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C1478 young grandma's momentum

Season owl cold slightly evil spirit of spit out a smoke, Wang Hanxue immediately Jiao exhort, to the side to avoid some, then, Jiao said: "season, why don't you go to accompany Miss Tang?"? I don't think she's in a good mood recently. I don't know if something happened to her. "

Ji Xiaohan is humming in her heart. What can she do? She is so devoted to her work that she forgot her husband.

"What do you think might happen to her? She likes to hide everything. Don't tell me! " Ji Xiaohan asked her intentionally.

Wang Hanxue's eyes are a little surprised. Then, she is full of joy. She feels that Ji Xiaohan is seeking her opinion. What does this mean? Does this

man care about her answer?

"Last time I saw Miss Tang answering the phone, it seemed that she was talking to someone. She was very worried. I didn't know whether she was a man or a woman. I thought she was calling president Ji. Didn't Ji always know?" Wang Hanxue suddenly put on an unexpected expression. Xiao hanjunrong turns black in an instant. Wang Hanxue's mind and purpose are more vicious than he thought. She even picked him out of his long-term relationship with his husband and wife?

At the moment, Tang youyou is hiding behind the nearby glass window. When she sees Wang Hanxue's initiative to swim towards jixiaohan, her two small hands are clenched into fists. Wang Hanxue does not leave immediately, but actively swims towards jixiaohan. When she comes out of the pool, she deliberately twists her waist like a beautiful snake. The most exasperating thing is that she even returns Dare to rob the lighter in jixiaohan's hand, and take the initiative to light a cigarette for jixiaohan? Tang

seeing this place for a long time, she is almost furious. She has been married to Ji Xiaohan for so long, and she hasn't had a chance to give him a cigarette. Unexpectedly, Wang Hanxue is quite sensible. Ji Xiaohan didn't speak, so she knows what he wants to do.

Tang youyou is a wise man. Wang Hanxue's behavior completely covers her misunderstanding of Qingchun. Before

she only saw women in movies and TV plays who would please men so much. She knew what a man wanted and could do what he wanted. Unexpectedly, now she saw a living capable person. No, she can't bear it. She has to ask Wang Hanxue. She spent so much money to invite her to come here. Is it to seduce her husband? Season

Xiao Han's inner activities at the moment are also a little annoyed. Why hasn't the woman outside the door come in? When will she bear it? When Wang Hanxue deliberately reached out to pull the collar, suddenly, there came a delicate figure outside the door. It was Tang youyou. Wang was frozen with snow, and her blood was frozen. She wished she could disappear immediately.

Although she wants to seduce Ji Xiaohan, she doesn't want Tang youyou to find anything, because once Tang youyou doubts her, she can't stay here, and even more in vain, she can seduce Ji Xiaohan. "

less Little grandma! " Wang Hanxue hurriedly turned around and picked up the bath towel on the leisure chair beside her. She wrapped herself tightly. Then she smiled at Tang Youyou, who came over. "Little grandma, thank you for letting me swim here. Ji is always here. If you have something to do with him, I won't disturb you..." "

Mr. Wang, don't hurry first!" Tang youyou suddenly stopped her and said with a smile: "Miss Wang, do you remember the extra one I added when I signed the contract with me?"

When Wang Hanxue heard her words, she trembled. Her face was still blushing and white as snow. Of course, she remembers, not only remembers, but also fears this one.

Tang youyou saw that her face changed suddenly and she didn't say a word. She raised her lips and sneered: "I think you must have forgotten. Maybe it's that you live so leisurely here. You didn't take my words seriously." "

No, no, little grandma, I haven't forgotten. How dare I forget?" Wang Hanxue hurriedly shook her head and looked at her nervously, saying that her voice was shaking.

