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C1601 is there any evidence to prove it

LAN Bai's roar frightened LAN Lin. she found that Lan Bai's face was dark. She felt that if she didn't make it clear today, he would not let herself go.

"Eldest uncle, elder sister is so pitiful. She has been wronged by heaven. You must decide for her." Lanlin's acting skill is very good. After being scared by LANBO, she immediately looks at LANBO with tears in her eyes and a pair of sad expressions: "sister She I can't say it. It's sad. "

LAN Bai's face was even darker. He said angrily, "tell me what happened to my daughter."

"Sister, she was forced by bad guys." Lanlin finally closed her eyes and said it out loud.

At this time, blue fibril and blue mother just came down from a nearby stairs, and heard blue Lin's words loudly. Blue fibril was shocked. Next second, she rushed downstairs recklessly. Then, she slapped blue Lin in the face directly: "who let you say that? Did I let you say that?"

Lanlin didn't expect that Lanlin would suddenly run down. Besides, she slapped her hard. She was a little stiff. Next second, Lanlin gave her a hard push: "Lanlin, I told you not to talk nonsense. Can't you understand people's words?"

At the moment, the Lambert and his wife were shocked, and their expressions were full of heartache and anger.

"Slim, is that true?" Lambert was stuck in his throat, unable to get up. His face was as black as iron, and he was furious.

Blue fibril is in a painful and contradictory mood at the moment, covering his face with his hands and crying.

Although Lanlin was scolded by Lanxian, she still had to show her sincere concern for Lanxian. She cried immediately and said, "sister, you have endured so long. You should tell your uncle and aunt that they are really worried about you. What are you afraid of if they make the decision for you?"

"Don't say it. You shut up. Don't say it again." Lanxian really doesn't want her parents to know that she has been hurt by such humiliation, so when Lanlin is still talking about it, she roars at Lanlin's hatred.

Lanlin stopped saying anything at once, but looking at the faces of the lambs, they must believe it is true.

"Elder sister, the person who hurt you is in Grandpa's place. If you don't go to confront her now, I'm afraid that if you want to see her again in the future, you won't have a chance." When Lanlin left, she said what she wanted to say.

LAN Bai was so angry that he shivered. He bit his teeth and asked, "Lan Lin, do you mean that the person who killed my daughter is Ling Mo Feng?"

LAN Baizhi would suspect that Ling Mo Feng did it because he once stood in the old president's team. If Ling Mo Feng knew his position, it would not be impossible to retaliate against him.

Lanlin immediately shook her head: "no, it's not vice president, but lanyanxi. Lanyanxi must hate her sister, because she wanted to fight with him for Ling Mo Feng before. She was jealous, so she found those bastards to hurt her sister."

Lanlin deliberately said a few things. The blue cypresses' faces were completely pale. They couldn't believe it and looked at their crying daughter with heartache. The pain of heart cutting made them wish they could carry a knife and tear lanyanxi to pieces.

"Mom and Dad, don't ask me again. I have no face to see you again. What's the point of living? "With that, he ran straight to the door.

Blue's mother was almost mad at the moment and wanted to have a heart attack. She covered her chest and gasped hard. She said angrily: "Lan Yanxi, a vicious woman, how could she hurt my daughter like this? No, I must ask her clearly. It can't be done like this. "

Blue mother hate at the moment can not, a face of anger toward the old man's residence.

Lambert was also angry at the moment. He followed his wife and strode away.

In the luxurious and high-end living room, Lanlin's face was still in tears just now, with a smirk of satisfaction.

Fight, you fight, it's better to be the result of both defeat, so that she and her father can benefit from it.

Lanlin thought that when she ran out just now, she didn't seem to take anything. She looked at a fruit knife standing on the tea table beside her. She went straight to it, took it in her hand and hid it in her sleeve.

Lanlin will not go home and wait for news like this. At this time, she must find Lanxian and try to persuade her to take this knife and kill lanyanxi to understand hatred.

