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Pei An Xin bit his lips and turned around, wanting to leave, but Mu Shi Ye asked her again: "If you want to treat your daughter and you to dinner tonight, can you bring her out?"

"Come to my house. I'm very tired after working all day. I don't want to take her out tonight!" After Pei An Xin finished, he opened the door and went out.

In the afternoon, Pei An Xin went to Chen Hai's place to meet him for lunch. After the two of them left the office, they walked towards the restaurant that was newly opened near the company.

As the two walked, they chatted about their work and the atmosphere was quite pleasant.

However, when they arrived at the dining hall and chose a place to sit, a graceful figure suddenly appeared and directly stood at their table. He asked, "Can we eat together?"

Chen Hai looked at the young man who had an oppressive aura around him. He was a little surprised and quickly stood up. "Mubai, why would you come to this kind of commoner's restaurant to eat?"

Pei An Xin never thought that Mu Shi Ye would actually follow his to the dining hall.

Mu Shi Ye glanced at Chen Hai: "If you don't mind, I'll sit down!"

Although Chen Hai liked Pei An Xin, he was still very afraid of him. After all, he was the Great Young Master of the Mu Family, and was the CEO of his company. With his various identities being suppressed, how could Chen Hai dare to say no?

"It's our honor to be able to eat at the same table as Mubai, right, An Xin!" Chen Hai immediately smiled and looked at Pei An Xin.

Pei An Xin said lightly: "That's right, Mubai is treating us to food right?"

Mu Shi Ye smiled: "Both of you are the company's elites, as a reward, it's my responsibility to reward you. Both of you just need to order, today I will treat you both!"

Mubai, you should be the one treating me. Since you are our boss, you should give me a chance to curry favor with you! " Chen Hai was overwhelmed by the favor, and anxiously fought to pay for the bill.

"And if I don't?" Mu Shi Ye had long since disliked Chen Hai, and taking advantage of the fact that he was trying to trick his woman, it was enough for Mu Shi Ye to use a cold gaze to kill him.

Chen Hai immediately became embarrassed, the smile on his face stiffened.

Pei An Xin frowned, he felt that Mu Shi Ye was being a little too excessive, so he consoled Chen Hai: "Since Mubai wants to treat us, then don't argue with him!"

Chen Hai listened to her and went down the stairs, but he still felt that the Mubai was looking at him with hostility, which made him tremble in fear as he finished the meal.

As Mu Shi Ye watched the two walk off into the distance, his serene eyes seemed to turn into a layer of ice.

Inside the ward of the hospital, Tang You You's drip was almost done dripping!

This was the first time since she was young that she felt the time for the infusion passed so quickly. It seemed that it had just begun and it had already ended.

Perhaps it was because the man sitting beside her made her feel that time passed too quickly.

After pulling out the needles, Tang You You's legs started to feel numb. She had to get used to it for a while before she got off the bed.

Ji Xiao Han asked concernedly: "Are you feeling better now?"

Tang You You nodded: "It's much better now, let's go home!"

Ji Xiao Han held her hand and took the elevator down to the main hall. Under the gazes of everyone present, they got into a car and left.

In the car, he received a call from his daughter. The little guy seemed to be very excited on the other end.

"Daddy, Daddy, can you hear me?" The little guy had brought the children's watch that his great-grandfather had bought for her today, and he was extremely excited. Thinking that Mummy was sick, she immediately called her father to inquire about the situation.

Ji Xiao Han could not help but chuckle: "Xiao Nai, is this your new phone?"

"Yeah, my great-grandfather bought it for me. It's pink, I really like it!" The little guy excitedly said.

"I wanted to buy you a children's watch too, but I was afraid that it would affect your studies, so I didn't buy it. It's fine as long as you like it!" Ji Xiao Han was also infected by his daughter's happy mood.

Tang You You could not help but look at him.

Ji Xiao Han switched on the handphone, and Tang Xiao Nai's slightly resentful voice sounded out, "Great-grandfather said that I can only call you and Mummy when class is over. If you find out that I'm also playing with my watch during class, then he'll tell teacher to keep it!"

Tang You You also laughed.

"Mummy, are you there?" Tang Xiao Nai immediately asked loudly.

Tang You You answered: "I'm here, Xiao Nai. You have to listen to great-grandfather, you can't play with your watch in class, okay?"

"Alright, I'll agree!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately nodded his head sensibly, and then asked concernedly: "Mummy, did you get an injection?"

"Yeah, I did it!"

"Does it hurt?"

"It doesn't hurt, it's like being bitten by a mosquito!"

Tang Xiao Nai immediately comforted her: "Mummy, after I return home from class, I'll take care of you, okay? "You have to obediently listen to Father's words!"

The little fellow didn't know how to express its concern, so when she spoke with such childish words, it made people's hearts ache with joy.

"Why are you hanging up so quickly?" I haven't said goodbye to my daughter yet! " Ji Xiao Han was a little dissatisfied.

Tang You You said disapprovingly: "If you don't take the initiative to hang up, I'm afraid she will continue chatting with you until nightfall!"

Ji Xiao Han's handsome eyes were slightly startled!

"Why don't you try!" Tang You You saw that he did not believe him, and could only raise his chin.

Ji Xiao Han put the phone back, and shook his head: "I better not try, sometimes this little guy is indeed annoying!"

Seeing that the man had heard his words, Tang You You leaned on his shoulder contently, and sighed softly: "Being sick is still good, to be able to let me know that so many people care about me!"

"Why do you say such stupid things? What's so good about getting sick? " Ji Xiao Han took her small hand, looked at the spot where the needle had pierced the eye, and saw that a small piece of his body had turned green. Because her veins were too thin, they were bloodshot and a little swollen.

Tang You You shouted and immediately glared at him: "What are you doing, I'm in pain!"

"Didn't you say the benefits of sickness? Your hands are already swollen, yet you still dare to show off! " Ji Xiao Han immediately reached out and held her in his arms, smiling in amusement.

"I'll go back and get some hot water to apply and you'll be fine!" Tang You You said lightly. It could be seen that he had suffered more than this.

Ji Xiao Han could not help but feel sorry for her. "Alright, I'll help you apply it!"

"Ji Xiao Han, did your grandma really agree to our marriage?" Tang You You still couldn't believe it, he thought this was a beautiful dream. When he woke up, everything returned to reality.