"If you didn't forget, what were you doing just now?" Tang youyou's eyes suddenly snapped: "I saw it all. What you did just now is to seduce my husband, Wang Hanxue. You're so smart. You're holding my money while thinking about taking my husband away. Do you think there's such a good thing in the world?" Wang

Hanxue is frozen in the face of Tang youyou's aggressive questions. She didn't expect that Tang youyou looks gentle in ordinary days. Now she looks like a interrogator. Every sentence is straight up her heart, which makes her frightened and scared. It's very difficult to be safe.

Wang Hanxue knows that she can't defend now. She can only gamble her hopes on the man sitting behind her.

She believed that Ji Xiaohan would not allow Tang youyou to be so aggressive. After all, Tang youyou pretended to be gentle and generous, but now she was unreasonable and embarrassed everywhere. In

Yes, Wang Hanxue immediately squeezed out two lines of tears, turned around and ran towards Ji Xiaohan. When she came to him, she cried directly: "Mr. Ji, please make up your mind for me. Do I have any fault in my behavior? Why does little grandma wronged me like this? I didn't do anything. "

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan didn't expect Wang Hanxue to leave everything clean at this time, but it's all Tang youyou's. Tang

you haven't seen the white lotus either. There used to be one in the family. Tang Xuerou's rank is not comparable to Wang Hanxue's. she pretends here, which makes Tang youyou sick. "

did you really do nothing?" Just when Wang Hanxue thought that Ji Xiaohan would definitely stand up and say a few words for himself, he heard the voice of men as cold as frost, not questioning Tang Youyou, but coming to her.

Wang Hanxue didn't expect that Ji Xiaohan would go directly to Tang youyou's side. She was helpless to the extreme in an instant. Her eyes were big and her eyes were full of tears. "No, I didn't, Ji Zong, I didn't, I never did anything to seduce you. I I dare not. I just want to teach Nai how to play piano. I just want to be a qualified teacher! "

"Don't tarnish the teacher's character here. You don't deserve it!" Tang youyou has thoroughly seen her true face, and dare to act in front of her, which is ridiculous.

Wang Hanxue is stiff all over. She looks up at Tang Youyou, who is pretty and cold. Then she goes to see Ji Xiaohan. However, Ji Xiaojin is staring at the pool water in front of her. She doesn't say a word. "

young grandma, why do you wronged me like this? If you say that I seduced Mr. Ji, you can show me the evidence. You can't wronged me for nothing! " Wang Hanxue immediately asked her in turn. "

what evidence is needed? The last time you wore a skirt similar to mine, my husband mistakenly recognized me. This is the first evidence. Secondly, when my husband just came in, you should quickly avoid it, instead of coming to light cigarettes for him. Such an ambiguous behavior, do you dare to say that you have no ghost in your heart? " Tang youyou has plenty of evidence. Wang

there is a buzzing sound in her mind. Unexpectedly, all the thoughts she spent were discovered by Tang youyou. She's so guilty that she has no place to rest her face. She hangs her head and dare not make a sound. "

Wang Hanxue, do you know what will happen if you offend me?" Tang youyou walked to her step by step and asked in a cold voice.

Wang Hanxue quickly kneels down on the ground. Of course, she knows what Ji's family is. Even if Tang youyou is gentle and kind in ordinary days and offends her, it's certainly not good to end. "

little grandma, I I'm wrong. I'm sorry. I won't dare to do it again. Please let me go! " Since Tang youyou married Ji Xiaohan, the gas field has changed a lot. Wang Hanxue's legs are soft and she can only beg for mercy.

Season owl cold eyes cold sweep one eye Wang Hanxue: "roll out from my home immediately, don't let me see you again!" If Ji Xiaohan is cold, it's like the last straw to kill hope. Wang Hanxue didn't realize until now that Ji Xiaohan can't be seduced by anyone. Seducing him is a problem of death.

"Yes, I'll go now!" Wang Hanxue did not dare to delay for a moment and ran out in a hurry. Tang

watching Wang Hanxue admit her mistake, her heart is even more stuffy. It turns out that she really misunderstood Ji Xiaohan.