In the old villa of the old man, it's dining time now. On the dining table of the side hall, two adjutants of Ling Mo Feng's bodyguard are also eating. On the dining table of the main hall, the old man raises a glass of wine: "come, Mo Feng, let's have a drink."

Ling Mo Feng quickly raised the glass with both hands, and Jun's face was a little ruddy, because he had already drunk two glasses: "Grandpa, I salute you."

Looking at such an excellent son-in-law, the old man's eyes were full of happiness and laughter. The only thing that shocked him was that the other two granddaughters had not found happiness.

"Grandpa, please drink less. You'll have a third drink." LAN Yanxi is watching and persuading him. The old man didn't want to put down the cup, but he looked at Ling Mo Feng helplessly and smiled: "look at her, I was in charge of her when I was very young, and now I'm still so strict. In front of her, I don't want to drink more than a few cups."

LAN Yan hopes to see her grandfather complain in front of Ling Mo Feng. She is speechless immediately.

Ling Mo Feng said with a gentle smile: "Grandpa, Yan Xi is right. Don't drink too much wine at night. Pay more attention to rest."

"Well, listen to you, stop drinking, eat more vegetables, and let the kitchen prepare a lot of vegetables today." The old man is still very happy, hurried to say.

Lanyan Xili immediately took a piece of fish to Ling Mo Feng, and then she took another piece to Grandpa. Both men were satisfied.

The old man chatted and inquired about Ling Mo Feng's election. Ling Mo Feng also answered a few words seriously.

The atmosphere is good and the room is warm.

But at this time, two people burst in outside the gate, the Lambert couple.

"Lan Yanxi, you black hearted and vicious woman, how can you still have the face to come to our blue family for dinner? Look at all the ugly things you do. If you hurt my daughter like this, aren't you afraid of retribution?" Blue mother at the moment gas of the irrational image, like a shrew, a door pointed to blue Yan Xi head cover up scold.

The good atmosphere was destroyed in an instant. The old man and Ling Mo Feng looked at each other in surprise. LAN Yanxi was even dumber. I don't know why the second aunt pointed at her and scolded her so badly.

The old man's face darkened instantly, and he said angrily, "what are you two running to me for? What do you want to do with the delicate things? "

LAN Yanxi also asked in amazement, "what's wrong with blue fiber?"

LAN Baiqi's temples jumped suddenly. Seeing that Lan Yanxi pretended not to know, he immediately sneered and said: "Lan Yanxi, I ask you, did you find some bastards to strengthen my daughter? You see she's going to be mentally ill now. Don't you blame yourself at all? "

"What?" LAN Yanxi's brain explodes, and a pair of helpless eyes immediately look at Ling Mo Feng.

She can swear to heaven that she has never done such a harmful thing. Moreover, she has not met with blue fiber in recent years.

Seeing that his fiancee was misunderstood, Ling Mo Feng immediately got up and stood in front of LAN Yanxi, calmly said, "is there any misunderstanding among them? Yanxi will never hurt anyone."

"Yes, I haven't done it." Lanyanxi immediately denied.

Blue mother angrily clenched her teeth and said: "you said you didn't do it, can you not bear legal responsibility? LAN Yanxi, my daughter has evidence to prove that you did it. You'd better admit it. "

LAN Yanxi didn't expect that the other side was sure. She was even shocked.

Ling Mo Feng's face suddenly changed a little ugly, even his voice and color became cold: "if there is evidence, please take it out, we confront on the spot, Yan Xi has been with me in this period of time, she has never done anything harmful."

The old man also believed that his granddaughter would not do such a stupid crime. He looked at lanyanxi's face.

LAN Yanxi immediately shook his head: "Grandpa, I really didn't do this kind of thing."

The old man immediately opened his mouth and said, "since you have evidence, take it out. If Yan Xi really hurt the microfibril, I will drive her out and let her plead guilty."