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Lingmo Feng's domineering words have made lanyanxi silly for a long time. Although she doesn't know the gender of her child yet, she already knows that Lingmo Feng will be a good father. She can really look forward to how wonderful this man's calm expression will be when the little life really comes.

"By the way, a few days ago, I talked to President Li, the current president of blue's group. They said that president Luo helped a lot in expanding overseas markets. Did you promote this matter?"

After a while, LAN Yanxi suddenly thought of another important thing.

Ling Mo Feng nodded: "yes, I lead the line."

"Why didn't you consult with me in advance?

It's a big thing, anyway. "

Someone is a little unhappy.

The man smiled softly: "Yan Xi, I just hope your life can be simpler. At that time, you are still immersed in your grandfather's sorrow. If I talk to you about work, you will not be in the mood."

"Well, anyway, I'd like to thank you and thank Mr. Luo for his help."

LAN Yanxi said from the bottom of his heart.

"If you really want to thank Luo Jinyu, otherwise, let's invite him out to dinner with his girlfriend at night. I heard that his girlfriend is just pregnant. You have a good chat with her. You are not old enough. You can definitely talk."

Ling Mo Feng proposed with a smile.

"OK, can you arrange it?

I really want to say "thank you" to him. Lanshi group really needs resources to grow

LAN Yanxi immediately sat up straight, bright eyes full of expectations.

"Of course, if you don't go home, go to the office with me. I'll treat them in the hotel next to me in the evening. I'll call Ji Xiaohan by the way to let him come and take his wife with him when he's free."

Ling Mo Feng's face is spoiled.

"Well, listen to you."

Lanyanxi didn't want to go home either. She was bored at home alone. She could go to the office to do some work.

At the end of the topic, LAN Yanxi suddenly sighed and looked lost: "my mother seems to be getting married."

Ling Mo Feng hears her so sad, can't help but hold her small hand, low voice comforts: "can't you accept?"

"Not either."

LAN Yanxi shakes his head, unable to express his feelings.

"Yan Xi, it's not easy for your mother to stick to today for you. If she really finds true love, you'd like to open up a little bit and don't embarrass yourself, OK?"

Ling Mo Feng knows that pregnant women's nerves will become sensitive and fragile. Some small things will enlarge their thinking. He is really afraid that this matter will affect her mood.

"I will!"

LAN Yanxi bit his lower lip and nodded.

"Do you want me to investigate the background of that man again?

If you don't trust me, I will turn over the information of his three generations to you, and promise not to let your mother be cheated. "

Ling Mo Feng promised her.

"No, no, I don't think he deceives my mother. Although he didn't say something, I can see that his eyes are sincere."

Blue word hopes to raise Mou, urgent say.

Ling Mo Feng wondered, "why?"

"I think people have to have some basic trust. My mother is not perfect enough to ask for perfection."

Blue Yan Xi wryly smiles, mother's matter, she decided to ignore.

"What you said is reasonable. No one is perfect. Even if that man has made mistakes, he can forgive as long as he is sincere to your mother."

Ling Mo Feng suddenly feels that the woman in his arms seems to have grown up and thinks more comprehensively. Maybe she has experienced the pain of losing her grandfather.

LAN Yanxi chuckled and didn't reply.

In the evening, Ling Mo Feng set up a banquet. He contacted Luo Jinyu and also called Ji Xiaohan. Ji Xiaohan didn't come here in the evening, so Luo Jinyu would bring his girlfriend to dinner.

After Ling Mo Feng arranged the schedule properly, at about seven o'clock, he came to the reception place with LAN Yanxi. Just as Luo Jinyu's car was coming, Ling Mo Feng directly held LAN Yanxi's hand and waited at the door.

Because it's a private banquet, there is no formal ceremony at all.

Luo Jinyu's car stops, the door is opened, and the men in suits are mature, steady and dignified.

