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C1894 family status

In the bustling crowd of the pedestrian street, jimucheng and Xia Xinnian, holding their son's hand, walk in them.

The light and shadow in the stores on both sides are printed with a variety of commodities, which also seem to light up Xia Xinnian's eyes.

From time to time, jimucheng secretly looked at her, and suddenly a cute little face flashed in his mind. At that time, he was only six or seven years old. In a black car, a cute little girl kept making faces at him. The eyes seemed to be full of stars, just like she was now.

"Xia Xinnian."

Jimucheng suddenly called for her.


Xia xinnianleng's side eyes look at him.

"Remember when you were a kid, you fell in love with a little boy?"

Jimucheng chuckles.

Xia Xinnian gave him an angry look: "boring."

"You really don't remember?

Also, at that time, you were only two or three years old. It's impossible to remember, but I remember. "

Jimucheng has a warm feeling in his heart. Fortunately, he still keeps that memory. No one can steal it.

Xia Xinnian thought he was just teasing her. Seeing him seriously, she asked curiously, "do you mean that we have met before?"

"Of course, our fate is predestined."

Jimucheng is more proud. If love should be in order, he must have known her more than 20 years earlier than Yan Junhan. Therefore, she is his.

Xia Xinnian turned away his mouth and didn't take it seriously: "you think I'm a three-year-old girl, and you still use this kind of nothingness to trick me."

"Well, did your grandmother call you to read it?

To be honest, isn't it? "

Jimucheng suddenly became more serious. She had to talk about it with her.

Xia Xinnian's face was stunned, then her eyes turned red.

"You guessed it."

She stubbornly denied that he was right.

"I didn't guess. Your grandmother took you to the wedding of Uncle Luo Jinyu and aunt Yang ChuChu. I went there that day, too. I saw you cry after a fall."

Jimucheng explained the process in detail.


Mommy used to cry when she was a kid? "

Xiaoyuchen has been listening to their chat with his ears up. When he heard mummy's crying, he immediately kept laughing.

Xia Xinnian pinches his son's palm and throws him a look that doesn't allow him to laugh.

The little guy is still laughing.

"Well, even if we've seen it, that doesn't mean anything. We've all grown up in the same city, and there will inevitably be times when we miss each other."

Xia Xinnian pretends not to catch a cold on purpose, but some place in her heart suddenly becomes soft. She even tries hard to find the memory, but her brain is empty and there is nothing.

"No, we've met for the second time. In foreign countries, when I went on vacation with my parents, you and your mother walked in front of the garden road in front of my eyes. I remember that time, you dressed like a little turkey, integrated with the colors of those flowers."

Jimucheng doesn't know why. All of a sudden, her memory is so clear that she can even remember the color of her clothes.

In Xia Xinnian's mind, it seems that she really has a red skirt, which was bought by her mother, so that she can wear that skirt to go on a long journey.

"How do you remember that clearly?

What do you want? "

Xia Xinnian's heart is in a state of confusion. It's because the man's eyes are so hot at the moment. Her heart beats faster.

"Mommy, do you want to ask?

Of course, daddy likes you. "

Xiaoyuchen finally found the chance to speak.

Xia Xinnian stares at his son. He likes to tell the truth and wants to pinch him.

"My son is right. I may really like you at that time."

Jimucheng's thin lips curled up in an arc, and her smile was particularly charming. Even the light and shadow around her faded at this moment.

Xia Xinnian felt that there was only a current running through her heart, which made her heart beat faster. Then, her face felt hot, so she had to shake off her son's small hand: "I'll buy a cup of milk tea in front of you. What do you want to drink?"

"Mommy, I'll have ice cream, mango flavor."

When I heard that I had a chance to buy delicious food, I didn't let it go.

"No, I'll get you a glass of warm water."

Xia Xinnian interrupts his son directly.

Jimucheng picks up her lost son, holds him in her arms, and quickly follows her.

When Xia Xinnian went to wait in the queue, she only felt that there was a big body behind her. She didn't dare to look back, but her back occasionally collided with his chest, which made her unable to breathe and her palms sweated.

What's wrong with her?

Is it hotter because there are so many people here?

At the moment, jimucheng is also moved. Maybe it's two scenes to add memories and deepen his affection for her.

His thin lips were smiling all the time. He wanted to be closer to her and closer.

"Wow, it's so handsome. Unfortunately, there are sons."

"That's it. It's my type of heart attack. What can I do?"

"His son is also beautiful. The woman in front of him is not his wife, right?

I envy her

There are several girls waiting for their companions nearby. Suddenly, they see the three members of jimucheng family. They are astonished. Their faces are all piled up. They are enviable.

Xia Xinnian heard that, she quickly turned her face to the other side, a little embarrassed.

They even think she's the wife of Timothy?

Jimucheng also heard that, he said to his son gently, "say hello to the sisters nearby."

Xiaoyuchen immediately beckons to them.

The girls suddenly blushed and scattered.

Behind him, a few young boys suddenly came running, pushing and shoving. They crowded the front line. Jimucheng took a step forward, almost directly bumping Xia Xinnian into his arms.

Xia Xinnian almost bumped into another man's back because of the gravity. Fortunately, the man's free arm tightly fixed her slender waist.

This subtle scene can't be seen by outsiders, but between two people, this subtle feeling is confusing.

After buying milk tea, Xia Xinnian finally asked for an ice cream for his son. He was afraid that his son would eat more. Xia Xinnian asked jimucheng to eat with his son, so he didn't buy anything for him.

From this little thing, jimucheng seems to understand his family status.

He can only eat the rest of his son.

At the beginning, jimucheng was still a little angry and unwilling. He felt that his position as the head of the family was threatened. But soon, he found that it seemed nothing to eat the rest of his son, because he might want to eat the cup of milk tea left by Xia Xinnian.

"It's too sweet. Here you are."

Xia Xinnian is a person who is used to Festival inspection. He can't give up, so he directly stuffed it into a man. The man had to take it and drink it with his head bowed. It's sweet, just like his mood at the moment.