraid that her beautiful affairs won't stand the test of time. If someone cares, she'll suffer from gain and loss.

After lunch, feting took her for a walk by the sea. It was windy by the sea. Ji Tingyan's long hair was blown out of order. The man put his coat on her shoulder, put his arms around her, and Ji Tingyan shrank in his arms. They walked forward step by step.

"My mother said that Xiao Xun would come back tomorrow." Tie Ting said casually.

"Is it? Then there will be company. I don't know whether he will come back alone or with Tang idealism. " Ji Tingyan is also optimistic about their feelings. Life and death friends are more valuable.

"I don't know. Let him deal with it." Tie Ting sighed. At the beginning of love, it's about two people. Marriage is about two people. They should have just started.

As tie Ting thought, the tie Xun who is abroad at the moment has already been waiting for some anxiety.

Living in a spacious apartment, he is bored with half a bottle of wine, sitting on the balcony, counting a plane, passing through the sky, empty in mind, he still can't contact Tang idealist. "It's cruel." There is something in his sleep that makes him scratch his heart and lungs. He can't sit still and sleep well.

The day before work was over. He refused to go back to China because of his efforts. He just wanted to wait for Tang's response.

However, she seems to have evaporated in the world, without any news.

Fuxun looks at his mobile phone. There are three hours left. He is going to the airport. If she doesn't call him again, he will be in China next time.

At last, he took a sip of wine and cleaned up the garbage can in the apartment. The apartment was purchased by him, which made it convenient for him to come here for business. As a man who has a habit of cleanliness, it's not allowed to have any clean hair, let alone dust. He can clean up when he has time. Maybe it has something to do with his professional habits. It's so precise that it's not allowed A little mistake, and he treats his own life, is also so demanding, messy place, will make him in a bad mood.

Fuxun packed his suitcase and looked at his wristwatch again. There were only two hours left. To be honest, he really felt that he was being played with by Tang Weixin. If she was such a person, Fuxun frowned and gave her another week. If she didn't come to him, he might go to her.

Quiet space, suddenly came a knock on the door, tie Xun puzzling frown, at this time, who will come to him?

He suddenly became alert, opened his cat's eyes and looked out, and saw a woman standing outside, with short shoulder length hair and smart eyes.

Tie Xun fiercely leaned against the wall nearby, and his breath was suddenly disordered. It was Tang Weixin who just scolded her for being cruel.

Tang Weixin is wearing a white sweater coat and a pair of jeans. The whole person looks clean and refreshing. She carries a backpack and a puppy in her arms. She thinks about it and looks at the address of the mobile phone. It should be right. It's here.

Tie Xun's heart couldn't bear the surprise. He used it for a long time to let his breath be steady and open the door casually.

Tang Weixin looks at the man standing at the door. She immediately raises her hand and says, "tie Xun, I've come to find you."

"Oh, how did you find me? Why didn't you call me in advance? " Tie Xun pretends to be calm and raises eyebrows. This woman has been hurting him for many days. He can't show too much enthusiasm. It's too humiliating and too cheap.

"Don't forget what I do. It's easy to find your address. You don't welcome me?" Tang idealist also picked eyebrows.

"Come in!" Tie Xun found that this woman seems to be particularly beautiful today. The confidence in her bones is not owned by all women. She is fearless, free and easy, just like the wind, which makes tie Xun feel unable to hold her.

Tang Weixin went in and found the box in the living room. She was shocked: "you are leaving?"

Tie Xun didn't answer her, just stared at her, and his breath gradually became heavy. Next second, he ignored her and held her face and kissed her.

"Hello What are you doing? " Tang Wei's heart was startled. Instinctively, she reached out and pushed him away. The little dog she was holding in her arms was also stunned and made a few low sounds.

Tie Xun wants to be strong. Only in this way can he relieve his depressed mood these days. However, he seems to forget what Tang idealism is. With her skills, he may not be able to get close to her. "What did you say? I want to kiss you. " Tie Xun's face was red and puffed.

"If you want to kiss me, just kiss me. You scare me." Tang Weixin's face was red, and he leaned towards him: "how can I be intimate? Where to kiss? "

Tie Xun angrily grinned and bit his teeth, held her face again and kissed her lips.