Yang ChuChu, who has been pregnant for more than three months, came to see the president. Today, she is wearing an elegant skirt and light makeup. The whole person looks fresh and natural.

"Welcome, Mr Lo."

Ling Mo Feng greets Luo Jin Yu and shakes his hand.

Luo Jinyu smiled politely: "it's a great honor to be invited. This is my girlfriend, Yang ChuChu."

Yang ChuChu was still a little nervous. He greeted Ling Mo Feng with a smile.

Ling Mo Feng's attitude is gentle, not as serious as that under the camera, and Yang Chu's sense of tension is slowly disappearing.

"This is my wife LAN Yanxi, Yanxi. You should know Miss Yang."

Ling Mo Feng immediately introduces the woman on his side.

LAN Yanxi smiled and nodded: "yes, she is a famous star."

Yang ChuChu is ashamed and hides beside Luo Jinyu.

A line of four people, into the box, Ling Mo Feng himself sat down to make a pot of tea.

"I have told Yan Xi about your help to blue group. She would like to thank you in person very much."

Ling Mo Feng said with a smile.

LAN Yanxi immediately nodded, "yes, thank you so much, Mr. Luo."

Luo Jinyu raised his hand: "business is mutual. Only by sharing resources can we cooperate in the long run. Besides, I will definitely need the help of the president in the future."

Ling immediately asked: "Luo is too polite. If you want to work effectively, just mention it."

Yang ChuChu sat beside him, looking into his eyes at a pair of wall people sitting opposite him.

"Yan Xi, there is a small garden nearby. If you think the conversation between men is too boring, you can take Miss Yang around. You girls have more topics to talk about."

Ling is very considerate. It seems that Yang ChuChu is a little restrained. That's why LAN Yanxi takes her out to relax.

LAN Yanxi hurriedly took Yang ChuChu out, and Yang ChuChu came out, which was a sigh of relief: "it's really too nervous to see Mr. President."

LAN Yanxi was amused by her words and immediately said, "Ling Mo Feng and your family Luo are friends. You are younger than me. I'll call you delicate. You also call me my name. Anyway, you and sister youYou can play together. We can often play together in the future."

Yang ChuChu didn't expect that Lan Yanxi was such a cheerful character. He had some accidents, but he was very surprised.

"Well, it's a happy thing to make more friends."

Yang ChuChu's character has been gradually released.

"I heard that you are pregnant, too. How many months have you been?"

LAN Yanxi asked her curiously.

"I've been more than three months."

Yang ChuChu deliberately pulled his skirt and whispered, "can you tell?

I've got a little bit of a tummy. "

LAN Yanxi looked at her stomach and said, "no, you're in such a good shape."

But Yang ChuChu wryly smiled: "I'm glad that the reaction has been reduced. I can eat more recently."

"By the way, when it comes to reflection, I'm suffering now. I don't know how long it will take to finish."

LAN Yanxi also smiled bitterly.

"Four months will be over. How many months have you been?"

Yang ChuChu asked curiously.

"I just went to the hospital for examination today, and the doctor said I was pregnant for more than a month."

LAN Yanxi replied.

"Then you may have to wait!"

Yang ChuChu comforts her.

Two women are chatting in the small garden. Luo Jinyu and Ling Mufeng are drinking tea in the room, talking about current events. Ling Mufeng and Luo Jinyu both see familiar things in each other, which can only be smelled by the same kind of people. They are mature and steady. They talk wisely. It's easy for smart people to talk with smart people, but it can also create a very relaxed atmosphere The feeling of.

The dinner was very rich, but the two little women didn't know what to eat. The two men looked at them so picky about food, and they were sad and helpless.

LAN Yanxi and Yang ChuChu get to know each other well, and they will also exchange some experience before their first pregnancy.

Two men listen to the clouds, but, this meal, was originally to make their girlfriend happy, they sat next to when the foil is also willing.

At the end of dinner, Luo Jinyu left with Yang ChuChu. Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi also went home at night.