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I jumped into his arms again

Ji Xiao Han nodded his head, and said lightly: "Since you are already my girlfriend, shouldn't I treat you better? "From now on, I'll have to get used to it so that others won't be able to see through my flaws."

Tang You You's heart was stuck in her throat, but she did not want to be outdone and laughed: "Mr. Ji, what you said is very reasonable. In contrast to your cold and detached attitude, I still like this kind of warm atmosphere you have."

"Do whatever you want!" Tang You You suddenly felt as if her body was bitten by millions of bugs. It was numb and itchy, giving her a goosebumps.

Did this man have to shout so affectionately? It was really uncomfortable.

As Ji Xiao Han watched her leave with quick steps, his thin lips slightly curled upwards complacently. He could tell that the woman was uncomfortable, but he had succeeded in achieving his goal.

Indeed, there were benefits to having a thicker skin.

On one side, there was a surging undercurrent, while on the other side, two tired little fellows were crawling on the grass like puppies.

"Brother, didn't you say that you would help me fly the kite to the sky? Why is it still on the ground? " Tang Xiao Nai stared at his brother resentfully, feeling that his brother had deceived him.

Tang Xiao Rui sat on the grass exhausted, he stared at the kite for a long time before saying: "This kite cannot fly in the sky, this is definitely the first time Uncle Yuan is making it."

"Then what should we do? I want to see a kite flying in the sky. " Tang Xiao Nai pouted, her face filled with discouragement.

"Next time, ask daddy to buy you a better kite. I'm dying of thirst, I have to go eat something." Tang Xiao Rui was too lazy to play with her kite with his sister, he immediately ran over to his father's side.

Tang Xiao Nai also gave up on her kite and ran over together with her.

"Ah, my chicken leg is missing? Did you steal it, Daddy? " Tang Xiao Rui had already been staring at the two chicken legs, thinking to himself, one for each of them, why did they disappear?

Ji Xiao Han's expression was a little awkward, he coughed lightly and laughed: "Son, look, there are still a lot of delicious food here, how about..."

"Sure enough, it was father who secretly ate it. Awesome!" Tang Xiao Rui looked at Ji Xiao Han with disdain: "And you ate two of them by yourself!"

Ji Xiao Han, "..."

After staying on the mountain for the whole morning, the two little fellows had enjoyed themselves to their heart's content. On the way back, Tang Xiao Nai directly laid on her father's shoulders due to exhaustion.

Tang Xiao Rui held Mummy's hand tightly. Once he sat on the carriage, he spread his short legs.

In the afternoon, after lunch, the two little fellows lay down on the bed for a nap.

Tang You You sat alone on the suspended chair on the balcony. She was drawing, and it was unknown if it was because she was relieved, or because the inspiration that had previously disappeared had returned. The drawing became more and more satisfied.

In a few days, she would be able to make the finished product and deliver it.

Ji Xiao Han held a cup of tea in his hand, and leaned lazily against the balcony door. He had been standing there for a long time, staring at the woman who was immersed in his thoughts.

Just as Tang You You was drawing the picture, her inspiration was hindered. She raised her head and met the man's pair of deep eyes.

She was so shocked that the pen in her hand was about to fall off.

"When did you stand there?" After being stared at by him for such a long time, Tang You You was a little humiliated and annoyed. When he was drawing just now, he had a bad habit of biting on his brush.

Moreover, every time she bit the pen, her expression would become sluggish. It's over. Did this man see through her?

"Let me see what you're drawing." Ji Xiao Han strode over with great interest.

"Don't look!" The moment Tang You You heard him say that he wanted to see, she immediately covered her drawing board.

The reason why she was in such a state of panic was because she had drawn a picture outside of her job on the drawing board.

"What's wrong with showing it to me?" Seeing her cute look, Ji Xiao Han was even more interested. His big body stood in front of the suspension chair and trapped her inside the chair.

"Ji Xiao Han, go away. If you continue to be like this, I will get angry." Tang You You's little face flushed red, he felt that this man was really overreacting.

"Did you draw something I can't read?" Seeing how tightly she blocked him, Ji Xiao Han became even more curious, he really had to watch.

"Ji Xiao Han, don't steal my painting …" Tang You You realized that his big palm had already reached over and snatched away her drawing board, causing her to go crazy. He jumped and was about to snatch it back, but he did not expect that with this jump, she directly threw herself into his embrace.

The strong masculine scent of the man seeped into her nose. She was a bit stupefied.

By the time she realized it, she was already very close to him.

The man didn't expect her to do such a thing. After a slight pause, his eyes darkened as he smiled maliciously with his thin lips.

"Looks like you like throwing yourself into my arms." What came into his ears was the man's teasing tone.

Tang You You's mind was blank, her small face instantly flushed red. She angrily shouted: "Return the drawing board to me, if you don't, I'll be angry."

Ji Xiao Han saw her face turn red from anxiousness, and furthermore, she rubbed her face against his body a few times, causing him to instantly feel extremely fiery.

"Alright, I'll return it to you. I won't tease you anymore!" Seeing that she was really a little angry, Ji Xiao Han decided not to tease her and returned the drawing board to her.

Tang You You hurriedly hid her drawing board behind him and said in embarrassment and anger, "Get out of my way, don't block my way!"

"Wandering, I was just joking with you. Are you really angry?" Ji Xiao Han's eyes were raised slightly as he smiled.

Tang You You's back stiffened, why was this man still able to laugh? Was it really that fun to tease her?

"I have a private gathering tonight, accompany me to it!" Ji Xiao Han suddenly asked for it.