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C1426 the object is too handsome

Lanyanxi immediately grasped the handle of lanxianxian's words and sneered and sneered: "look, the tail of the white eyed wolf is exposed. What's the idea of the second uncle? How can I not know? Blue microfiber, you'd better go home and tell your father. The only advantage of my marriage with Ling Mo Feng is that he will become the backer of me no matter what. If you want to pay attention to my father's equity, he must be more careful. "

"I My dad didn't say that. I said that! " Her face was red. She was so proud that she said this taboo topic without thinking.

"Didn't you say that? Did I hear you wrong? " LAN Yanxi sneers and turns to look at LAN Lin: "you should hear that, right?"

"I I didn't hear anything. Cousin, why are we fighting for a man? Grandpa said that our three sisters should help each other. Why are we so rigid? It's better for us to step back? There's nothing to lose. " Lanlin has always been a role of harmony.

"Listen to the truth that our younger sister knows, but you can't understand it. Ling Mo Feng doesn't love you. It's a fact. You can't change it, and you don't love him. Why bother? LAN Yanxi, you have a brain disease Blue fiber said more angry, feel blue Yan Xi is deliberately angry with her.

Of course, lanyanxi can't tell them the truth. However, she has a sense of achievement when she is hanging on the blue fiber. From small to large, the blue fiber is like a bully. Everything is easy to get. It can also frustrate her spirit, destroy her prestige, and let her know that everything in the world can't go as she wishes.

"I don't love him, but I didn't say he's a bad person? It's different. I have to distinguish it. Besides, if I don't love him now, it doesn't mean that I won't fall in love with him in the future. He's so excellent and long. Maybe after I get married, I suddenly find out that he's good, and then I fall in love with him without any remedy? " LAN Yanxi's cynical expression is really about to breathe blue fiber to spit blood.

"Don't dream. Ling Mo Feng can't see a woman like you." Blue fibril is really mad by the gas and swearing.

"Cousin, that's your fault. Love is nothing. You don't love Mr. vice president now. How can you love in the future? Isn't love all at first sight? Just like sister Qianxian, she is attracted to her at first sight, which is the most beautiful love. " Lanlin doesn't think it's too much trouble. She forgets to light the fire in the middle and looks at the play with joy.

"Shameless!" Blue fiber cried directly, tears fell down, as if suffering great grievances.

LAN Yanxi is the first time to see LAN Xianxian cry because of her anger. She used to be a bully, only to bully her.

"Well, you have to go. After all, the vice president's office is not an ordinary family. There are many secrets in this room. If you want to stay more, I'm afraid it will arouse suspicion." Lanyanxi immediately rushed out.

LAN Xianxian and LAN Lin immediately stood up and walked out angrily. When they got to the door, they thought their car didn't come in and stopped outside the sentry box.

"Sister, our car Otherwise, let's have cousin take us out. " Lanlin asked with a bitter face.

"What do you want her to do? Don't you have legs? Isn't it just a few steps? Let's go. " LAN Xianxian is also a bit arrogant. She just had a big fight with LAN Yanxi. Now, how dare she leave in her car.

"Elder sister, it's so far away. It's more than half an hour's walk!" Lanlin murmured.

"Half an hour, half an hour. I'm afraid I can't break my leg. Would you like to go with me, stay here if you don't, and don't call me sister again!" Blue fibril shouted angrily.

Lanlin hurriedly followed her to the outside. She had to cry bitterly. She really shouldn't have come to this muddy water.

LAN Yanxi, with a cup of hot tea, leaned leisurely against the pillar outside the door, watched the two women walking out step by step, and finally couldn't help laughing.

Hum, there's no way to set her up.

Lanxian and Lanlin walk out step by step. They will be interrogated every time they pass a sentry post. When they finish the last sentry post, their legs will break and they will be out of breath.

"Elder sister, I am so tired!" Lanlin felt her legs shaking.

Two Miss Qianjin, where have you been wronged? They are all angry.

"This damned bitch, she did it on purpose." LAN Xianxian finally understands LAN Yanxi's malice. However, she can't cry out now. She can only bear it and vows to revenge later.

LAN Yanxi played with the jade and called grandpa to find out that it wasn't grandpa who asked them to come, but they offered to help.

LAN Yanxi is even more angry. It seems that this blue fiber really wants to rob Ling Mo Feng by any means.

There are so many people in the world. She's an eye opener.

Late at night, LAN Yanxi took a bath and was wiping her long hair when she heard the phone ring.

Her heart was hot, and she hurried to find that it was a video phone. She didn't want to open it. In front of the screen, the man was sitting in a suit in front of the window by the sun. It was just daytime there. The man's face was against the light, but it was beautiful.

Ling Mo Feng in the busy work of leisure, take out a little space, call her this video phone, but, unexpectedly, she is wearing a cream white Pajama at the moment, half wet long hair, looks pure, men's eyes slightly sluggish, staring at the screen before the woman's beautiful little face lost his mind for a moment, this gently called her name: "Yan Xi, want to sleep?"

LAN Yanxi is looking for a better angle. After all, women are beautiful creatures. Now she has to find the most beautiful angle with her beloved man video.

"As soon as I took a bath, I was almost asleep!" LAN Yanxi finally found a good angle to look at the man opposite the camera.

He put his mobile phone on the desk. He put his hands across the desk. He was gentle and modest, and could not hide his noble temperament.

"I heard that you just took your two cousins home. Nothing happened?" Ling Mo Feng called her because of this.

"You are so well informed." Blue words when Heaton laughed.

"That's my family. I know it's a little bit of trouble. You arranged that they finally walked out?" Ling Mo Feng's thin lips make people laugh, dote on and be gentle, making people want to rely on his arms to get rid of Jiao across the screen. Unfortunately, even if she has all kinds of ideas, she can't achieve them.

"Who let them bully me, I just want to give them some color to see." LAN Yanxi shouted angrily.

"You are right. If they dare to bully you again, you should not be polite to them." Ling Mo Feng agreed with her this time.

"Don't you think I did too much?" Blue words hope depressed mood, because his this sentence, immediately Yin turned eyes.

"They are too much. I support you to take revenge on the spot if you have any, and never let them feel you bully." Ling believes that it is her two cousins who come to ask for trouble. LAN Yanxi is kind-hearted and will never ask for right or wrong.

"Blue fiber is more and more fascinated by you. Ling Mo Feng, how can you attract bees and butterflies? What can I do later?" Lanyanxi immediately pretended to be angry and complained about him.

The handsome man's face suddenly froze, his expression was tense, and his tone was serious: "Yan Xi, would you be reasonable? If it's me who actively pesters her, you can convict me. But I don't know about this matter at all. I feel really aggrieved when you blame me like this. "

"You're still aggrieved. My mother is right. You can't be too handsome to find a boyfriend. I'm afraid I can't hold it." LAN Yanxi continued to shout.

Lingmo Feng was really afraid that she was serious, and Jun's face flashed over the panic color, and he said with tears and smiles: "what kind of truth is this? Other people are looking for good people, but you don't think I'm too good-looking?"

"Yes!" LAN Yan hopes to turn his mouth.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her awkward face, and really wanted to block her lips so that she could not even speak.