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C1570 stalemate

The sudden riot made the scene out of control for a while. However, Ling Mo Feng's bodyguards were not set up either. They rushed up at the first time and stopped the group of fierce and crazy men. Unfortunately, the group of people showed ferocity and ferocity, as if they were coming for Ling Mo Feng today, so they had to die.

A short man, with the help of his companions, escaped from a group of bodyguards and staff and stabbed Ling Ling Mo Feng in the back.

Yang he had been stunned for a long time, but when she saw the man throwing a knife at Ling Mo Feng, an idea in her mind flashed quickly. This was her chance

"Be careful, sir!" Yang he quickly wants to push Ling Mo Feng away. Unfortunately, she is the one who is pushed away. Ling Mo Feng was able to avoid the knife behind him, but because Yang he wanted to turn around and block it for him, Ling Mo Feng hesitated for a second to push her away, and the knife was wiped in his arm.

At the next moment, blood stained Ling Mo Feng's cut shirt. Yang he was pushed away by him, and the whole person fell on the wall beside her. She was shocked. When she looked back, she saw that the man who hurt Ling Mo Feng was forcibly caught by the guards who rushed by.

The attack happened too fast. In the blink of an eye, he was subdued. But in this minute and second, Ling Mo Feng's arm was cut by a knife. His handsome face and blood color instantly withdrew. The pain occupied all his nerves.

Chu lie screamed out: "Sir, are you hurt?"

The men were quickly subdued, but one by one they were still very fierce. They glared at Ling Mo Feng angrily. One of them said with gnashing teeth, "what's the point of bleeding? Sooner or later, we will pave the way for him. If he doesn't die, we won't live."

These people's radical words, caused a few nearby staff members to be angry and kicked hard.

"Stop!" Ling Mo Feng murmured, and there was a kindness in his majesty.

"Sir, you hurt your hand. Go to the infirmary to stop the bleeding." Chu lie has already made a sign to the person nearby: "call the doctor to come here, quickly."

Ling Mo Feng calmly explained to the people beside him: "lock them up first, and then try again, but do not use violence against them."

"Yes!" The angry staff at the side could only follow the orders and take all these people away.

Yang he stood by the door in panic. Her fingers were shaking and her hair was scattered. She wanted to take the chance to save Ling Mo Feng's life, even if she was seriously injured. In fact, she didn't do it, but let Ling Mo Feng save her once, and his hand was hurt.

She looked at the blood on the floor, trembling all over, with a look of panic, fear and heartache.

When Ling Mo Feng walked past her, Yang he immediately cried and apologized: "I'm sorry, Mr. vice president, I'm useless. I've hurt you."

Ling Mo Feng's eyes didn't stop on her face, but he said quietly, "it's none of your business. Go to work."

"No, it's my fault. Mr. vice president, let me take care of you. I have a bad conscience." Yang he cried more sad, tears big big big drop down, raise eyes, eyes bottom one affection.

Chu lie said in a cold voice beside him: "we can understand if you want to save my husband's heart, but we should do what we can. Next time, don't be impulsive. My husband is seriously injured. Please don't stand in the way here."

Chu lie said, directly protect Ling Mo Feng to the elevator, just to the second floor, a few doctors rushed over.

"Please help me to have a look." Chu lie hurriedly asked them to sit down in a nearby reception room and bandage Ling Mo Feng's arm to stop bleeding.

The doctor opened the medicine box and took out the tools. Ling Mo Feng's right hand was injured. The wound was four or five centimeters long. Fortunately, the wound was not deep. It didn't hurt the bones. It was only a cut of skin and flesh. The suture needle must be sterilized immediately to stop bleeding.

"Sir, you have to bear with it. We'll give you the anesthetic first." Several doctors are also very professional. In the face of this situation, they also hold their breath and want to take care of Ling Mo Feng's wound in the shortest time.

Ling Mo Feng is bleeding too much at the moment. He smiles and nods: "I'm in trouble."

Chu lie looked at them. They were so anxious. These people were just mobs. Their purpose was to get close to Mr. vice president. Let's take the opportunity to commit murder. I don't know who the emissary behind them is. Is that the same person?

Ling Mo Feng's injury on the first floor didn't spread quickly, because Ling Mo Feng told him that the news should be sealed temporarily. After all, it's not a glorious thing.

Plus now it's noon, most of the staff are still on their lunch break, and the news is not so fast.

The wound on Ling Mo Feng's arm was sealed with several stitches. The whole arm was numb. He was lying on the armchair. The whole man seemed to be out of spirit and tired.

Chu lie sent someone to guard the door of the reception room. It seems that some people really need nothing. They want to fight back at this moment.

"Sir, would you like to inform Miss LAN to come?" Chu lie knew Ling Mo Feng wasn't asleep, but he was just keeping his eyes shut. He asked in a low voice.

Mr. A is hurt. It's when his heart is fragile. If someone who loves is watching him, he will be better.

"No, let her rest." Even at this time, Ling didn't want her to worry.

"She needs to know sooner or later." Chu lie couldn't help laughing to remind.

"Let her know later. This interrogation is for you. Listen to what they say. If I don't die today, they will die. They must be threatened. Otherwise, they won't come to kill me like crazy." Ling Mo Feng slowly opened his eyes and stared out of the window, but his expression was severe.

"Yes, I will try it myself. I must pry out the people behind the scenes from their mouths. There is no remedy." Chu lie thinks more and more gas, have ability to be fair competition, always play these insidious means, too shameless.

"Do you think it's about that man?" Ling Mo Feng tightened his eyebrows, but he was still a little upset. After he met with Mu Wei Cheng, he was more reluctant to see such a situation of two defeats and injuries. If he made a scene, he would not only be a joke of the whole country, but also a joke of other countries.

"Apart from him, I can't think of anyone else. Sir, you are so kind. He sent people to kill you many times, but you tolerated him once and again, which allowed him to be lawless. If you even fought back a little, you could also frustrate his spirit and make him dare not be reckless again." Chu lie sighed low, very heartache, also very angry.

Ling Mo Feng was silent. In fact, how could he not have thought of using the same means to attack each other? If the other side throws a bomb at himself, and he throws one back, is the country still saved? This situation will only be more chaotic and make conspirators from other countries show their faces and laugh and achieve their goals. Ling Mo Feng is really unwilling to compete for this position with a competitive heart. This is not his first loyalty, nor his idea of governing the country.

"I'm sorry, sir. I'm talkative." After Chu lie's introspection, he felt ashamed for a moment. He felt that his words were radical, just like the faces and faces of those people, which was frightening.

"It's OK, what you said is very reasonable, but we still need to calm down and be rational. Many things are either revenge or victory. Maybe, it will be two defeats. These people are very suspicious. The messenger behind him is not necessarily the old president. His goal is always aimed at me, so we will misunderstand him. But my enemy is not only With him, there are many invisible people. They, or in a certain country, want to create a wave of chaos to disrupt our country's political power. Some people just set fire, but not necessarily result. " Ling Mo Feng's expression became more and more sober. After that, he sat up from the reclining chair: "I have to go back to the office. Let the doctors go first."

Chu lie was stunned and suddenly understood his words. Fighting for power is just a competition in the office, but the relationship between countries is also very tense. Mr. Chu was more ashamed when he considered the overall situation.