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C1470. He's here. It's reassuring

Lanyanxi's brain is in a mess at the moment. At the thought of Wang Rong killing a woman for money, she is scared. Although her mother has no money, she actually has blue family equity in her hand, and her savings are nearly ten million. Wang Rong approaches her with any purpose, which is really worrying.

"Well, I'll take your advice. I'll ask my mother out tomorrow. Then I'll tell her all about it. Will she be frightened too?"? What to do next? " LAN Yanxi can't think calmly any more. She has beautiful eyes and can only expect men.

"You can ask your mother to go abroad for medical treatment on the grounds of physical discomfort. You can rest assured that I will arrange it well in the hospital. I will not let your mother show any flaws. As long as your mother goes abroad, I will send a special person to protect her safety. As long as Wang Rong can't get close to your mother again, even if he has any more tricks, he can't do it. If he really takes the place of the boss In the case of unified handling of affairs, he must be accused of incompetence. At that time, dog biting can also be staged. Maybe, Wang Rong's old scandal will be revealed by others. Because I know the old president's style of conduct. If I do his chess pieces, once the value is not used, he will pull them out. At least, he will not be given the opportunity to publicize the secret of cooperation. ”Ling Mo Feng stood up from the opposite position, walked around the table and chair, walked to her side, picked up the two chopsticks that fell on the table and rolled down on the ground for her, gently pressed them on her shaking shoulder, whispered and comforted: "I will protect your mother, not let her be hurt!"

LAN Yanxi turns around and hugs him tightly, buries his face in his waist and belly, cries: "Ling Mo Feng, my mother is in enough pain, this bastard even wants to hurt her, he is so damn!"

"Yes, even if the president would let her go, I would not. Stop crying and eat first!" Ling Mo Feng gently follows her long hair and comforts her. He knows that she will be frightened.

So on his way back, he was thinking about how to talk to her about it.

"Thank you. Thank you for helping me!" LAN Yanxi wiped his tears and felt grateful.

The man reached out to take the tissue from the table, squatted down the tall body, looked at her in parallel, looked at the red and swollen eyes that she cried instantly, wiped the tears on the corner of her eyes gently, and sighed: "you don't have to thank me, maybe, all of this is because of me, I can't afford your mother and daughter!"

LAN Yanxi bit his lips and shook his head: "no, we are a whole now. No one is sorry for anyone. Don't think about it!"

"You are right. We are a whole. Any difficulties in the future will be faced together. I will not let go of your affairs!" Ling Mo Feng dried her tears and patted her wet face: "OK, let's eat, just do everything according to the plan!"

"Well!" LAN Yanxi was finally comforted by him. He nodded his head, but he didn't eat much. He didn't know what to eat.

This night, LAN Yanxi shrank in the arms of a man. She had nightmares. When she opened her eyes, she could feel the man holding herself tightly with his big palm. She could feel at ease, but she couldn't sleep. Before, she and Ling Mo Feng were lying on the same bed. She must have been confused. She wanted to get on and off him. But today, she really had no evil thoughts. She just wanted to rely on him I just want to hold his arm tightly to offset my anxiety.

Ling Mo Feng also dare not have any idea, can only take care of her gently, very distressed she can not sleep well tired.

In the morning of the next day, LAN Yanxi's eyes were heavy at dawn. He slept for several hours in a daze. When he woke up, he found that he was holding one of his favorite dolls, but the man was gone.

"Ling Mo Feng!" She mumbled his name and reached for her cell phone. It was eleven o'clock.

"It's over. It's over. I have to go to work!" LAN Yanxi sat up in a hurry to look for shoes. She saw a note where she had just put her mobile phone. She took it and looked at it in a hurry.

It turns out that Ling Mo Feng turned off her alarm clock and sent someone to ask sister Xinyi for a day off. After she had a good rest, she could go to work in the afternoon.

Lanyanxi reached for her forehead. Fortunately, he was behind her. Otherwise, she would have been shocked to be helpless.

This man is calm and calm. Can he keep his face when Mount Tai collapses?

LAN Yanxi has no time to think about this. She quickly washes and arranges herself. She calls her mother with her mobile phone and offers her lunch.

Blue mother is on the phone, hesitant to refuse, because she promised to eat with Wang Rong.

"Mom, my daughter is ill again. Won't you accompany me?" LAN Yanxi is so worried that he quickly makes up a lie.

"Why are you ill again?" Blue mother is concerned.

"I don't know. I'm very weak recently. Mom, I still want to take a bath in the afternoon. I heard from my colleagues that there is a place where I can take a bath with traditional Chinese medicine. I can sweat and have a cold. It's much better than taking an injection and medicine. After eating, would you like to take one with me?" LAN Yanxi thought that her mother's phone might be monitored, so she quickly pretended to speak in a very normal voice.

"That's OK. Mom will accompany you. You should pay more attention to your health later. You are young, and you can't get sick every day!" LAN's mother was finally frightened by her daughter's illness, so she asked Wang Rong to accompany her. Although Wang Rong was not happy, he thought that she was a mother and daughter, and LAN Yanxi was ill, so he had to let her go.

About lunch in the restaurant, lanyanxi deliberately painted a slightly sick make-up, and lanyanxi pretended to listen carefully to her mother's various admonitions and concerns on the table.

After lunch, LAN Yanxi took her mother to a beauty salon for traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy. In a room, the two women changed into special clothes and sat in the pool with their eyes closed to enjoy the moment's peace.

"Mom, I have something to tell you. You have to listen carefully!" Finally, LAN Yanxi feels safe here. He looks at his mother with a serious face and says.

Blue mother just came to accompany her daughter to relax. Suddenly she was so nervous. She was shocked: "Yan Xi, if you have anything, you can say it. Mom, listen!"

"Mom, you have to break up with Wang Rong. Besides, you have to get away from him as soon as possible. He's very dangerous!" LAN Yanxi immediately urged her with a straight face.

"Why? Is he not dangerous? " Blue mother looked at her in surprise.

"Mom, I asked Ling Mo Feng to investigate him!" LAN Yanxi knew that her mother didn't believe what she said. She could only say what Ling Mo Feng told her last night, word for word, to her mother.

Blue mother listens to of heart frightened, at last, facial expression all frightened white, nervously hold the towel in the hand: "Yan Xi, you say these, are true?"

"It's true. It's true. Mom, you know how terrible he is now. You can't meet him again. You have to leave now!" LAN Yanxi said in a hurry.

"But But he has moved here and I left suddenly. What should he do if he doubts me? " Blue mother looked at her daughter in horror. She was not in the mood to sacrifice her completely dead love. She was more afraid of death. So now, she is also in a state of complete destruction and fear.

LAN Yanxi tells Ling Mo Feng about the way, and LAN Mu is just a little relieved.

"Listen to you, Wang Rong is really suspicious. These days, he often asks me about your relationship with Ling Mo Feng. Fortunately, I promised you that I would not tell you the truth, so I didn't tell him the truth. It turned out that he was playing with such an idea, which was hateful." Blue mother think of these, also feel cold all over, almost, she will kill her daughter and Ling Mo Feng.

"Mom, you will let him accompany you to the hospital designated by Ling Mo Feng for examination tomorrow. Ling Mo Feng will arrange all the reports for you to make sure that Wang Rong doesn't see any flaws. This can also try to show his face. You are sick and he is your boyfriend. If he won't accompany you abroad, you will be safe. If he accompanies you abroad, he can't beg for it It's good. " LAN Yanxi whispered to his mother.