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C1750 sudden departure

Luo Jinyu has quickly taken a pajama and put it on his body. Seeing Yang ChuChu pushing the door in, he punches hard at the wardrobe and curses it with a low voice. Just now, his cold image is destroyed.

"Are you ok?"

Yang ChuChu asked, bending over and laughing. When it was over, her stomach was going to hurt.

Luo Jin Yusheng watched her holding on to the wall without love. The water cup in the laughing hand was about to pour. He reached out and took the cup. He drank half of the water at a draught. Jun's face was a little stiff: "you know, if you want to keep laughing, aren't you afraid of stomachache?"

Yang ChuChu finally stopped laughing, but the smile on her face couldn't be controlled. She tried to resist: "did you wake up?

Go out and say hello. It doesn't matter. You were wearing at least one pair of shorts just now, but everyone didn't see anything. "

Luo Jin Yujun's face is dark and ugly. He didn't expect his parents would ask a group of relatives to come to his house for dinner. Before, it was his world with Yang ChuChu. Suddenly, there were so many people. He was really not used to it.

"Did I lose face just now?"

Luo Jinyu had to ask.

Yang ChuChu can only nod his head truthfully: "it's true that it's a bit of image destroying, but it's OK. They're all your relatives, your parents, and we're all adults. We should be able to understand."

"It's more painful."

Luo Jinyu reaches for it.

Yang ChuChu hurriedly went to him and asked, "what's the pain? Let me see. I'll rub it for you."

Luo Jinyu sat down on the sofa next to him, leaned back, closed his eyes, and let Yang ChuChu relieve him for a while. Then, he continued to change a set of family clothes, opened the door and went out.

Just now, the family members who were eating rice saw that he had put on his clothes and walked away. They immediately smiled and said, "Jin Yu, are you awake?

Come and have dinner. Your mother is very good at cooking. "

Tang Qi was also embarrassed, but he said with a smile: "Jin Yu, come and say hello to my uncle and aunt."

Luo Jinyu is also a man with thick skin. Although he was really embarrassed just now, he soon adjusted his mind, smiled and greeted him gracefully. Then he sat down for dinner.

At about nine o'clock, the relatives have all gone. Tang Qi and Luo Fu comfort Luo Jinyu, and then tell Yang ChuChu to pay attention to his body. Then they leave.

At last, their two worlds are quiet again.

Yang ChuChu and Luo Jinyu sit on the sofa and look at each other. At last, Yang ChuChu can't help but burst into laughter. Luo Jinyu hugs her directly in his arms and blocks up her upturned mouth with thin lips.

"Don't kiss, you're drinking again."

Yang ChuChu was punished so much by the man. He was at a loss. He immediately stretched out his hand to his chest and said, "I am pregnant now. I can't smell alcohol."

The man just let her go. He got up and took a bath.

Yang ChuChu is in a good mood to clean up the table. He has a very happy and happy day.

Luo Jinyu takes a bath and comes out. Yang ChuChu has packed everything and is sitting by the bed with a big handbag beside him.

"What is this?"

Luo Jinyu saw her sitting there happily, and asked curiously.

"Red envelopes?"

Yang ChuChu smiled happily. He could not see his teeth. He had a snobbish expression.

"Oh, you brought it all back?"

Luo Jin is very interesting.

"It's not me. It's your mother who sent it. She said that she asked me to count it first. Later, the gift money should be paid back. It can't be without someone's family. She also said that in the future, I will learn to manage this family and be a wife who can be in charge of the family."

Yang ChuChu said, while taking a book in the bookkeeping, Yan ran a good wife look.

"It looks like a good wife."

Luo Jinyu walked over, sat beside her, watched her biting her pen cap, and carefully recorded in the book. He thought it was extremely lovely.

"These gifts are yours, greedy kitten."

Luo Jinyu didn't pay attention to these gifts, but since she was so interested, she owned them all.

"Don't look down on it. It's a large sum."

Yang ChuChu pours up a small mouth, discontented white his one eye.

"Of course, it's not small. There are so many guests, and many people have a lot of money for gifts."

Luo Jinyu reaches out his hand and points out her little nose: "remember well, we have to return it later."

"Well, I'll remember everything."

Yang ChuChu is a little complacent.

"Do you want me to send a financial staff to come here, so as not to let you break your little waist, I will be distressed."

Luo Jinyu saw that she was a new bookkeeper and couldn't help asking.

"No, I'll do it myself. Even if I do it for a few days, I'll do it myself."

Yang ChuChu plays the fans of small fortune incisively and vividly.

"Well, you can be happy. It's all yours, and I'm yours."

Luo Jinyu is in a good mood, so she likes to see her serious family.

"Of course," Yang ChuChu said

The man shakes his head speechless, but still smiles.

It was dark. LAN Yanxi received the news that Ling Mo Feng wanted to go abroad. This visit was not a temporary decision, but a trip arranged long ago. But Ling Mo Feng never told her that at that time, she was in the doctor's recuperation.

"How many days?"

LAN Yanxi asked him in a low voice.

"Maybe a week or so, three countries."

Ling Mo Feng gently reached for her long hair: "these days, you go to my mother's house to live, I told my parents, they also want you to live in the past few days."

"Well, I'll wait for you."

Blue Yan hoped not to give up to lean in his bosom, stretched out hand tightly hugged him.

LAN Yanxi has already made psychological preparations. Ling Mo Feng's work is very special, not nine to five. He is responsible for the management of the whole country. Diplomacy is an important part of her work. All she can do is to support him in silence and not give him any trouble. Even if she doesn't give up, she will only press on the bottom of her heart and won't show it.

"I'm going to send you home to pack up. I'll send you to Ling's later. If you need anything, please tell my parents, don't be embarrassed. You are Ling's daughter-in-law now. We are a family."

Ling Mo Feng knows her character and is reluctant to bother others. Even if it's her family, she must have something to hide in her heart.

"I will."

Lanyanxi didn't want him to worry about himself. He promised everything.

"Well, I'll have to go. Take care of myself and my children and wait for me to come back."

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help but reach out and pick up her chin, and the thin lips kissed her gently.

LAN Yanxi tries to get the tip of his foot, and wants to make the kiss more lingering.