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C1317 the joy of stealing

LAN Yan hopes that she is not lucky, but someone has secretly opened a door for her behind her back.

Who is this person? Naturally, there's no need to guess. LAN Yanxi can't help but raise her mouth to snigger at the thought of teasing him last night.

Serious vice president, I don't know what kind of mindset he is in to arrange himself in?

It must be true love.

Yang He also saw the list. When she saw the name of lanyanxi among the six new employees, her brain exploded, and lanyanxi was going through the back door again.

Ah, as expected, there is a boyfriend who is an adjutant. She has special treatment. She works as a staff member at the party tomorrow. Maybe she will bring tea and water to lanyanxi. How can Yang he be reconciled to grievance?

Yang he always thinks that lanyanxi has no special ability except her family background. She is proficient in many languages. That's because her family is willing to throw money to her to study. It doesn't prove how smart and capable she is. If she has the chance to study, she must be no worse than her.

Some colleagues nearby are also talking about LAN Yanxi's ability to go to the party tomorrow as a guest. They are all envious.

JOJO also had a chance to go, so when he saw that there was lanyanxi on the published list, he smiled. These times, his understanding with lanyanxi was still included in his plan. He knew that women didn't like to approach her men with purpose. Moreover, lanyanxi still had a fiance, so she would naturally pull away from men 。

Qiao Zhuo's approach, just like gentle wind and rain, moistens each other's relationship little by little, which makes LAN Yanxi imperceptible, and naturally won't repel him specially.

Qiao Zhuo stared at the young man who was making a speech on the big screen in front of him. His eyes flashed with anger. At the beginning, he was demoted from a diplomat to an administrator in the news department because of a mistake. He was really aggrieved. He fought hard for more than 20 years, but in the end, he missed his dream. All this was because of Ling Mo Feng.

Now, he has a chance to wear a green hat. Of course, he won't let it go.

If LAN Yanxi fell in love with him, what would Ling Mo Feng look like? It must be rich.

Qiao Zhuo gets the news that Ling Mo Feng is indifferent to LAN Yanxi, but LAN Yanxi doesn't seem to have a special interest in Ling Mo Feng. The two people are involved in family interests, but they don't have feelings, so Qiao Zhuo is so confident that he thinks he can get LAN Yanxi as long as he spends money on snacks.

I think she is a rich lady. If I can marry her, even if I give up my career, the future is bright.

Thinking of this, JOJO is more thoughtful to meet lanyanxi.

At noon, in the canteen, lanyanxi's current companions are all colleagues at the level of aunts in the archives, all of whom have family children. Naturally, lanyanxi, a young girl of this age, is particularly concerned.

"Yan Xi, you must have a lot of money in your family!" During the meal, an aunt asked her with a smile.

"No, not much money!" "Blue words Xi Li immediately shakes the head, the dry smile way.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" The aunt continued.

LAN Yanxi blinked. Why do you ask this question? She has the biggest headache.

"Yes..." LAN Yanxi hesitated to answer.

My aunt suddenly looked disappointed: "I have a nephew who just came back from abroad. His family background is not bad. I want to introduce you to him."

Another younger woman immediately lowered her voice and asked lanyanxi, "I heard that you and the Deputy Chu beside the vice president are boyfriend and girlfriend, isn't it true?"

LAN Yanxi's brain twitched and he immediately smirked: "who did you listen to? That must not be true. I only know adjutant Chu. Really, I won't cheat you! "

When women gather together, they love gossip. LAN Yanxi is already at the center of the gossip storm.

She wants to run!

But we can't escape because we still need to work together.

At noon, LAN Yanxi was lying on the table, intending to squint for a while. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice.

She immediately looked up and saw Ling Mo Feng, with his two adjutants, passing by her window.

People passing by were respectfully greeting him, and he responded with a smile.

When LAN Yanxi looks up at him, he turns his head and looks at her. The smile at the bottom of his eyes is spreading.

LAN Yanxi's breath is one of the stagnation. Damn it, please stop giving out your charm.

Ling Mo Feng hurried past with his trouser bag in one hand. His elegant and noble temperament makes people unable to open their eyes.

Lanyanxi suddenly stood up. Could she borrow coffee and tea to go to the library?

LAN Yanxi wakes up at this moment. She sees some of her colleagues who are working hard to take a rest, but no one pays attention to her. She slips into the tea room, makes three cups of coffee, and makes a pot of tea. She plans to go to the library.

Unexpectedly, she didn't wake up to her colleagues in the office, but she was caught by Yang He who followed her not far away.

Yang He knows that more than one o'clock at noon, Ling Mo Feng will read books and rest in the library, so she bravely comes here to find a chance to get along with him alone, so she can express her love.

Just, to her surprise, there was a person, more active than her, carrying tea into the library door.

"Lan Yanxi!" Yang he can't help but gnash his teeth and squeeze his hands into fists.

Yang he couldn't believe it. LAN Yanxi looked at his simple mind as if he was not interested in any man, but now he secretly sent tea to the vice president. Yang he couldn't catch up with this idea.

Yang he didn't know where he came from. She walked forward faster. Almost as soon as she got to the library, she glanced inside in a hurry and saw LAN Yanxi standing beside the library table and chair, smiling and chatting with the adjutant Chu.

Yang he was shocked. Didn't LAN Yanxi send tea to seduce Ling Mo Feng? Just looking for a chance to meet her boyfriend and talk?

Yang He has always believed that Lan Yanxi and Chu vice are a pair, and now the inner resentment is gone.

Yang he would not hate her if it was just to meet her boyfriend, deputy Chu.

Maybe it's a coincidence. When LAN Yanran came in, she ran into the adjutant Chu. She put coffee and tea on the table, and the adjutant Chu politely reached out to help her. That's what made Yang hejue. LAN Yanxi and adjutant Chu have a good relationship.

Yang he did not dare to stay more, and left quickly.

At the moment, LAN Yanxi put down the tray, took a cup of coffee and walked towards the bookshelf.

In the fifth shelf corridor, I saw Ling Mo Feng leaning on the shelf, carefully looking at the books in his hand.

"Ling Mo Feng!" LAN Yanxi called out to him in a low voice.

Ling Mo Feng is slightly Zheng. He looks up at her with his eyes raised. A smile rises from the corner of his mouth: "Why are you here?"

"I stole it!" LAN Yanxi said and looked around like a thief.

"Don't look, no one will come here at this point!" Ling Mo Feng chuckled and comforted her.

Because no one wants to come over to see the vice president's face at this time. Everyone wants to keep a stable job.

LAN Yanxi is the most courageous. He dares to enter in disorder at this time.

"Coffee for you!" LAN Yanxi hands it to him.

Ling Mo Feng looked at the black coffee and reached for it. "Can you make coffee?"

"Well, I just got paid by two adjutants. They said it was OK!" LAN Yanxi said with a little complacency.

"Then I will pay for it!" Ling Mo Feng picked up his eyebrow slightly, bowed his head and took a sip of coffee. He almost didn't vomit.

It's hard to say.

It's really hard for his two adjutants to say a few words in the face of such bitter coffee.

"How is it?" LAN Yanxi looks for praise.

"Well, it is!" Ling Mo Feng praised without conscience.

"After that, when you come here to read books, I will send them to you every day..."

"Yan Xi, don't you have a rest at noon?" Ling Mo Feng interrupted her as soon as he heard that she said she would give it every day.

"I don't need to rest at noon. Just have another cup of tea in the afternoon!" Blue words are answered with smile.

"Don't come here every day. We should keep a low profile!" Ling Mo Feng spoke, and then lowered his head to drink a mouthful, bitter to Jun face color change.