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Ling Mo Feng just out of politeness, don't want to see such elegant etiquette Miss fall, this just reached out to lightly support her back, will her body steady.

In other people's eyes, Zhang's action only shows his excellent accomplishment and generous demeanor. But in Yang He's eyes, it's just the beginning of romantic love. She can't believe it. Her eyes are widened, and her feelings are rippling. She only feels the firm and powerful palm holding her back gives her infinite hope.

It's just a matter of minutes and seconds. In other people's eyes, it's a small episode, which is not worth mentioning. But Yang He is surprised, ashamed and flattered.

"Thank you, Mr. vice president. It's my fault!" Yang he reflected from the surprise for a while and immediately bent down to apologize.

"It's OK, pay attention next time!" Ling Mo Feng said a few words, and sat down in his place.

Although a man still has a business smile on his face, there is some uneasiness in his heart.

Just now, he reached out to help other women. He didn't know whether the little woman had seen it or whether she would be angry.

Ling Mo Feng's worry is not superfluous at all, because a girl is bulging her cheeks and staring at his back angrily and stiffly.

LAN Yanxi really doesn't want to think that Yang he just fell on purpose, but she just felt that Yang he was on purpose. Seeing Ling Mo Feng around, she can't move. That's why she just helped.

Fortunately, Ling Mo Feng is still his own duty. He didn't hug her waist directly, but held her back. But these two natures, in LAN Yanxi's view, are not different.

Before the party started, LAN Yanxi was about to be filled with anger. Although she knew that being angry was bad for her health, she could not control her emotions. She felt that Yang he was really over the top.

Yang He's heart is beating fast, her face is ruddy with a layer of powder. Her beautiful eyes are secretly aiming at Ling Mo Feng, who is sitting in the position. He is like a king. He puts his hands on the armrest of the chair. A man is whispering to him in his ear. He is listening carefully and attentively. I will nod in response.

The more Yang he saw it, the more she felt that she was really in love with this man. In her eyes, everything about him was perfect. Because of his smile, Jin Gui was polite. Although he knew that he had practiced such a coping professional smile, Yang he felt that his smile had the effect of healing her inner darkness.

If she could get up in the morning and see such a warm smile, she would really like to reduce her life by 30 years.

The party was still going on in an orderly manner. Ling Mo Feng was not a man who liked to put on airs. As a vice president, he had already attended the party first. Some officials who came in later immediately walked to their seats in panic.

LAN Yanxi sat on the seat bored and stuffy. She screwed the lid of mineral water hard. This amazing power surprised her. She usually screwed a bottle cap. She had to do it several times. Today, did she eat gunpowder? Turn it on in a second?

LAN Yanxi raised his head and drank half a bottle of water, which finally eased the depression of his chest.

Forget it, she's not angry. Anyway, it can't be Lingmo Feng's fault. Everything is Yang He's self directing and self acting. The only thing she can do is to warn the man. Next time there's a beautiful woman in front of him, he'd better be clear. Don't show mercy to everyone. His arms can only belong to her. He should dare to love again.

"Hum!" LAN Yanxi snorted subconsciously, as if he had a deep hatred with someone.

Two female colleagues nearby were shocked by her sudden behavior and looked at her strangely.

"Yan Xi, what happened to you just now?" Immediately someone turned and asked her softly.

LAN Yanxi then found that he seemed to be too excited, so he had to smile softly: "it's OK, I just feel a little uncomfortable in my voice!"

Yang He's reception is almost over. She and several of her etiquette ladies find a place to sit down and watch the party.

The old president also came in with high spirits, greeting people all the way, smiling and cordial.

LAN Yan and Xisheng are sitting in the position without love. There are people who have nothing to talk about around. She can only keep staring at Ling Mo Feng's back.

From her point of view, you can see men's short hair trimmed clean, and a small half of the white collar, sexy and full of male charm.

LAN yanshidun took time out of his mind to mend a big drama with him that he couldn't sleep in bed in the middle of the night.

But, just think of half, her face is red, quickly put away those evil thoughts, watch the performance.

Yang He's position is not far away from lanyanxi. Actually, she has seen lanyanxi sitting there for a long time. Her mind is in a state of imbalance. Lanyanxi is dressed in working clothes and has a clear temperament. Like all the people here, she is sitting in a position and watching this wonderful play.

She looked down at her dress again. Although it was very beautiful on her body, it also showed her delicate figure, but this position was different. She came here to serve, but lanyanxi was not.

Yang he didn't care to watch the performance. What he thought was just an unexpected encounter with Ling Mo Feng.

Her dress is very thin, the warmth of the man's palm, even through the fabric, to her skin.

Even if it only stops for two seconds, it's enough for Yang He to have a lifetime of aftertaste.

Yang He's got a smile on his lips. LAN Yanxi must have seen it. Everyone here has seen it. The vice president's gentle support for her is really happy.

However, her happiness has changed a little.

Because, she saw Wan Qianqian wearing a dignified and elegant seat in the back of Ling Mo Feng.

Yang He's eyes flashed a vicious light. She really hoped Wan Qianqian would disappear quickly and never stay between her and Ling Mo Feng.

Unfortunately, Yang He's wish can't be fulfilled. Wan Qianqian not only has a better chance to get close to Ling Mo Feng, but also her everything is several times better than her.

If Ling Mo Feng's vision is not bad, he will definitely choose the beautiful and generous one between them. Wan Qianqian, who is young and famous, is the only woman who can more afford the identity of the next president's wife.

Yang He is more and more heartbroken, his eyes are red.

Wan Qianqian's eyes are not on the performing troupe, but on Ling Mo Feng, who is sitting in front of her.

She happens to be in the two positions on his left side. From her angle, you can see the perfect side face of a man. When he watches the performance, he is serious and serious, which makes his facial features more three-dimensional and handsome, and his temperament more indifferent and alienated.

Wan Qianqian can't help sighing in her heart, what kind of woman can arouse the hidden flame and passion in this man's body?

Is that kind of girl Lan Yanxi? Wan Qianqian could not help frowning.

In her opinion, lanyanxi has no connotation except that she is young and beautiful. She comes from a large family, and she must have been pretty and willful since childhood. What else can she have besides her self righteous bad temper?

It's said that Ling Mo Feng married with the blue family because the blue family was willing to help him. This kind of marriage with strong interests has no soul, and there will be no happiness together.

Wan Qianqian also firmly believes that Ling Mo Feng won't like LAN Yanxi. Maybe LAN Yanxi likes him, but it's a pity that the falling flowers are intentional and merciless. Finally, they will become a joke.

LAN Yanxi didn't know that he was useless in other people's eyes, and he became a savage and ignorant girl.

She's just peeing now!

I really shouldn't have drunk half a bottle of water just now. This is the first performance. She can't sit still.

LAN Yanxi's pretty face is miserable. At last, she can only blush and stoop to walk out quickly.

She held her breath and rushed into the ladies' room.

When she easily opened the door of the lattice and came out, suddenly, she saw someone repairing makeup, and she knew someone.

It's Yang He!

LAN Yanxi's expression was a little stiff. He bent down beside her and opened the water tap. After washing his hands, he pulled a piece of paper and tried to leave.